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⭐Essie⭐ (RealEssie) | 131 comments Hi ^.^ Thank You for making the thread and want were you think to do for the plot.

☆ ĄňŊǡƂėƮĦ ☆ ŞŧŎŋė | 172 comments No problem. I have some ideas if you'd like to hear them. Did you have any ideas in mind?

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⭐Essie⭐ (RealEssie) | 131 comments No actually not at the moment but of course I would love to hear your ideas.

☆ ĄňŊǡƂėƮĦ ☆ ŞŧŎŋė | 172 comments Okay, here's a link with many ideas. We can change whichever one you like to be FxF

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⭐Essie⭐ (RealEssie) | 131 comments I love the plot when its a homeless girl that came from an abusive home

☆ ĄňŊǡƂėƮĦ ☆ ŞŧŎŋė | 172 comments Cool :) Would you want to play the homeless girl or the one who finds her?

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⭐Essie⭐ (RealEssie) | 131 comments The homeless girl if that is okay.

☆ ĄňŊǡƂėƮĦ ☆ ŞŧŎŋė | 172 comments Okay, that's fine. Did you want to make characters?

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⭐Essie⭐ (RealEssie) | 131 comments Sure for taken so long, it was a busy week.

(view spoiler)

Ski Smith / 18 / November. 23. 1996 / American / 5'3

Personality: Ski is a shy, shaken up girl. She dont treat anyone.

Markings: Scars from her step-dad, tattoo covering up her cuts on her writs (view spoiler)

History: Ski was born healthy and loved by her mother she was happy but, that life was quickly taken away. Her mother soon married a man when she was seven. She always felt uneasy when she was around him and the feeling got stronger, if she was ever left alone with him. She told her mother but, she told her it was because she needed to get use to the idea of someone else around the house with that said, Ski just keep quiet. Her and mother never spent time together ever time they would try to, He would get in the way. Ski gave up on her mother ever having for her at the age ten. She started focusing on school, she was smart got all A's every time but no one around the house showed in attention to it. On Ski's twelveth birthday, her mother finally spent time with her, that day was special for the both of them. Before Ski went to bed that night her mother gave her a locket. (view spoiler) Ski fall in love with it the moment she saw it. Little did she know that was gonna be her last good moments she had with her mother.

A few days later Ski mother passed away, they never found out a reason for her death but, at that moment. Ski didn't care she was hurt, she lost the only person that loved her. She was alone. She never took off the locket her mother gave to her. Ski had to stay with Jacob, her step-dad. Which made everything worse. Once her mother died he started showing his true colors, he first started drinking more and more everyday. Then his anger started to get out of control. At thirteen is when things got worse, Ski came home from school. And he was passed out on the couch. She wanted to go out with some friends but, he told her that he was suppose to ask her before she was able to go anymore. So she woke him up and before she could ask him, he hit her. It was the first beat down he ever gave her. He said sorry once he was done but the next day it happen again, even though she didn't say anything to him. The next day the same thing, it was like he was now addicted to hitting her. The sweet, loving, happy little girl had now changed into a scared, quite, shaken girl by the age of fifteen. That was when her own addiction started cutting.

☆ ĄňŊǡƂėƮĦ ☆ ŞŧŎŋė | 172 comments No problem, I understand. Sorry about my character thing, it might not be as long as yours. I'll try to have it up soon.

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☆ ĄňŊǡƂėƮĦ ☆ ŞŧŎŋė | 172 comments

(view spoiler)

Julia Hannigan / 22 / April. 17. 1994 / American / 5'8

Personality: Julia is an extrovert, caring, and seems to be perfect.

Markings: She has no scars or tattoos, the only marking is a birthmark on her left shoulder.

History: Julia had what seemed to have the perfect life and family. She was the oldest of three kids and she helped care for the two younger ones (who were only 2 and 4 years younger than her). Her parents were hard working people who were always busy working, traveling, or keeping up appearances for their jobs. Julia had grown up with this so she didn't complain and she tried to keep her siblings from feeling that their parents did not love them enough to be with them or want to spend time with them. She helped them with school and growing up but always managed time for herself and her studies. She was the salutatorian in her graduating class and she got a full scholarship to her favorite college.

