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David King | 5 comments Reviewers are welcome to message me here on Goodreads. I would ask that reviews be made available on both Goodreads and your local Amazon site. Thank you kindly.

Trigger Warning: This novel centers around the hunt for a murderer. It contains violent events of a fictional, but possibly disturbing nature. If the average episode of a modern American crime drama is too violent for you, then this definitely is.

Note to iOS users: This book contains some Korean alphabetical characters which my not display properly on your device. You may wish to read on your computer, rather than your portable device.

"I don’t pretend to understand life. It would be pointless to try. Life is crazy. Life can be utterly without logic. I thought I understood these things. But I didn’t fully comprehend what these things really meant until after I died."
After death, Aisha Moez was recruited for an important job. Why her? Because the woman who accidentally killed her needed the help. Mun Gi-Seung is trying to track down a fugitive necromancer. A man guilty of terrible crimes. Aisha’s death delayed her, and now she will need the back-up to take on and take down her target.
Can Aisha resolve the new truths about the world in her mind? Can she stay sane enough to maintain her cover? Can she help end this madman’s horror? Or will she cost Gi-Seung her last chance to stop him before he escapes beyond reach?

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Justin (justinbienvenue) | 726 comments Hey David, do you have any links to these books you've posted?

David King | 5 comments Justin, sorry. Up at the top of the thread, it should say "This thread is about Sabem" and if you click the title of the book, it is a link to the Goodreads page for it, which can lead you to the Amazon page if you need it. In any case, here are the Goodreads and Amazon links for "Sabem":



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