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Kat's Law (The Sawtooth Range #1) by Samantha St. Claire Samantha St. Claire

Genre: Sweet Historical Western Romance

Kat's Law (The Sawtooth Range #1)

Book Description:

In this sweet Western Historical Romance, author Samantha St. Claire brings young medical school graduate, Dr. Kat Meriwether, back to Idaho Territory to find violence has shattered the peace of her beloved home, but she also finds a good man whose sense of justice is as strong as hers, an ex-Texas Ranger running from his past. Together they would find not only their irresistible calling, but an undeniable love.

The dreams of an educated woman in the late nineteenth century:
Kat Meriwether left Snowberry as a tomboy with a saucy reputation as a fighter of bullies. She returns as an educated woman polished by her father's aunt, with whom she's lived these past four years. Throughout those years she's kept her mind on her studies, avoiding romantic entanglements that might hinder her from achieving her goals. Those goals have advanced to include an appointment as a physician in a San Francisco hospital, but upon returning she learns just how much her father and Snowberry need her to stay.

The nightmares of an ex-Texas Ranger:
Texas Ranger, Jonathan Winthrop, is a haunted man, running from his own nightmares. Idaho territory offers him a chance to start over as a rancher, but lawless men are changing the once peaceful town, and innocents will die without a defender. But can he find the confidence in his brokenness to take up his gun again and confront those who would violate the law?

The hope of a father:
When four years ago Dr. Nathaniel Meriwether sent his only daughter, Kat, east to train as a frontier doctor, he had no idea that the town she would return to in 1888 would be so violently altered by those who would prey on the gold and silver strikes north of Snowberry. His dream was to have her return and share the practice he'd established, but was it hers?

Love can alter them all.

Kat's Law is the first book in The Sawtooth Range series - one part classic western with all the drama of frontier justice and two parts passionate love story with a strong female protagonist.

She was a doctor seeking justice for her town.

He was a lawman who had turned in his badge after failing to protect the innocent.
Two Irresistible Callings
One Undeniable Destiny

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sent in your request Tony

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Amy H (twinypa) sent in your request

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Amy H (twinypa) no more copies left :(

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