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message 1: by Madison (new)

Madison (madison1964) | 59 comments Mod
Some of you may have noticed that I haven't been here as much as usual. That was due firstly to computer issues - I was offline for more than a week. Now I've had some health issues that have come up which leave in doubt how much I'm going to be around.

Another issue that some of the other groups I'm in have been dealing with is Summer holidays. A lot of people are going to be away for some part of the next couple of months. I propose to not start any new books until September.

Discussion about the books currently being read and anything else Shakespeare related will continue. Please feel free to post your thoughts or any interesting items/websites/books you come across.

message 2: by Linda R, (new)

Linda R, Shows you how much I pay attention. I didn't see this post until today, so it must be true the Summer is a slow time for reading clubs.

By the by what is our September play, As You Like It? I understand it has a fairytale source.

message 3: by Madison (new)

Madison (madison1964) | 59 comments Mod
Yes, the next play is As You Like it.

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