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ThePriemereQueer | 43 comments The kingdom is under war. A mysterious man has emerged from the shadows and has started waging war against Muse A's kingdom. Slowly these creatures the man commands tears Muse A's kingdom apart. Fear clouds their heart as doom seems to hang in the air. Without much else to do, Muse A remembers a legend their parents once told them. There once was a warrior who bore large, beautiful wings and chased the shadows away from the world. Their bright sword kept away all evil, protecting all those who summoned them. It is rumored that if one were to go to this warriors temple, they could ask for their help with the use of their legendary sword. This seems like Muse A's only option. But the temple is so far away from the castle, at least a few months journey. And there's always the chance that... that it doesn't exist. But at this point, this is Muse A's only option. So they leave in the night. Heading out to try and save their kingdom on their own. That is when Muse A runs into Muse B, a skilled warrior who pities this confused heir to the throne. Offering to take them there for money, pity, or something else of your choosing.

Muse A:

Name: Quinton Gold

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Homosexual (Though he is prepared to marry a woment to continue his kingdom along.)

Shortened Bio: Quin grew up as prince of his kingdom. He was the only child of the king and queen, causing him to be fairly spoiled his whole life. This is reflected in the fact that he gets frustrated when people don't listen to him. He expects everyone to listen to his word with no questions asked. However, he is not a cruel person, due to his mother's gentle love of the kingdom. He only wishes the best for his kingdom, wanting to make sure it prospers and that he can help his people to the best of his ability. That is why when the kingdom is under attack, he heads off to fix it. Borrowing the family dagger as a weapon and gold in order to pay for supplies and help.

His pastel hair is from his mother. His mother is believed to come from a very spiritual family line. Her family's hair always fairly soft colors. Quin carries a sensitivity to spiritual beings, such as supernatural creatures or locations that are filled with magic.



The GFHB {HoNk} | 265 comments Awesome. I was looking over your idea some more and my head really got to turning. So if you don't mind or like my idea would you like to change up plot alittle bit? So you said a total stranger just came out of the blue. So I was thinking Guy B could actually be a ruler of a rouge nation that you character's father has demolished years prior. So in revenge The guy could conquer and force your guy into marriage being it's the only way to take this kingdom's rank as king. So new guy b isn't to picky and rules alot of beings people only though to be myths. Marriage etc etc they do things as time goes on The new guy b starts having a soft spot fot the boy he forced into marriage and such and it goes on from there. Then suddenly boom there expecting a heir. Some weird hoodoo magic {Because you mentioned it in the post on request to rp.} Yeah, so good idea or bad one?

ThePriemereQueer | 43 comments Yeah, sure, I like that idea too. We could do that instead.

The GFHB {HoNk} | 265 comments Yay! Got to do some things real quick and have my character up soon.

ThePriemereQueer | 43 comments okay, take your time.

The GFHB {HoNk} | 265 comments {Name}: Argus J. Heirborn
{Alias}: N/A

{Age:} Ages extremely slowly 30 years old as of current. Body wose is only 21. Once he mates his perminant lover and heirs a child with said person the other will age as slowly as Argus does.
{Sexuality}: Pansexaul
{Preference:} Bedded with many and honestly if your pretty your in for the night of your life.

{Species}: Pureblooded Draconus
· Draconus are druid like people that are very skilled magic castors especially in dark magic. Amazing animal tamining skills and are known best for they're dragon mounts. The Only being possible capable of taming and riding dragons into battle. Purebloods are the only known for the dragon taming trait. During a great war the Draconus people were attacked with out warning and slaughtered with their dragon. As dragons are rare and far between. So are the Pureblood Draconus. Argus is the last of his people. When he dies the purebloods of dragon tamers known as Draconian People will be extinct.

