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message 1: by Kenneth (new)

Kenneth McKinley | 677 comments Mod
One of the oldest themes in horror is the haunted house. Which haunted house stories are your favorites?

message 2: by John (new)

John Ratcliff (jhnvrtcl) | 1 comments House of Leaves.

Valancourt Books (valancourt_books) | 3 comments Two newer books on my favorites list:

Slade House Slade House by David Mitchell and Nyctophobia Nyctophobia by Christopher Fowler

As far as classics:

Hell House Hell House by Richard Matheson

message 4: by Kandice (new)

Kandice I recently read A Head Full of Ghosts and loved it. Not sure if it was haunted house story or a possession story, but very good and different either way.

message 5: by Kirstin (new)

Kirstin | 10 comments I thought these were great

House of Small Shadows The House of Small Shadows by Adam Nevill

The Elementals The Elementals by Michael McDowell

I loved House of Leaves and Nyctophobia was good too.

message 6: by D20 (new)

D20 | 173 comments I've heard of head Full of Ghosts. I'll have to try that one.

message 7: by GhostofMrJones (new)

GhostofMrJones Turn of the Screw by Henry James. Old school atmospheric horror with a twist.

message 8: by Kandice (new)

Kandice The Shining is basically a haunted hotel. Can't believe I didn't think of this right off the bat!

message 9: by Mande (new)

Mande Peer | 7 comments So far for me, The Shining takes the number one spot in Haunted...residences? I have House of Leaves waiting in the wings.

Cobwebby Reading Reindeer Remember Ukraine 🇺🇦  (readingreindeerproximacentauri) | 19 comments i have a new favourite I just read last night, I guess a short story, by Matt Shaw: The Chosen Routes

message 12: by D20 (new)

D20 | 173 comments Ghost Story by Jeff Brackett is a short one I read on a freebie and thought it was really good.

message 13: by Kenneth (new)

Kenneth McKinley | 677 comments Mod
Any list of haunted house/ghost stories should start with Ghost Story Ghost Story by Peter Straub by Peter Straub, IMO.

Others that I have enjoyed that are not mentioned yet would be:

Bag of Bones Bag of Bones by Stephen King by Stephen King

The Amityville Horror The Amityville Horror by Jay Anson by Jay Anson

Haunted Haunted (David Ash, #1) by James Herbert by James Herbert

message 14: by Erin *Proud Book Hoarder* (last edited Sep 03, 2016 03:29PM) (new)

Erin *Proud Book Hoarder* (erinpaperbackstash) I'm always surprised to realize how few I've read of haunted house stories in horror

The Amityville Horror by Jay Anson The Elementals by Michael McDowell The House by Bentley Little The House That Jack Built by Graham Masterton

Those come to mind, but other than that Im drawing blanks.

I mainly read haunted stories through the older gothic mysteries by Barbara Michaels.

I read The Manse last year but only rated it 3 stars

message 15: by D20 (new)

D20 | 173 comments I keep seeing lots of them on Amazon's top 100 free. Some are naturally going to be better than others.

message 16: by Marie (new)

Marie A House By The Sea (Winthrop House Book 1) by Ambrose Ibsen ; The Haunting of Blackwood House by Darcy Coates ; The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson ; The Amityville Horror by Jay Anson - these are spooky haunted house books

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