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Olivia (LivTheBookNerd) (livthebooknerd) | 97 comments Mod
Where we discuss chapters 1-5! Feel free to use spoilers here! Any info from chapters 6 on should remain in their designated discussion areas:)

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Olivia (LivTheBookNerd) (livthebooknerd) | 97 comments Mod
So far this is really mysterious!

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Julia Marie  (juliatharp) | 22 comments Mod
Wow! I am loving this book! The characters, the setting, the plot! I'm so excited about Nina! For those who haven't read the Grisha Trilogy (*cough cough* Olivia), Nina was a minor character who was basically just the groupie of Zoya, who was pretty a pretty bad a Grisha. But now SHE'S BACK! And she seems to be a main character! That's AWESOME!

Alrighty now let's talk mysteries. Obviously there's the older brother, Jordie. (PREDICTION) I believe it's safe to assume that that Rollins guy screwed both of the brothers over and somehow caused Jordie's death. The boys being in Rollin's gang would also explain that mysterious R tattoo on Kaz. (END PREDICTION)

Now let's go back to characters because KAZ. I'm in love with Kaz's attitude! I don't know why, but I love characters with that "I know everything and I'm super cocky" attitude. Probably why I loved Thorne in The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. They are just so much fun to read! Plus Kaz obviously has quite a mysterious side to him, which I find most intriguing..
Inej is awesome and bad a and just yes! I love her nickname, The Wraith, and her skills that go along with it. In most books like this with bad a female protagonists that are in gangs in their teenage year, the female is skilled in killing and doesn't take crap from nobody (I'm looking at you, Throne of Glass). But Inej has a more girlish charm to her and is still dependent on others. She's showing a different dynamic than Celeana (excuse my terrible spelling) did in Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas. Not exactly sure what I mean? Me neither to be honest, but the intent is there.

Was there anything that surprised you in these chapters? (uh Joost and Anya anyone?) Any other theories? Chat away! Believe me, I LOVE to talk! :)


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Olivia (LivTheBookNerd) (livthebooknerd) | 97 comments Mod
Okay! I'm finally picking this book back up! I put it down for some read-a-thons, but I'm finally back at it! I'm about to finish chapter 4, so here are my thoughts so far:

Holy crap. At the beginning I was so confused and I had no idea what was going on. Now that I'm almost 70 pages in, I'm starting to understand. I think that because I'm not familiar with the Grisha world, I feel like the book is slower than it would be if I was familiar with the previous books. I'm excited to get into this series though.

I really like Kaz and Inej's characters. Kaz is a bit of an asshole, but really smart... Inej is a badass! Woo!

More reading updates to come!
07/22/2016 @2:14pm EST

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Olivia (LivTheBookNerd) (livthebooknerd) | 97 comments Mod
I totally ship Inej & Kaz...

End of update XD
7/22/2016 @2:22pm

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