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message 1: by Rose (new)

Rose - Sadness pie soup - (richwhitetrash) | 175 comments Each patient must be restrained in some way as they eat, and each chef is armed.

message 2: by ❥Akane❤ (new)

❥Akane❤ | 43 comments Amelia hurried through the Ward 6 hallway towards the cafeteria. She'd gotten so caught up with Sawyer in Ward 3 that she'd missed the morning therapy session that she had to run. She smiled to herself. The backlash would be worth it. She sighed as she entered the cafeteria and all of a sudden felt excluded, foreign among all the patients.

message 3: by Astra (new)

Astra  (sayomina) Jason hated being here, restrained, a prisoner without the freedom of a prison. it had been Roy's fault he was here. Roy thought he was going insane and the old man had him caught and thrown in here. if it weren't for his killing reputation he'd be in a different ward.

message 4: by ❥Akane❤ (new)

❥Akane❤ | 43 comments Amelia leant against the entrance of the cafeteria and looked at all the patients sitting down. She cringed at the word. The people here were not patients. They were treated more like animals. Tied down with no rights. She shrugged off the sick feeling she got in her stomach and pondered whether she should get lunch or not.

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Astra  (sayomina) Jason wasn't touching his food. someone like him was trained to live off of little food and sleep, so he only ate when necessary. he also sat the most separated from everyone began he was supposedly an insane killer. of course he wasn't the killer in this game that started so many years ago.

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❥Akane❤ | 43 comments She moved to her post near the 'disturbed section'. She hated that label with all her being. She leant against the wall quietly until she spotted a man on a table to her left who stuck out like a sore thumb. Not only did he have an abnormal streak of white through dark hair, but he was all alone and hardly touching his food while everyone around him practically inhaled theirs. She watched him closely, but occasionally looked around at the others so as not to get caught

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Astra  (sayomina) Jason watched the nurse that sat near him. she was good but not good enough at hiding the fact that she kept looking at him. he noticed easily and quickly. but he didn't mind. he'd probably just flirt with her in the end. Jason smirked, amused with himself

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Astra  (sayomina) that was near him*

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❥Akane❤ | 43 comments Amelia saw him smirking and cleared her throat awkwardly before looking away for good. She'd have struck up a conversation with him. But all her past attempts with anyone in Ward 6 had failed. They either brushed her off or just ignored her. So instead she focused her energies on trying not to stand out too much, despite the fact that anything and everything in the room was a stark white contrast to her dark skirt, blazer and hair.

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Astra  (sayomina) Jason chuckled. he could tell she wanted to say something. he wouldn't mind talking too her, but she had to say something first .

message 11: by ❥Akane❤ (last edited Jul 04, 2016 11:09PM) (new)

❥Akane❤ | 43 comments He seemed amused and it irritated her. One look at him told her he was a womanizer. That wasn't the thing that bothered her. The fact that everyone on the tables around him were scared. She uncomfortably looked at her feet before looking up and locking eyes with the man. she was stuck in her spot, unable to look away from his striking eyes for a few seconds. She stared him down, her golden eyes scrutinising every detail of his face. His hardened face told her he'd seen some terrible things. She wiped her hands on her skirt and approached the man "I see you're enjoying your lunch" she said as she eyed his barely touched food.

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Astra  (sayomina) "I've had better" Jason said. memories of eating delicious breakfasts made by Alfred. before... Jason growled slightly

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❥Akane❤ | 43 comments She crossed her arms and eyed him "You should eat your food. I mean it's not like you can run to the pantry if you're hungry"

message 14: by Astra (new)

Astra  (sayomina) "I'm not hungry. and that's why I'm not eating. I'll eat tomorrow" Jason said. if he could he'd cross his arms.

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❥Akane❤ | 43 comments "I guess it's pointless trying to convince someone who'll probably never listen" She sighed before looking around with a frown "Why don't you sit with the others?"

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Astra  (sayomina) "I'm different. They are afraid of me to some extent. I don't belong here but everyone thinks I'm insane" Jason shrugged

message 17: by ❥Akane❤ (new)

❥Akane❤ | 43 comments She raised her eyebrow "You seem pretty sane". She shrugged her shoulders "But then again, I guess you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover" She should know that the best herself. If it weren't for her strong sense of self, her subconscious mind should've driven her insane by know,

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