In college, her grades stayed the same and yet still her parents didn't really notice her. Ignoring that, she was very popular and had many friends, though none were that close. Now in her senior year, Julia is ready to graduate and figure out what she wants to do job wise.

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⭐Essie⭐ (RealEssie) | 131 comments Oh this is gonna be a FxF

☆ ĄňŊǡƂėƮĦ ☆ ŞŧŎŋė | 172 comments Yeah, I thought that that was what we decided on the request thread.

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⭐Essie⭐ (RealEssie) | 131 comments I didn't know but i am fine with it, do you wannna start us off.

☆ ĄňŊǡƂėƮĦ ☆ ŞŧŎŋė | 172 comments Sure, I'll have it up in a couple of minutes.

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☆ ĄňŊǡƂėƮĦ ☆ ŞŧŎŋė | 172 comments Still early in the morning, Julia had beaten all of the traffic and people in the grocery store. Now driving back to her apartment close to her college's campus, she was getting herself ready to start the day's studying. She had some homework assignments left over and some tests to study for but she knew that she would be able to get it done. Wanting to, however, was the only difference. After four years in college, writing essays and research projects were not as exotic as they were when she first entered the college world.

Rounding a corner, Julia started to enter her neighborhood. Not a lot of traffic was around her and what few people were around were mainly college students or elderly. That was one reason why she was surprised when she saw an obviously homeless person on the sidewalk by one of the apartment buildings. Slowly down the car slightly, she looked closer at the person and realized that it was a young woman. Frowning and a little upset to see that, Julia pulled her car over and got out. Once she was on the sidewalk a couple of feet away from the woman, Julia said, "Hey, how are you?"

((I hope that that is a good length))

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⭐Essie⭐ (RealEssie) | 131 comments (( It is fine. ^.^))

It had been a week now since Ski runaway from home, she had enough of leaving with her step-father. She was use to the abuse, she barely felt it when it happened. But Jacob did something that Ski couldn't look passed, a day before she ran away. Ski was walking home from school when she had pointed a kitten. Even though she was quite and shaken. Jacob couldn't really take away Ski's kind heart. Once Ski noticed that the kitten didn't have a mother, she brought it home. Not thinking that Jacob would care, it wasn't like he was gonna take care of it. Once she was home Ski , was happy yet shocked that Jacob wasnt home. She still didn't focus on the thought for to long, she quickly focused on the kitten as it cried in her arms. Ski washed it and feed it, then took it into her room. She closed the door and finally put the little kitten down, she watched it walk and shake. It reminded her of herself and for the first time since her mother was alive. Ski smiled, the kitten walked over to her and went into her lap. Ski heart melted to the little kittens fur on her hand as he curled into a little ball on her lap. After an hour of the two playing, Ski finally thought of a name for him. "Come here, Noche." she said and he actually knew that she was talking to him.

Later that day, Ski heart started to race once she heard the front door opened and close. Noche, noticed the difference in her manner. And quickly does what he was use to running and hiding. He went under the bed and started to cry, Ski tried to get him but he was far under her bed. She jumped when her door swing opened. Once she looked up at Jacob's eyes, she could tell that he had been drinking once again and knew what that meant was coming. She looked back at Noche as she felt the blows to her body. Which quickly made her fell unconscious.

When she woke up, it was morning, the next day. Her head hurt like hell, she touch the back of her head and wasn't really shocked when she felt the blood. But she was shocked when she looked under her bed and didn't see Noche, her eyes widened and she quickly got up and started looking for him. "Noche, Noche, Noche!!" she yelled as she went through the house calling for him. But she didn't hear his sweet cries. Her heart started to skip and her hands started shaking. She frowned at the sight of Jacob's bedroom door. She rushed in and asked him what happen to the cat. He looked up at her and gave her a cold answer. "Its gone." and layed back down. That was it for Ski she runaway that night, when Jacob was gone out and been homeless every since.

