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message 1: by Nell (new)

Nell Walton I review books, and I am a tough critic. I have been trying to find the middle road between reviewing books completely honestly - and "poisoning the well" with other authors. I don't want to give up my integrity as a critic, but I don't want to make everyone hate me either! Any suggestions? I really do think thoughtful, unbiased criticism is sort of rare these days.

message 2: by A.C. (new)

A.C. Weston (acwestonwrites) | 2 comments Do you have a blog where you review books?

I have many thoughts on this subject... I tend to think, if it's a new author that I know personally, I just won't leave a review if I have mostly negative thoughts about their book. I would rather stay positive and promote the things I want to support rather than contributing negatively to someone I know is probably super-terrified of the reaction they might receive and needs all the help they can get.

On the other hand, if you want to make a name for yourself as a reviewer that people can trust to have good taste, you should definitely review a bunch of books and be honest about them. If you have something insightful to say about bigger-name books/authors, people will notice and start to come to you as an authority. That's a very valuable position to be in, and it requires a critical eye and honesty.

If you're thinking of books on Inkshares, just remember that if they're funding or in production, you haven't read the final product. The problems you see could be solved in the editing process. If you're thinking of self-published books that are available now, written by people you know... yeah, I still wouldn't write a review. Aim your incisive criticism at the big fish; they can handle it. Little fish are delicate. :) If I know the author and I have negative things to say, I'll tell them privately if it will help them put out a better book; if it's too late and their book is out, I'll stay positive or silent.

But that can just be my strategy! You can choose to handle it differently.

message 3: by Nell (new)

Nell Walton That is my thinking also. I wouldn't dare review someone's work who is funding - that would just be mean, unless I was just wild over it (which is rare). And I have been focusing primarily on indie authors - because there just aren't enough resources for them. I have done one review on an indie author that wasn't necessarily bad, but it wasn't great either. 3 stars. I'm still going to be thinking about it and weighing the pros and cons. Some of the indie books I've read have been dreadful and I just put those aside and didn't comment - but I recently found an author who is just AMAZEBALLS - one they will be teaching in literature classes one day (stant latore). Thanks for the input - it is very valuable to me.

message 4: by Nell (new)

Nell Walton oh yes @Cara - I missed your first sentence! sorry!

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