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MixItUp! Coral Cove:A harsh city that has no mercy. They often have fights like they do on Feasting Island to please their ruler. The King of Coral Cove prefers to be called an Emperor who soon wishes to take over all the nations. The Emperor likes to behead Sirens and cut off their tail to hang on his wall and it seems like every hour you can hear the screams of death by Sirens being beheaded.

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MixItUp! ((XD)

Jack the Teleporter  (jackaboi) | 78 comments Suigetsu and Kazuto show up at the entrance looking back at each other and the city. They look around at the city questioning it while they see a fight going on.

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MixItUp! "Looks like someone's gonna loose their head today" Emily murmured, glancing at the fighting Sirens. Suddenly trumpets rang trough the town and a handsome Siren swam into the open, glaring at the two fighting Sirens

The fighting sirens fell silent, they curtsied to the Emperor, not daring to say a word. The Emperor flicked his tail and immediately the two Sirens were grabbed by guards, being dragged away screaming.

Jack the Teleporter  (jackaboi) | 78 comments "Wow that seems like fun" Kazuto grins evilly at the sight of them being dragged away. "Don't even thing about it" Suigetsu says giving him the dead emotionless look.

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MixItUp! Emily nudged Kazuto, giving him a small serious look. She glanced at the Emperor who looked like he'd won the olympics. Emily rolled her eyes, beckoning them forward as she swiftly darted closer to the seem, hiding behind some coral. She spun out a dagger, twirling it in her hand, her tail barely moved in the water

Jack the Teleporter  (jackaboi) | 78 comments Kazuto and Suigetsu swim over to where Emily was an hide. Suigetsu pulls his huge sword off his back and hooks the handles together and holds it. "Don't power up Kazuto you will get us spotted" Suigetsu whispers at him as he sort of pouts "Fine".

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MixItUp! Emily slapped Kazuto softly with her tail, it didn't make a loud sound in the water, just what sounded like a very quiet clap. She smiled at him, glancing to Suigetsu, "You have your heads on the line" Emily reminded him, she slowly took the flower out of her hair and let it float to the surface of the ocean.

Jack the Teleporter  (jackaboi) | 78 comments "They could try but they wont get me or hurt me in anyway" Suigetsu says like he has no care in the world. "Yea it will be hard for them to catch us" Kazuto says ready to make a ruckas.

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MixItUp! Emily rolled her eyes, "Don't be idiots" she hissed, grabbing Kazuto's hand and pushing him lower so he couldn't see what was going on with the Emperor. Emily suddenly let go of Kazuto, putting her hand on her forehead like a face palm. She sighed, "Fine, let's do this" Emily felt like she should lighten up, she was worrying too much, besides this was gonna be fun.

Jack the Teleporter  (jackaboi) | 78 comments "Chill cutie" Kazuto swimming to a hiding spot a little closer towards the Emperor. "Idiot " Suigetsu says swimming over to him and slapping his head.

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MixItUp! Emily once again rolled her eyes at Kazuto, though she couldn't hide her smile. She felt sick to the stomach, Emily was prepared to fight, just in case. Emily swam towards the Emperor, feet away from him.

The Emperor was eyeing the Sirens that bowed before him in respect. He grinned, spotting a siren with a beautiful golden tail like Emily's. The Emperor waited until all the Sirens cleared to grab the siren and push her towards the guards.

Emily watched him in disgust, not sure if he wanted her tail or an Empress. Probably the tail she thought finally, Emily stabbed her dagger in the side of the mound she was hiding behind.

Jack the Teleporter  (jackaboi) | 78 comments "Nope not happening" Suigetsu says hoping over and Slices the guards in half grabbing the siren and swims away from the emperor and continues swimming away. "Swim away now" Suigetsu tell the siren and turns to face the emperor.

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MixItUp! Emily grabbed her daggers and followed the two boys, stabbing two guards with ease, "I've always wanted to take out my anger on guards!" she covered for Suigestu as he turned to face the Emperor.

The Emperors face was red with anger and hatred, he had already had to face a human and another Siren who had betrayed him. He whirled around, snapping and immediately guards were at his side, separating him from Suigestu. The guards slashed at Suigestu, making a small cut on his chin.

Emily was immediately on the slashing guard, "You need to update your guard's fighting skills!" she smiled, beheading the guard that and cut Suigestu. She slightly wondered where Kazuto was.

Jack the Teleporter  (jackaboi) | 78 comments Kazuto hops and out and powers up "Lets go!" He yells slashing guards left and right. "Right" Suigetsu says as his cut heals and a guards suigetsu in half but Suigetsu was water so his body reattached and he cut the guards head off. "This is too easy " Suigetsu and Kazuto says slice guards left and right. (

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MixItUp! The Emperor had noticed that they couldn't be hurt, the two boys at least. He had turned his attention to Emily who was dealing with one of his professional guards. He watched, hoping to pick up a pattern of her fighting technique.

Emily crashed down on the guard, she had a small bruise on her shoulder but that looked about it. They fought for about 4 minutes before she whirled around and randomly lashed out, happening to cut the guard in half. Emily could feel the Emperor's gaze on her and she froze. Please don't recognize me she thought, ready to be attacked.