She sat on the sidewalk of apartment building she had a blanket wrapped around herself it was a blanket that her mother gave her when she was small. She had her head between her legs as she played with her locket under the blanket. She didn't know anyone was coming, she was blanked out. So once she heard a voice closer to her, she quickly jumped and looked up. "I-I-I am.. no one." she answered.

☆ ĄňŊǡƂėƮĦ ☆ ŞŧŎŋė | 172 comments Julia wasn't sure if the young woman was going to answer and her worries sky rocketed. She knew that she might have only been sleeping or ignoring her but her mind immediately want to the worst option and she really didn't want that to happen. Even without knowing the girl, she hoped that she would be okay and possibly accept her help if she would accept it. Julia lowered herself slightly so she wasn't looking down at the girl and was more face to face. I mean that has to help somewhat. It would probably be scary seeing a stranger talking to you and standing above you she thought to herself.

When the girl did answer, Julia's heart broke. Hearing the girl stutter and sound so defeated made her even more upset than seeing someone this young already having to experience something like this. "You are someone, I know you are. Everyone has their own life, their own memories, even their own name. I think that that is a good place to start, don't you think?" she asked quietly with a smile. "My name is Julia, what's yours?" There was still no on on the street and sidewalk which was good because Julia didn't want to get interrupted. It might take away any of the progress that they made or were going to make.

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⭐Essie⭐ (RealEssie) | 131 comments Ski followed the ladies eyes as she beat down to her level, Ski quickly tighten her blanket around her small figure. She listened to the woman but, it went in one ear and out the other. I want to forget my life, memories and everything. she thought herself, as her hand tighten on her locket it. Not really listening to the woman, Ski didn't really hear when she said her name. But Ski quickly noticed the quietness. "What?" she asked as she raised her eyebrow for a moment, she quickly started to think what she was talking about. She sighed softly when she remember the last thing she said. "Oh.. my name?... It is Ski." she said shaking. She hated when her nervous get bad.

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☆ ĄňŊǡƂėƮĦ ☆ ŞŧŎŋė | 172 comments "Well, it's nice to meet you Ski, even though it would have been better to meet under better circumstances, don't you think?" Julia said smiling. Her smiled faltered when she saw Ski tighten up in response to her being closer. With a quiet sigh, Julia wondered what she should say next. She wanted to help this girl, or at least figure out what had happened to make her end up on the sidewalk alone. To do this, hopefully Sky would agree to come to her apartment. "Ski, would you like to come to my apartment with me? It's nearby and we can get to know either there," Julia asked and then realized how strange that might sound. "I'm not trying to kidnap you or anything, I thought we might be able to talk a little," she added quickly. Julia looked at Ski to see what she might think about what she had just asked.

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⭐Essie⭐ (RealEssie) | 131 comments I thought it would perfect to not let her go with her so quickly because her pasted, maybe that meet again or something. I just thought how many ppl that have been abuised trust the first person that wants to help you know. If you don't like it I can change it ^.^

"Y-your apartment..." Ski repeated without meaning to but, the words that the woman spoken sounded weird and scary to her to be honest. Ski slid away from the woman by a few inches. That wasn't really far enough for Ski. She sighed and shook her head. "No thank you." she said as she stood up, her blanket fall to the ground showing how actually small her figure really was. Ski sighed and picked up her blanket. The one motion the blanket was put into her backpack, she quickly zipped it and throw it onto her shoulders. She ran her hand through her orangey- blonde hair. She looked back at the woman, she opened her mouth to say something but she realized that she didn't know her name. And Ski defiantly wasn't about to ask her, instead she just waved bye before walking off, she had been on that sidewalk since she runaway. And was scared to find another spot that she wont be bothered.

