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Blaire Hammond (blairehammond) | 31 comments Mod
I have a lot of thoughts about this book. *spoilers ahead!*
Firstly, it was literally epic! Like, it was full on from start to end, yet I felt I connected with the characters and story immediately. I loved the characters, and they are the definition of strong characters. They aren't said to be one thing and never proven to be that, which often happens in stories. Inej was said to be the wraith, and that was proven time and time again. Kaz, well he was said to be many things, but mostly his quick thinking and smarts were proven. I literally never knew what he was going to pull. Nina and Matthias hold a special place in my heart. I was torn when he "betrayed" her yet I knew it couldn't be real. I was so glad I was right. Omg and Jesper and Wylan!!!!!!! Hell yeah!! I ship them so hard its not funny. The actual heist literally took up half the book yet it was so epic that it was totally worth it. Like, I had no clue whatsoever what was going to go down, and again and again I was blown away. The characters back stories were so well done and thought out. AND THAT ENDING!!! I need book two as soon as possible!!
What were your thoughts on the book?? Join in the discussion if you've read it!

sadhna (sadhna24) | 5 comments You literally stole the words right out of my mouth!!!! Absolutely love Jesper and Wylan. Can book two be mine already!!!

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Jonlivia | 4 comments I completely agree. *Spoliers* The heist was epic and I loved how nothing was given away. Right when I thought I had the story line figured out there would be a twist and it was always a relief. And I love Kaz and Inej. How Kaz wears his gloves because he can't stand skin to skin contact was interesting and sad because of his brother's death. And Inej's backstory was heartbreaking. I thought Inej was such a strong character because she took her life back and learned to survive on her own terms. She also knows that Kaz can't give her want she wants, which makes her sad but she doesn't settle for less. Every character was fantastic and I loved how we learned about them throughout the book. I adore Jesper and Wylan. Nina was awesome. But I had a love/hate relationship with Matthias. Which I guess is the point of his character.

Blaire Hammond (blairehammond) | 31 comments Mod
yes!! I love that Kaz and Inej don't have some typical romance. Inej knows what she needs, and despite her love for Kaz, if he can't give it to her, she won't settle for that. she will do what she needs to do to bring herself the happiness she wants. but holy wow I can't wait to see Kaz get his girl back! I only hope he will realise that he can give her all those things she needs!

message 5: by Jonlivia (new) - added it

Jonlivia | 4 comments I can't wait either! It's going to be good. He seems like the "tear the world apart to find his girl" type of guy. And I think he can give her everything too. He's just scared to lose people so he won't get close. Even though the story went pretty deep into the characters. I want to know more.

Nina | 2 comments I literally cannot wait until the next one!!!

Lauren I thought Kaz was developed really well as a character. The gradual unveiling of his past and the impact it still has on him was very well done.

I also loved the fact that none of the 'romance' was typical... Kaz & Inej, Jesper & Wylan... added to the story rather than side tracked from it.

Definitely interested in book 2 now!

Blaire Hammond (blairehammond) | 31 comments Mod

Nina | 2 comments Lauren wrote: "I thought Kaz was developed really well as a character. The gradual unveiling of his past and the impact it still has on him was very well done.

I also loved the fact that none of the 'romance' wa..."

Yes i loved Kaz's character development

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