{Rank}: Was once the son of a Noble ; Dom ; Roughe army leader
{Date of birth}: October 30th {Devil's Night.}

· Seductive and Has quite the appetite in bed
· Aggressive
· Merciless and Unforgiving
· Can hold a grudge
· Vengeful
· Dark sense of humor
· Cold as ice
· Forceful
· Secretly he's lonely
· Very rarely and deep deep down you can see the happy boy he once was before the slaughter of his people
· To be rp'ed

▪[Eye Color:]▪ Icy electric Blue like the blue lights that shimmer and burn in the sky upon the north poles.
▪[Hair Color:]▪ A whispery cloudy gray like rain clouds
▪[Complexion:]▪ Evenly set and pale from leaving in the depths of the mountains with his growing legion
▪[Scent:]▪ Always of blood, forest and rain
▪[Build:]▪ Built hardly any fat. Mostly strong muscles. Appealing.
▪[Height:]▪ 6 feet and four inches Tall
▪[Markings:]▪ Scars riddle his body but are slowly fading

{Armor:} (view spoiler)

° Blood
° Dragons
° Vengeance
° Wine
° Winning
° His new Queen/King.

- people in general
- When his new lover refuses him in bed
- Not getting what he wants
- Indecent parades of his people being slaughtered on the streets
- many women.

{Pets:} A Dragon mount that purebloods are known for. A Dragon named Eris. After the goddess eris of Havoc, chaos and discord
(view spoiler)

ThePriemereQueer | 43 comments Woah, he looks and sounds really cool

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 265 comments Thanks. Want me to start? Or do you want to?

ThePriemereQueer | 43 comments Could you? Just so I can see where to go with this new Plot?

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 265 comments
The legion marched in rows of thousands. In Armor of black. Species of all kinds. By foot by horse or by air it was a legion of vengeance. The Leader a Draconus seeking revenge for his people and countless others that had been ruined years before. By man's greed in the human kingdom. Their Leader was Argus last of the dragon taming people. Standing on the back of a silver dragon that was the largest seen of it's species. Obeying only it's master'd word. Above the huge Legion and smiling darkly under the armor he wore. Awaiting and then laying seige with out warning just like the worthless pathetic human worms had done before. Laying wreak and havoc. "Burn it. Instill panic." A deep voice heard ringing out drowned by a dragon's roar and the legion moved onward quick paced and taking down outer beares. Destroying moat and wall that held kingdom safe. Adjusting to the movement of a dragon Argus allowed dragon to though his head back and belch out flames circling and setting the walls aflame. Where men cried out in panic and pain of the fire. The screams made Argus smile and draw his blades. Watching his men lay havoc. Steal, rape and kill anybody they pleased just like the king of this king had let his men do the day he slaughtered Argus's people. Men storming the town conquering with ease. Argus would rule or destroy this place. Intention of killing the King and taking his only child as his. "ERIS THE PALACE!" Argus roared in triumph. Dragon landing coiling on the tower and Argus slipping off and into the castle with his man. Ruining this place and spilling blood. Argus was heading for the throne room. There the king could fight or die a coward.

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 265 comments {{Might not reply till monday or Tuesday. Going camping.}}

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ThePriemereQueer | 43 comments Quin's father had never imagined this day would come. He wasn't fully sure what would fully become of his people. But he watched as the dragon came and burned all of his people. As they were visibly slaughtered with no remorse. It was a sight he'd been on the other side of once before. When he destroyed the kingdom of the Draconus. And now they were getting revenge. The only thing he had ever regret about that day was how his wife had disagreed with his destruction of the people. Now he regretted it all, knowing soon he would die... fearing for his son's life and what would happen to him after he was killed.

Quin sat in his room and waited. Afraid as he wrapped himself up in his blanket. He couldnt peel his eyes away from the door. He knew... any second the intruders would brake into the room. He wondered if he would die from his father's actions. He was scared, but there wasnt anything he could do... and no where for him to go.

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 265 comments
Argus took the kingdom by force loving each moment of bloody carnage he forced. He took joy in watching these people fall and die off like flies under the blades of his mixed species legion who had shared his fate long ago. Eris belching flames and setting thing ablaze. Burning the old to rise up his own empire upon the flithy ashes of this land. Storming in the throne room. Under the armor of his helmet. "King guilded of gold. Just a filthy fuckin rock painted in gold. Something that seemed so great but was just something that wasn't it's worth." Clashing blades and laughing like the madman he was. "Now tell me how does it feel to be the receiving end of the carnage this time." Plunging his blade through the older's chest feeling that finally his people were avenged. Looming over a king on his death blade twisting the blade. "Now I'll ruin the thing you love most like you did to my family and people. I'll take your son and your throne and forge my own empire from the ashes of yours." Twisting the blade in the King's chest and tearing it harshly from the king's chest. Making his way up the halls to find his spoils of war. The little beauty of this kingdom. His new pride and free ticket to the throne.

