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Lotto's success, based on the women in his life, questions
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I may have missed it, I listened to the audible version of this book. There is a part in Lotto's section where Antoinette writes Lotto will never know how much she helped him, until she is dead. I thought he would find a letter or something from her about how she helped him, but it did not happen (page 170). Was it just how she was frugal in order to leave her children a large inheritance, or did Antoinette help his career like she and Sally helped his admission to Vassar by pulling strings to get his plays performed.? There was never a finding of anything by Lotto, presumably Sally and Rachel cleared it out, but when they revealed their findings to Mathilde it was only Mathilde's folder (with none of her letters to Antoinette) and the album of Lotto's son.

Then Mathilde wrote her letter and later Lotto receives a phone call that his first play was being paid for by an anonymous benefactor on Broadway. Did she blackmail her uncle regarding the stolen painting?

Mathilde went in and rewrote all his plays that he became famous for. She also managed all their money and his career, and supported him for a long time.

With his mother, it could be that she paid off the girl he got pregnant in high school, and moved him to another school. She probably thought that relationship would have ruined his future.

Leslie I know Mathilde rewrote his plays, but how did she arrange for his first play to be performed? I think Lotto would have been angry with Antoinette abo ...more
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