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message 1: by Shannon ✨ (last edited Apr 27, 2019 03:58PM) (new)

Shannon ✨ (wanderessbibliophile) | 3 comments Mod
Hello lovelies!

The whole point of this book club was for us to chat to each other and make some friends, so let's start with your name, a random fact about yourself and what your main bookish platform is (blog, Instagram, Goodreads etc).

Okay, I'll start...

My name is Shannon. My star sign is Cancer and my favourite food is Domino's pizza (it's just gotta be Dominominos!). Ps. Did any of you sing that when you read it or is that just me lol?

My main bookish platform is my blog:

It's lovely to meet you all,
Shannon x

message 2: by Nadwa (new)

Nadwa Heyy !! My name is Nadwa, I'm 16. The random fact is going to be an ugly confession; I haven't read the Harry Potter series (definitely looking forward to reading it someday though), yeah, I know, Sue Me! My main bookish platform's gotta be Goodreads, but I'm still trying my best to develop my new blog:

message 3: by Felicity (new)

Felicity Cheng | 1 comments Hi! I'm Felicity and I'm 19 :) I live in Australia and my random fact is that I have always wanted a dog but my dad doesn't like them + our house is too small!! @Nadwa I can't believe that you've never read them, get on to that asap!! Main platform is goodreads!


message 4: by Nadwa (new)

Nadwa Felicity, I really want to !! I wanna get the boxed set but honestly, I'm just trying to collect some money first ;) It probably costs a fortune LMAO

Demetra (bookstraveller) (books-traveller) | 1 comments Hi! :) My name is Demi, short for Demetra and I'm 18 years old. I'm from Romania and live in Germany. My random fact (actually chosen to fit the convo above) is that I have read only the first Harry Potter book by now, but I ordered the complete collection and I'll soon continue.
My main platform is my blog:

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