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ThePriemereQueer | 43 comments The king let out one last gasp of air. He was going to say something, but refrained. His famous last words being his dieing breath. A gasp of air before the metal twisted in his chest. He mumbled something. A quiet goodbye to his son. He didnt deserve the outcome of this war. No one deserved the outcome of his choices. But there waa nothing left to be done of it.

Quin watched as the door opened. He stayed on the bed, crouched down as he was frozen in fear. He gripped onto the blanket tighter. Fingers wrapping themselves up in the fabric. He glanced over rhe man who'd just come into his room. His eyes looking over the sword in his hand. That would probably be in his chest soon enough. He gulped. Whatever was going to happen, he couldnt do anything to stop it.

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 265 comments
Argus made his way to the prince. Easily breaking the lock and with the prince he would claim victory. Blade bloodied and his armor having a few droplets of the crimson fluid of life. His lef hand free and walking over and pulling the prince to his feet. "Answer me my dear Prince is marraige the only way for a stranger to take the throne?" A deep voice that held no tone of play. Serious and not afraid to kill this prince if he had to. Though he didn't want to ruin such a pretty face. The idea of ravaging the boy into the thows of pleasure was tempting to. To force one to guilty pleasure. Of course he had heard the rumors about this prince. Though you weren't a man till you fooled around with one. Having the answer he needed when Quin finally answered. "Then prince your this kingdoms new queen." Armored fingers brushing up quins throat before grasping softly. "Why not do as tradition says and remove the helmet of your new husband to be. Resist me I'll make you wish you had never been born."

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ThePriemereQueer | 43 comments Quin swallowed before giving a quick nod. "Yeah... Marriage guarantees the throne..." At this point, Quin saw no reason to try and resist. It would only force him into a worse position. And he dounted his death would be quick and painless if he tries to fight with him. He shuddered as the fingers of the armor wrapped around his neck. He'd never thought it would come to this. Nor that he would be called the Queen. He also never thought he'd be choked by his future husband... He couldnt stop thinking od where this might go, and what might become of him. There was bo doubt this man would do whatever he wanted to him, he burned down the whole villagw, so there was no doubt in his mind he wouldn't hesitate to do whatever he wanted with him. Quin gave a quick nod at the command. Moving to pull off the helmet with shakey hands. His fingers carefully setting themselves on the cold metal of the armor. He gulped, hesitation filling him in fear of what he might look like. Taking one last shuddered sigh, Quinnton pulled off the helemet. He took in the features quickly. If he wasn't so afraid of this man he'd have called him handsome. He had the looks of someone he'd casually flirt with under wraps at a Kingdom's gathering. But after a second thought. .. Quin noticed the pointed ears and other different features... He obviously wasn't all human.

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 265 comments
Argus smirked his grip light and not enough to cut off the air flow within Quin's mortal body. "Such a good boy. From the rumors I have heard of you." Fingers moved up gently trailing up the jawline in a almost alluring silent flirt. "I actually think I might enjoy marrying you and seeding you after the wedding night." A dark seductive purr. Dragon like bu clearly heard. As his helmet is removed a smile planted on his lips. He could do as he pleased and he'd do just that. "Now that I have won. I think a victory kiss is in order." A smirk pulling Quin close to his armored body. "It shouldn't be a problem. The prince that prefers to bed with man. Unless thats a rumor and your innocence still remains." He'd love that even better. Taking the prince's virginty. "You'll come to love me or the pleasure soon enough your fear will be a guilty pleasure of yours soon." Practically having a jewel among rubble. Interrupted by one of his men barging in. The Draconus growled and turned leaving Quin to cower back in his bed. "Tell them victory and salvation is ours. The prince is my nuew bride and the throne is ours." Men nodding and relaying the message through the troops.

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ThePriemereQueer | 43 comments Quin stared at him with wide, blue eyes. He still was unsure what to do, fear making the back of his head ring like there was an alarm going off, trying to warn him of what was about to happen. When the fingers trailed up his jaw, he didn't move, though he wanted to lean away. He paused at the mention of rumors. He didn't know what kind of rumors were going around with his name attached to them. Oh.. that Rumor. It was true, Quin definitely prefered men. But he'd never gotten to far with it. Always either getting caught by other people or having otherother turn him down. He didn't really answer, just watching the soon to be king with careful attention. He froze when the kiss was coming close. Gulping again as he carefully watched him. When he was finally let free, Quin fell back onto the bed, rubbing his neck as he scaredly stared at the ground.

