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So as teenagers (yeah im not a teenager anymore lol but whatever it still stands lol) our bodies and whatever is going through a lot of changes...and sometimes we just don't understand the haywireness of our emotions or are not sure how to express ourselves to our parents or elders in the correct way. As we are basically in transition from kids to adults and this is a hard change...the transition isnt always easy and does come with a few hiccups and dramas along the this thread is for that exactly...anything you may be confused about, whether it be emotion wise, dealing with a situation the correct way or anything teenage base I guess...come here and let it all lose because its better to let it out the let it boil and fester inside you where it will burst out eventually, and not always in the most pleasant or ideal of situations. So let us help...explain your concerns and worries as a teenager.

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Shay (shayreader) I'm not a teen anymore either, but I haven't experienced a few things that most teens have.

kavi + alex + noir ~he-him~ (percybluefood) | 1630 comments Teenage years are full of dramas. I have only 1 or 2 years left of being a teenager

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The Bookaholic (deterioratingbookaholic) ❄️Kavy Fullbuster❄️~ Sister of Percy Jackson, Twin sister of Natsu Dragneel, Wife of Gray Fullbuster (Anime Character), Anime is Life, I am NOT normal wrote: "Teenage years are full of dramas. I have only 1 or 2 years left of being a teenager"

I know, right? I'm 14 and being a teenager is just Full Of Drama.

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I'm 15 at the moment, and every single week at school there is yet another issue. WHy the hell can't everyone just get along? or at least mind their own damn business

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The Bookaholic (deterioratingbookaholic) Ryley wrote: "I'm 15 at the moment, and every single week at school there is yet another issue. WHy the hell can't everyone just get along? or at least mind their own damn business"

Lol..People are dumb. That's why.

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that is absolutly true

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and... i spelt that wrong. damn it i am stupid two
absolutely i meant
give me some credit it's 2.32 am and i can't get to sleep

kavi + alex + noir ~he-him~ (percybluefood) | 1630 comments ***§Crazy Book-Obsessed Girl§*** wrote: "❄️Kavy Fullbuster❄️~ Sister of Percy Jackson, Twin sister of Natsu Dragneel, Wife of Gray Fullbuster (Anime Character), Anime is Life, I am NOT normal wrote: "Teenage years are full of dramas. I ha..."

I'm 16 turning 17 in like 5 weeks, and being a teenager is hard. ok, sure, there's probably some things about being a teenager that I'll miss, but I won't miss all the dramas tho

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starts to scream "Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaave"
looks around
gets two pillows

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sits down and starts to cry

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looks up r u gonna spray something at me

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takes cheesecake quickly
and hugs

kavi + alex + noir ~he-him~ (percybluefood) | 1630 comments I have lots of problems with being a teenager, and with high school as well

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anything u wanna talk about

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purplebookworm (puplebookworm) Someone tell a funny dramatic story

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Shall i tell you about how my friend and i literally got into a fight over chocolate a couple of weeks ago

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purplebookworm (puplebookworm) Proceed. *sits down on the floor with popcorn for story time*

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Yes yes do tell *grabs the popcorn and sits on beanbag*

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so we were all on a group chat, me and like four of my friends. Now cause i catch the bus with my bestie she sometimes uses my phone cause why use your own data when you can use mine. She she was using my phone and texting on this group chat and i was texting (so two different people on my phone). anyway my bestie, charli, decided that in the afternoon she was going to buy chocolate so my group could all share it the next day at school. So she asks what flavour everyone likes. Everyone responds with like 'i like any whatever you want' except my other friend i'll call f.w. she says that it's up to cha and shes a grown person and can decide for herself. So me and cha go 'charli is trying to be nice here what would you like.' and she goes 'I'm not hungry' now how on earth would you know if you are going to be hungry the next day is beyond me. so we ask if she would want chrunchie or fruit&nut, cause thats what charli wanted. and she goes 'i don't like any of them' so like the nice friends we are we ask her what she wants and she replies again saying charli is grown up enough to decide for herself and she isn't hungry. So me and charli are both just venting on the bus like how the hell does she know she isn't hungry tomorrow, why can't she just say what she wants.
and then she starts yelling at us... or at least CAPS TEXT. and we are like okay chill it's chocolate and she goes, it's not just about the chocolate.

and theres more but it's really hard to explain... so yeah that was our fight over chocolate. she didn't talk to us the next day. seriously over chocolate

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA lols yes HOW DO U NO IF UR NOT GOING TO BE HUNGRY TOMORROW! And plus there's always room for chocolate!!! XD

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that's exactly what we were saying.

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Hehehehe wat an odd lil individual lols xD

kavi + alex + noir ~he-him~ (percybluefood) | 1630 comments well there is overprotective parents, my mom expects me to get good grades, and the school work, even tho school is over for the summer, but next year is my senior, and there is going to be so many things that I have to do, and I also have to get ready for college, it puts a lot of stress on me. And I also have a lot of personal problems, and my depression and anxiety to deal with as well. In 9th grade, I'd made a "friend", tho I wasn't sure if we were actually friends, or if she was just someone I talked to. Then one day, she started avoiding me and stuff, for some reason, idk why, and Idk what I did wrong, but I still kept trying hard to be her friend, then one day, she looks at me and then she says "I'm not your friend I know right?" I know I probably shouldn't have cared and stuff, but It hurt a lot. What makes things worse is that she is friends with some of my friends as well. And on the last week of school, she kept staring at me with some kind of look. In 10th grade, I made another friend, and everything was ok for a while, then one day, she leaves me and stops talking to me, and acting like I'm invisible, that hurt a lot. Then in 11th grade, there was my love life and stuff. And now there's 12th grade to deal with.. it's hard..