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☆ ĄňŊǡƂėƮĦ ☆ ŞŧŎŋė | 172 comments ((No I like it, it's a good idea))

Julia nodded when she said "your apartment" because she thought that she was agreeing with her and that she would let her help her. Then she saw her move away from her and she frowned again, disappointed, not in Ski but in herself. She was going to be thinking about this girl and she would wonder how she was doing and if she was alright. Julia fully stood up again as Ski packed up and walked away from her. Sighing deeply, Julia got back in her car and drove the rest of her way to her apartment. Then she parked and went upstairs to her room on the second floor. In her room, she started to study because she couldn't fully focus, not a surprise but still just as annoying because there was nothing that she could do about it.

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⭐Essie⭐ (RealEssie) | 131 comments Ski continued walking not looking back at the woman, she did how ever jump when she heard a car. But, keep her eyes forward. As she walked Ski wondered where she was going, she hardly ever went out once her mother married Jacob so her mind didn't remember streets like it once did.

It end up being dark and Ski was still walking. She end up lost and she knew it her hands started shaking as they both held onto her backpack strap. She bit her lip when she turned a corner and spotted men smoking on the sidewalk. She started to turn around but, a man was already behind her pushing into the street. "Guys! Look what i found!" the man said, his voice echoed in the night breeze. Ski looked over and the other two men that were smoking was now walking over to her. Her heat started to race, she started backing up. "I-I.." were the only words that was able to slip out her lips. "She sexy but she sound slow is hell." one of the others said, all three laughed. Ski didn't know what to do, looked around and it seemed like a empty street. Great, your just so stupid Ski. she thought to herself.

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⭐Essie⭐ (RealEssie) | 131 comments We are still doing this Rp?

☆ ĄňŊǡƂėƮĦ ☆ ŞŧŎŋė | 172 comments ((Yeah sorry, I totally forgot about this one))

((Sorry, did you want my character to hear what is happening or not?))

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⭐Essie⭐ (RealEssie) | 131 comments Its cool and thats up to you.

☆ ĄňŊǡƂėƮĦ ☆ ŞŧŎŋė | 172 comments Julia had just started to get focused when she realized that she forgotten something in another room. Sighing, she got up and out from between her things and headed to the living room where one of her books sat on the table. The living room had a window overlooking the street and through the open window, she was able to hear a group of men talking. Curious, Julia walked over and looked down to the sidewalk. It was hard to seeing being dark but she was able to make out the girl she had seen earlier surrounded by a group of men. She knew something was wrong and immediately grabbed her phone and headed out to the street.

Walking over to Ski, she acted as if she was friends with her. "Hey, there you are. I've been texting you to come up so we can study," she said holding up her phone. Then she looked over at the men with a smile. "I hope you guys weren't making plans with her, but we have to go study now," she said. Julia looked at Ski hoping that she would follow her to her apartment and away from the men.

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⭐Essie⭐ (RealEssie) | 131 comments Ski held herself tight, she knew well at least thought she knew what was about to happen. As the boys walked closer to her, Ski closed her eyes but quickly opened them once she heard a familiar voice. She looked over at the woman it was the same one from earlier. She opened her mouth to speak but saw the way she was looking at the boys. She quickly got what she was doing. "Oh, yeaa.." was the only words that was able to come of her mouth. The boys, looked unpleased but nodded to her. "Yeah but hey we will see you later." said one of them with a smile that made Ski scared more than ever. Ski looked over at the woman with a forceful smile like she didn't see through the boys smile. "Come on." she said softly as started walking with the woman. She still didn't even know what the hell the woman's name was but, she needed her for the time being.

☆ ĄňŊǡƂėƮĦ ☆ ŞŧŎŋė | 172 comments Despite her seemingly calm appearance, inside Julia was shaking about that interaction and what could have gone wrong. Smiling shakily at Ski, when she started to walk with her, Julia listened to the men behind them to make sure they weren't following them. Getting up to the door, she opened the door for Ski and led them up to the staircase which was faster than taking the elevator to the second floor. After a minute they got to her apartment door and she let them in. "I know this place is a little messy right now, there is enough room if you wanted to spend the night," Julia said looking at Ski slightly nervous. She hoped that Ski would at least spend the night because those guys might still be down there.

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