Jack the Teleporter  (jackaboi) | 78 comments Suigetsu appears behind some guards holding them as Kazuto fires off an attack. "Getsuga Tenshou!" Kazuto firing at the guards killing them all. (

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MixItUp! The Emperor lunged, but not at Emily, at Kazuto. He slashed his long sword swiftly into Kazuto's stomach, not really caring if the boy would just heal himself. The Emperor was definitely faster and fought better than the guards. He had a field of guards around him as he attacked so he wouldn't get hurt.

Emily immedately darted after the Emperor as he plunged the sword into Kazuto. It was an unexpected move but it was exactly what the Emperor wanted her to do. Emily stabbed two of the guards in her way, she met face to face with the Emperor, she looked angry.

The Emperor had a wicked smile, he spun at Emily, his sword meeting her small dagger. He whistled, and a guard tossed him another sword. The Emperor knew it was an easy win but Emily wasn't giving up that easily, she charged, lashing out with her dagger. The guards kept the two boys away from Emily and the Emperor. She hissed, "I've been waiting for this moment forever!" Emily jabbed at his hand, causing him to loose grip on one of his sword. Her eyes lit up with triumph but the Emperor grabbed her wrist, yanking her towards him and smacked the dagger out of her hand.

Emily's eyes widened in shock, usually attacking the Emperor was easy but he obviously had been training. She squirmed, trying to swim free but he twirled her close, putting his sword to her neck.

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Jack the Teleporter  (jackaboi) | 78 comments Kazuto's body soon was surrounded by a black and red aura as he raged. He screamed with rage as he exploded and appeared with a mask on. "RAAAGGH!" His voice changes with the mask on. (
(Voice change:

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MixItUp! The Emperor called out orders, "I want 4 layers of guards between me and the boys!" immedately guards surrounded the Emperor and Emily. He was ready to defend himself if they got passed the guards.

Emily was trying to pick up the dagger with her tail while the Emperor was busy. She stared up at Kazuto in surprise though it was hard to see him through all the guards. Emily squirmed but that only made the Emperor press the sword harder against her neck

Jack the Teleporter  (jackaboi) | 78 comments Kazuto appear behind the Emperor in a flash "Let her go and fight me fool" Kazuto says in his hollowed voice. "Unless your a coward" Kazuto says behind his mask which made him look different. (

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MixItUp! The Emperor gritted his teeth but he knew better than to let Emily go to fight a physco path with powers. "I'm not a coward but certainly you would be if you tried to fight me" the sword was tightly in his grip, and he hissed, "Surrender now!"

Emily hated this, this was the downside of having friends. She pushed the thought that they should've never met away, "Don't surrender" Emily managed to choke the words out. She gaged as the sword was dangerously close to her neck

Jack the Teleporter  (jackaboi) | 78 comments "If you don't let go it will be the end for you" Kazuto says deeply in his hollowed voice as more of him appeared running around the emperor. "Am I going to slow for you? I could speed up if you want" Kazuto says speeding up. As Suigetsu is slicing up guards with ease like it is nothing.(

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MixItUp! The Emperor's face was red with rage but he grinned, "I'm no idiot boy" he had Emily tightly in his grip, "I may loose some guards today but I will have a brand new tail for my collection" The Emperor seemed to already be sizing her up to fit her tail on the wall, "One move and she's dead"

Emily held her breath, What was Kazuto and Suigetsu capable of? she didn't dare speak as the sword began to draw a couple drops of her blood. How much are they willing to give for me? Emily swore that if the Emperor let her go she would kill him anyway

Jack the Teleporter  (jackaboi) | 78 comments "What do we have to give to keep her alive?" Suigetsu questions him while slicing his guards in half. "No don't reason with him Sui" Kazuto says looking at the Emperor with rage in his eyes.

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MixItUp! The Emperor lifted her eyebrow, seeming to mock Kazuto, "Am I going to slow for you?" The Emperor hissed, "Surrender" his tail flicked, waiting for the two boys to give up.

Emily didn't really care if she got hurt, "don't surrender!" her throat stung as small drops of blood drifted into the ocean creating a small stain. She had noticed the guards had seemed to stop fighting

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Jack the Teleporter  (jackaboi) | 78 comments Suigetsu nods as Kazuto as a sword at the Emperor's neck "Never" Kazuto says holding the sword very close to the Emperors neck "Move and ill kill you" Kazuto growls.

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MixItUp! "Kill me" he snarled, "I'm bringing your friend with me though" The Emperor grinned, "Surrender!" he was practically yelling. He made sure Emily couldn't say anything, his hand brushed her soft hair back, "You care for this girl?" The Emperor had the advantage and it was clear

Jack the Teleporter  (jackaboi) | 78 comments "Fine" Kazuto says pulling the sword the sword away from his neck but keeps it at a distance to strike if needed too. "Yea we give up" Suigetsu says with a smirk then looks at the Emperor with a cold dead emotionless stare and face.

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MixItUp! Emily squirmed at the Emperors hand, her cheeks were red with anger and embarrassment. "You know Emily" he began, "Yes, I know your name" the Emperor had eased his grip on his sword so it wasn't quite on her neck.

Emily had a few cuts on her neck from the sword that were bleeding but she didn't bother to cover them up. She pushed the sword off her neck gently, trying not to cut her fingers. The Emperor slightly grinned, putting his sword away

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