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Gary | 1472 comments There are many things in life I don't really get; the appeal of reality television, the respect and plaudits Keanu Reeves gets as an Ack-tore, how people could eat grapefruit for breakfast. Most of those things aren't really for me to judge, however. Tastes vary.

This story, however, combines a bunch of things that I really don't get.

Beauty pageants. I don't get it. I don't personally go for the argument that they are objectifying and demeaning towards all women. I suppose I would, if I could dedicate that much effort to them, but I don't even get that far. Because they are fuckin' boring! Boring with a capital WTF Are You Doing?

A skinny girl walks by. I suppose she's pretty. Kinda. You know, under all that makeup.

Then another one. Oh. All right, I guess.

A third. Uh...

A fourth. Is this... how many....

Fifth one. Wait. What time is it? Is Jeopardy on?

Sixth one. There's more? There can't really be....

Seventh one. Godddamit!

On and on. It's like watching wildebeest migrate.

Plus, Donald Trump's fingerprints are (supposedly no longer) all over this stuff. I don't get Donald Trump in any way. I don't know how folks are duped by so obvious a flim-flam man wrapped up in a ill-fitting suit, hidden under one of the worst toupees that money can buy, and spilling out word-vomit like some demented toddler with diaper rash. I don't understand his status as a celebrity. I don't understand how he's rich. (He would appear to have done everything in his power to throw away his inheritence.) I don't understand how he's taken as anything but the sad, pathetic joke that he is.

Oh, and this is about "sports wear." I don't go to the gym anymore, but I don't get people who wear "sports wear." I'd see women wearing makeup and several hundred dollars worth of clothes at the gym and I'd always wonder just what the hell they were doing there. There's got to be a Jamba Juice somewhere? Go titter with your girlfriends over a smoothie. Why are they getting mascara on the damn treadmill handles?

Anyway, here's the article:

message 2: by Amber (new)

Amber Martingale | 659 comments I'm a woman and I don't get any of this crud, either.

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