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message 1: by Astra (new)

Astra  (sayomina) description

message 2: by Sophie (new)

Sophie (thegoneangel) Hawk made his way through the forest, curiously stopping after every strange noise he heard.

Adarlan's Assassin  (fanwhore) | 196 comments Evie was walking through the forest, loving being surrounded by plants

message 4: by AlienInTheJam (new)

AlienInTheJam Scarlet stood leaning on the solid oak tree.

She loved being in the forest the earthy smell, the pricking cold mist it relaxed her, it helped her think and wonder though she guessed thats what wonderland was all about. She heard a soft rustling, it was loud enough for her come back to reality.This sound was very unusual in the forest usually it was one of the quietest places in wonderland. She placed her and on the handle of her dagger which sat in the back pocket of her trousers

"Who's there"

Adarlan's Assassin  (fanwhore) | 196 comments "Oh um...Evangeline Greene. Who are you?" I ask, appearing from the treeline.

message 6: by AlienInTheJam (new)

AlienInTheJam Scarlet looked up "i am truth, what brings you to the cheshire forest, Evangeline Greene"

Scarlet was very unsure of trusting people of all kinds, she hated them they always broke the promises, there lies deceived and killed and worst of all there love carried ruthlessness, conquering, even more lies and it powerful as hell it's self.

So she promised her self to stay clear of everyone, it had always been like that since birth, when she was to small to think for her self she became feral, until she met the flowers.

Adarlan's Assassin  (fanwhore) | 196 comments Evie smiles softly. "I feel comfort when I'm around the trees. I am connected to them" She says as she runs her hands over te wood of the trees and smiles. "I am at home here. So Truth. What brings you here?" She asks.

message 8: by AlienInTheJam (new)

AlienInTheJam Scarlet stared at Evangeline "I guess the very same thing as you"

Adarlan's Assassin  (fanwhore) | 196 comments Evie smiles at her.

message 10: by AlienInTheJam (new)

AlienInTheJam Scarlet gave a sly smile in return

"So miss Evangeline, pray tell, of which side do you follow miss hatters or red queens?"

Making allies came at a cost for scarlet so did trust and she felt no sort of trust towards this lady some not enough yet, not enough to make an ally of her for she had on met her, she could be a guard, she could be rebel, she could be anyone.

Adarlan's Assassin  (fanwhore) | 196 comments "The Hatters my best friend...I wouldn't trade him for anything" She says. "What about you...wjere does yoir alliance lie?"

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AlienInTheJam ((Isn't the hatter is a girl))

message 13: by AlienInTheJam (new)

AlienInTheJam ((Isn't the hatter a girl))*

Adarlan's Assassin  (fanwhore) | 196 comments (Crap yeah I meant that :| )

message 15: by AlienInTheJam (new)

AlienInTheJam ((Lol, its okay))

Adarlan's Assassin  (fanwhore) | 196 comments (hehe)

message 17: by AlienInTheJam (new)

AlienInTheJam Scarlet looked down at murky ground "ha, my only allegiance is with my self, that way i wont have to worry where i leave my trust lying, dear Evangeline"

Scarlet felt the innocence of this girl and she did want to mess with it, these were dark times upon wonderland, she would rather be spending it alone, so she smiled at Evangeline, a small sympathetic one and said "you should not be alone in these parts, you need to make more allies and not just with the hatter, with people you can actually trust" scarlet turned on her heals and started walking "the names Scarlet"

Adarlan's Assassin  (fanwhore) | 196 comments "You don't have to worry...I can protect myself" She replies with a knowing smile, looking at the trees. "So why do you only have yourself as an ally? That is dangerous" Evie says.

message 19: by Astra (new)

Astra  (sayomina) Cheshire jumped from tree branch to tree branch. She was invisible as she traversed through her and her father's forest. Of course hearing voices most certainly piqued her little kitten like curiosity

Adarlan's Assassin  (fanwhore) | 196 comments "Can you hear that Scarlet?" Evie asks as she hears a rustling in the trees above her.

message 21: by AlienInTheJam (new)

AlienInTheJam Scarlet stopped walking and looked up and examined the tree tops with furrowed brow. The rustling got louder, she sucked in her cheeks, gave a small smirk on her lips.

"The cheshire cat has come out play" she said in a sly playful voice

Adarlan's Assassin  (fanwhore) | 196 comments "The Cheshire what?" Evie asks trying to see byt failing to see anything. "I don't see anyone" She says.

message 23: by Astra (new)

Astra  (sayomina) Cheshire stopped in a tree branch above the two, letting her grin appear. "It's kitten. the Cheshire kitten"

Adarlan's Assassin  (fanwhore) | 196 comments "What?" Evie says craining her neck to see but can't see anything but trees.

message 25: by Sophie (new)

Sophie (thegoneangel) Hawk listened in on their conversation from another tree, slouching down when he noticed that the Cheshire kitten was nearby.

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AlienInTheJam Scarlet to step back, she stared at the chesire kiten in amazement

Adarlan's Assassin  (fanwhore) | 196 comments "I can't see anything" Evie says before waving her hand and the trees part to show the light of the sun.

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Astra  (sayomina) Cheshire appeared in her full. "could you maybe put my trees back. this is the Cheshire forest after all"

Adarlan's Assassin  (fanwhore) | 196 comments "Sorry!" Evie says with another wave of her hand and they fix themselves. "Hi. I'm Evie" she says.

message 30: by AlienInTheJam (new)

AlienInTheJam Scarlet stood still in utter bewilderment,

"sorry, yes kitten, cheshire kitten, in all my years of coming to the forest never once have I actually seen you in person, though I have heard many stories about you from the flowers but I, I never thought you would look like that"

Scarlet took a deep breath and concentrated

"Your forest, it's like the home i never had, so thank you, i guess"

Scarlet smiled awkwardly, thanking someone wasn't something she could even imagine her self doing, but to her this wasn't just a someone this was the cheshire kitten

Adarlan's Assassin  (fanwhore) | 196 comments Evie just stands there looking awkward and confused.

message 32: by Astra (new)

Astra  (sayomina) "Ah, no problem" Cheshire said. she jumped down going from cat form to human form.

Adarlan's Assassin  (fanwhore) | 196 comments "Whoa! Okay. I've seen everything!" Evie says with a laugh.

message 34: by Sophie (new)

Sophie (thegoneangel) Hawk flew down beside them with a cheeky grin. "Hope you didn't mind me stalking your conversation, it was boring anyway."

Adarlan's Assassin  (fanwhore) | 196 comments Evie looked at him. "Who the hell are you then?" Evie asks

message 36: by Sophie (new)

Sophie (thegoneangel) "Part bird, part human," Hawk explained like it was nothing. "There are stranger creatures here than me."

Adarlan's Assassin  (fanwhore) | 196 comments "I suppose" Evie replies.

message 38: by Astra (new)

Astra  (sayomina) "we're all mad here, and that's okay" Cheshire samng

Adarlan's Assassin  (fanwhore) | 196 comments Evie nods at this and rests against a tree. "so what are you lovely folk doin out here?" sje asks.

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