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N. Blanco (nisabelleblanco) | 7 comments

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N. Blanco (nisabelleblanco) | 7 comments N. Isabelle Blanco is getting ready to rerelease her sexy and dark Paranormal Erotica series and is looking for some paranormal lovers to read and review.

All reviewers of book 1 will be automatically added to the list to receive book 2.

ARC Sign Up:

Goodreads Link:



He wants to kill me . . . More than that, he wants to see me die.
I don’t know him. I’ve only heard about him throughout my short life.
It is my destiny to die at his hand when he sacrifices me to the Fates . . .
All so that my death can bring back his obsession.
The woman he loves.
He’s my death.
But he’s more than that.
He’s the air that destroys me with each breath. An addiction I never planned on having.
I’ve mated to my killer.
Either way, I’m going to die.
The question now is if I can survive long enough for him to complete his sacrifice and bring back the woman he truly adores.


Fourteen-thousand years ago, I locked away my powers.
The loss of one woman took everything from me. I made a deal to wait. To sacrifice an innocent that would be born in the far future to bring my beloved back.
Then I laid eyes on that girl . . . and everything I thought I knew got shredded to shit.
She’s reawakened the monster in me.
The madness.
The hunger.
The creature that demands a taste of her flesh.
Even worse, for the first time in my long, brutal existence, the monster is demanding her blood.
I’ve mated to my victim.
I’ll have no choice but to keep my promise. I have to sacrifice her. And the moment I do . . .
We’re both going to die.

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Fallon Templeton | 0 comments Hi I'd like to read this please.
Thank you :-)

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N. Blanco (nisabelleblanco) | 7 comments David wrote: "I would offer a review pdf file please"

Hi David :)

We're only offering direct to kindle ARCs. Can I please have your kindle email address so I can add you to the list? Thank you

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N. Blanco (nisabelleblanco) | 7 comments Fallon wrote: "Hi I'd like to read this please.
Thank you :-)"

Hi Fallon, you've been added to the list :D

Can you please add to your kindle permissions? The ARCs are going to start going out this weekend.

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Henriette Nielsen | 32 comments I would love to review your book :-)

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N. Blanco (nisabelleblanco) | 7 comments Henriette wrote: "I would love to review your book :-)"

Thank you so much Henriette! Can you please provide me with your kindle address so we can send be arc to you directly?

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Henriette Nielsen | 32 comments I don´t have a kindle address

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N. Blanco (nisabelleblanco) | 7 comments Henriette wrote: "I don´t have a kindle address"

Unfortunately, we're only offering straight to kindle mobis at this time. I'm so sorry :(

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Sherry Gonzales (sherrygonzales) | 7 comments I'd love to do a read and review for your book/series!! I'm at

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Anna Erishkigal (annaerishkigal) | 795 comments Mod
Hi N!

Could you please add the TITLE to your post, please? As well as the 10-book signup list of who is doing reviews as outlined in the RULES post? It helps me to manage this service and keep it neat and tidy.

Also, you will get a better response if you include your book cover. Click 'some html is ok' to embed an image. If you don't have your 'final' cover then I suggest you create a mockup with the 'feel' of your cover, often with a handsome man (since this is PNR) and a quote.

And ... since your 'only straight to kindle-mobi' is unusual, could you please specify that upfront in your original post so you don't annoy people?


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Arpita (appe22) | 9 comments hi , I would like to read this pdf at

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Heather Moyes (heatherconway) I'd love to!

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Anna Erishkigal (annaerishkigal) | 795 comments Mod
Two week priority posting limit reached. Relocated down into the ARICHIVE folder to collect reviews.

Post still OPEN at author's discretion.

Thank you for sharing your books with us!

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