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Summoning/restoring gods

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Astra  (sayomina) Osiris
~ To free Osiris from his moon prison
1) Draw a five pointed star with a circle around it in the blood of a faithful follower of Osiris. The most potent blood would be that of the priest's or priestess's. Place a black candle at each of the five points.
2) The child of a virgin god/goddess must be sacrificed by slitting of the throat. Make sure to collect the blood
3) The blood of either the fire god, light god, life god, or another embodiment of light, life and or purity must be shed and mixed in with the blood of the child sacrifice.
4) Place an item that belonged to Osiris in the blood which should now be a dark red or black color
5) After placing the jar of blood in the center of the circle, recite this spell.
Magic forces
Black and white
breaching out through
space and light
be he near
or be he far
bring us the god of darkness
free from his chains.
Bring Osiris here

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Astra  (sayomina) Melody
~ To restore Melody's light and give her a form again
1) Gather the tears of a frightened child
2) Gather the tears of someone who has lost a loved one
3) Gather the tears of someone in pain
4) put the tears in a bowl of crystal clear pond water
5) Place a flower that is the softest pink in color possible in the water/tears
6) Place the opal inside the flower. The flower should not sink and instead wrap it's petals around the opal, staying a float
7) Recite this spell while your eyes are closed
Peace within and peace around
in the air and in the ground
in the sky and in the sea
as I will so may it be

8) When the flower reopens the opal should be gone.

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