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 265 comments
Argus had a smile playing on his face. Strapping a helmet back onto his head. Leaving to men to gaurd Quin's room. "Make sure he cannot escape. Do not touch him either or Eris has lunch with your carcasses." His voice deep and even more terrifying with the helmet upon his head. Grabbing his sword and moving to the kingdom balcony where he was greated by a female dragon. Climbing and his people rejoiced. Not by species but by what he and they had gone through. They were his people and he would make them live on unlike his people. Armies ceased fighting and tonight was of celebration. Women and children were let in once all was safe and the city with the help of a dragon was doused by storm clouds and the rebuilding of the kingdom began.

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ThePriemereQueer | 43 comments Quin didnt really know what to do. There was no escape. His room was too high to jumo to safety. ... yet too low to kill him on impact. So he sat there, the guards babysitting him. Reminded him of the time he had snuck out into the town and his father had commanded the guards to prevent him from leaving. .. except these guards were unfamilar... the old ones probably. .. no they were definitely dead. And his father. His eyes teared up and he had to curl up and hug one of his pillow tighter. He didn't even want to think of that. He needed to relax. Things would probably only get worse from here. Taking a deep breath, he picked up a book from his nightstand. Taking a deep breath before attempting to read.

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 265 comments
Argus laughed Darkly this land was his now. Having the city cleaned of bodies and the King's remains put in the family masuelim it was more then the wretched man deserved. Taking the throne and made the former queen his advisor. She was wise and certainly valued her life so refusal wasn't needed. Within a few hours he returned and the palace was being rebuilt and remodeled. The whole kingdom being built from the ashes of old. Argus returned within a few hours. No longer in heavy armor and in just pants. He wanted his prince. Just know him better before the wedding that was do in three days. Unlocking the heavy set door and closing it behind him. "So your name it's Quin?" He asked looking at the huddle on the bed. Tempted to laugh at the boy. What a little scaredy cat. Well beggars couldn't be choosers.

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ThePriemereQueer | 43 comments Quin glanced up from his book before setting it back down. "Yeah." Was all he said in response. Just an answer seemed like enough. He moved hia book onto the nightstand before sitting up. At this point he was mainly hunched over from being tired. There wasn't a lot he could do in his room, and since he was stuck in there for now, well all he had were books in here. He shifted in his spot, setting the pillow down so he could sit up straight on the bed. Moving the blanket off of him while he swallowed down a yawn. "What do you want, sir?" He asked quietly. Adding the sir on the end to prevent any ill will. He didnt want him to think he was getting smart with him.

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 265 comments
Argus leaned on the closed door with a smile playing onto his lips. Crossing arms over his bare chest. "I still havent had my victory kiss." A smirk lighting up onto his lips. Honestly he just needed to know more about his spouse. Marraige was forever and a divorce it wasn't invented this era. "No need for formalities. My name is argus. I'm not that old yet." Only thirty mentally. His body still young. "Our wedding is in three days why not get to no each other verbally. Marriage is forever and I want somewhat of a mutaul thing."

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ThePriemereQueer | 43 comments There was a lot Quin wanted to say. Something with a bit of bite to it. Some fighting back words. But, he kept them to himself. There was no use actually saying the words. At this point, he looked more tired then scared. Almost coming off as bored. "Formalities kind of went away when you killed everyone Ive ever known, but I'll bite. My names Quinnton, or Quin, but you already knew that. So... I guess I'll start with a hobby? I like stories, and I like to read. How's that?"

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 265 comments
"Remember by pretty thorny little rose. I have the power. Bite me I bite right back. I'll place my mark right where everbody can see it when I take you to bed for the first time." Snickering to himself. Biting him would more than likely be your humiliating doom. "Good enough for me. Favorite bed position?" He taunted. This man liked Sex. Alot of his past partners could not keep up with the stamina a sheer capabilities of him. Though doubting this perfect little prince could take him easily and come back for more. He had his ways.

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