kavi + alex + noir ~he-him~ (percybluefood) | 1630 comments purplebookworm wrote: "Someone tell a funny dramatic story"


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i'm still really good friends with her. but every now and then (meaning every two weeks) there is some fight going on with her. not necessarily me, but someone else. she starts drama over nothing.
a boy (who doesn't really like her) knocks her hat off in the locker room, being the idiot he is. And one of our friends tells her not to react cause it is giing him exactly what he wants, to annoy her like he always does. and she starts a fight like 'why do you say this to me, you're sticking up for him' and she said she just wants them both not to argue and the only way that will happen is if she doesn't respond to him. and they had a fight and they were both texting me, they both had agreed he was an idiot but f.w wasn't understanding that they were both on the same side and she is trying to be a nice friend.

kavi + alex + noir ~he-him~ (percybluefood) | 1630 comments Ryley wrote: "so we were all on a group chat, me and like four of my friends. Now cause i catch the bus with my bestie she sometimes uses my phone cause why use your own data when you can use mine. She she was u..."


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it was literally over chocolate, like seriously. and then when we say to the entire group that maybe we shouldn't text in roups cause things get miscommunicated and interpreted as angry etc. she says that never happens and that we should continue. like no, if ur gonna fight over chocolate u do not deserve to be in group chats where u read one thing the wrong way and ur angry as hell

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purplebookworm (puplebookworm) Haha

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ugh, she is a difficult child. ah well i still like her

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purplebookworm (puplebookworm) Lol

New story!

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ummmm let me think of one

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ahhh yes, the incident of 2015 term 3 second/ last week of term. this one is a long one, grab your seats and 3d glasses your in for a great time

it will take a while to type, so be calm and watch some trailers idk

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purplebookworm (puplebookworm) Kk

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okay so here we go

all through term 3 this guy was texting me, i gave him my number at the begining of the year and now he was suddenly texting me, i thought little of it. Just friends you know. but then he starts telling me who he likes etc etc. And cause he is a guy he changes his mind like every week. But he always, always. come back to my friend, charli from before. So clearly he does in fact like her. now me and her are very similar. and by this time from texting him for like two months i am starting to like him. he isn't very attractive but he is funny and cut and made me laugh at the stupidest stuff. eventually he texts me one night saying he likes both me and cha. and my heart is pounding, a guy actually liking me (first person i've actually had admit it). two days later he says he likes just me, and ask me if i want to go out with him (which in grade 9 means gf/bf and just texting/ sitting next to eachother in class) so i said yes after going like, 'this is a joke right?' and cha was fine with it she did not like him one bit and was joking with him saying if he hurt my feeling she would kill him, like kill.
so anyway i tell cha i'm going out with him and he tells g.t (which my groups code name for is Georgiana) for some reason idk or care. she is dating his friend so they talk every now and then.
so g.t who is also my friend at the time text me and tells me stuff blahblah blah and she asks if shes allowed to tell her boyfriend so i ask him and he says he would prefer to tell him, rightfully so it's his friend.
so the next day on the bus cha and i tell g.t repeatedly she isn't allowed to tell anyone. AND WHAT HAPPENS AS SOON AS WE GET TO SCHOOL. 'everybody ryley has some important news. winkwinknudgenudge.' and i give her a look and shes like 'i didn't tell them' so now cause they are all on me i tell them and the squel etc, girly stuff.
then at lunch TO MY FACE she is talking to the group saying 'hummm, i can't believe he would want to go out with her, seriously." etc TO MY FACE (gorgeous face that is)
then she texts him two days later and say 'you to don't really hang out much maybe you should go back to being friends' which i understand i was about to tell him the same thing. but she's my "friend" she is supposed to be nice not trying to ruin this for me. so we break up (three days i don't really count it)
i wasn't upset we broke up i don't care. i was upset my friend was saying rude stuff to my face and behind my back saying how she couldn't believe i got a boyfriend. RUDE LITTLE COW.
and our group was already not really liking her since she always does rude stuff like this. so the next day we decide to sit somewhere else without her. two girls stayed with her the rest came with me (cause i'm awesome).
she kept asking me what was wrong and when i finally told her she was like, you got me all wrong i meant he always chances his mind on who he like (which is true i should have relised that and not gone out with him in the first place) but thats still implying that he would never like me.
so now we aren't friends

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i don't know if it went through. it better cause it was long. pls tell me it did

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purplebookworm (puplebookworm) Wow

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purplebookworm (puplebookworm) Yes it went through

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purplebookworm (puplebookworm) Wow

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yeah... so now my group doesn't like her in the slightest.
for a small school my grade has a LOT of drama. this is just my group which has plenty more issues. the rest of the grade, i could talk for hours about the drama's

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purplebookworm (puplebookworm) I have hours! *sits down with food*

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purplebookworm (puplebookworm) Haha


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purplebookworm (puplebookworm) *hot

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purplebookworm (puplebookworm) Haha I WAS going to say U LIKE UR TEACHER but decided not 2. How old is he?

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purplebookworm (puplebookworm) Same

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