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S61 (kingdombooks) Hey everybody! One of July's BOTM's is These Vicious Masks! Feel free to post your thoughts here on this book in future months too if you just get around to it then:)

First you should introduce yourself, tell us what you rated the book, and link your blog/tumblr/insta/YouTube review if you have one!

After that it is up to you what to post. Some questions that you could answer include these:

How did you like Shanker's writing style?
How did you like it compared to In the Crossfire?
Who was your favorite character?
Were your expectations met going into this?
Did you think the pace of this book was well done?
What was your favorite moment?
What surprised you the most about this book?
Will you consider rereading the book?
Did you like the romantic relationships in this book?
Is this similar to any other book that you've read before?
How long did it take you to finish it?

Obviously you could ask other people questions that you have if you need:)

Have fun!

Lorryn I gave this 3 stars I liked it but there were a few spots were I was kind of bored. I love the era it is set in and who doesn't love superpowers. There is one thing I really didn't like about it but I don't want to spoil it for anyone. =) I was surprised I didn't like it as much as I thought I would.

Alyson Stone (alysonserenastone) | 54 comments I'm on the fence. It's looks really good. Is it worth it to buy it or not? Please, be honest.

Lorryn Serena wrote: "I'm on the fence. It's looks really good. Is it worth it to buy it or not? Please, be honest."

I used the library when I read it. It's not a book I feel I need to own so I wouldn't buy it.

Alyson Stone (alysonserenastone) | 54 comments Lorryn wrote: "Serena wrote: "I'm on the fence. It's looks really good. Is it worth it to buy it or not? Please, be honest."

I used the library when I read it. It's not a book I feel I need to own so I wouldn't ..."

Thanks...I just never know with books anymore.

Alyson Stone (alysonserenastone) | 54 comments Book: These Vicious Masks
Author: Tarun Shanker and Kelly Zekas
Rating: 4 Out of 5 Stars

These Vicious Masks is the debut novel of Tarun Shanker and Kelly Zekas. While some to classify this one as a historical fiction, I would call it more of a fantasy. Sure, it does take place in Victorian England, but the characters have superpowers. They can heal, cause illness, see the future, and get anyone to tell the truth. Sounds more like either a fantasy or science fiction book to me.

The first thing that really drew me into the book was the gothic atmosphere that Tarun and Kelly had captured. There was this somewhat dark, but hopeful atmosphere that just seemed to come off the page. Think of Something Strange and Deadly, Dearly Departed, and A Curse of Ash and Iron. All of these books capture the Victorian world of high society, but with the added darkness. I guess it is just simply wonderful world building.

Evelyn, our main character, is a member of high society, who is of marrying age. She really doesn't like how society acts. She and her sister, Rose, are kind of usual for society-they both work to heal people, which society greatly frowns upon. Then, Rose goes missing. Evelyn's parents just think that she has run away, while Evelyn thinks she has been kidnapped. Evelyn takes it upon herself to go and find her sister, going against her parents who seem to be more worried about what society will think than anything. This, to me, was the first sign of Evelyn's fierce loyalty and independence. I also loved how goal driven she was and did not venture away from her goal. She is one of those characters who once she decides to do something, she is going to do it. She really doesn't care what other people think and she is certainly not going to let the men in her life tell her what to do.

Oh, yes, there is a love triangle.

Mr. Nicolas Kent and Mr. Sebastiaan Braddock are our two leading gentlemen. Both are members of society and both are trying to win over Evelyn, which is why they become so involved in the hunt for Rose. Mr. Braddock is the mysterious one, who everyone wants, but knows they shouldn't be with. While Mr. Kent, reminds me of the sweet guy next door. Both are really loyal and will do anything for their woman. This is what made it really hard to me to decide which one I liked the best. The one thing that really annoyed me about Evelyn when it came to these two was how she just seemed to lead them both on.

Now, we do have our evil doctor and his little gang who wants to control everyone with power. They even go as far as to experiment on people. The doctor and his gang reminded me a lot of Victor Frankenstein and his monster.

This is one of those series to watch. It has a lot of potential. I will be keeping an out on this one.

(Only one day late on this one!)

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