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Karly Herself (karlyherself)

The Willow Springs Mall is an extremely large building where you can find nearly anything your heart desires!

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G0BL1N K1NG Entering one store of the many that made up the mall a grin spread across Travis' face. With a snap every employee moved about as if they were dealing with a surprise inspection, which technically they were. His family owned many stores that took up residence in the mall and this was one of them. Today's visit was just to cause a little panic among the employee's. With a look of disgust Travis made his rounds through the store before leaving it. The employee's held looks of worry on their faces as if they had already lost their jobs.

With just a quick ride up the elevator Travis found himself within the food court area. A place where the elite meet to catch a small bite to eat. All it took was one look as Travis sat directly at the middle table reserved for him and a cup of fresh blood was placed in front of him. The cup itself was made from a fine and priceless set of porcelain that was handcrafted long ago. Reaching up he adjusted the headphones on his ears before taking a sip and enjoying the relaxing song that had begun to play.

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Ash Jasper White hated it here. He hated any place that had loads and loads of people in it, which he found a bit silly. More people meant that he was much more inconspicuous right? Well, that was the logical answer, but his mind didn't see it that way. All he could think about was how cramped and tight it was and worry about how if he slipped up once everyone was going to look at him. If that happened he was never coming to the mall again. He would've never came unless he needed to get new shirts seeing as the rest of his were starting to develop holes. So, sighing he eased his way along.

His body was still a little tired from being a wolf and he longed more than ever for that time back again. That time of absolute freedom and euphoria but alas.

As he was slowly making his way across the mall, trying to find a store that wasn't completely out of his price league, he climbed the escalator only to see a bunch of hustle and bustle. He watched as a bunch of employees hurriedly served one boy who from what he could see, looked like a vampire. He watched as the boy seemed to lap it all in, knowing full well if he got that much attention he would be feeling awkward and he would probably just insist to all of them that he could do it himself.

He stared at the boy... he was pretty sure he recognized him. He didn't go to school with the kid, that much was for sure given the expensive clothes, but he was pretty sure he knew who he was....

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G0BL1N K1NG Taking another sip from his cup of blood Travis involuntarily inhaled deeply. The act caused him to wrinkle his nose in disgust. "Yet another slumdog. What is this becoming a new habit.?" He said a loud to himself yet loud enough to be heard by the werewolf. A bit of laughter left his mouth as he leaned back to the point where he now stared with his head upside down at the man.

"What cat got your tongue or are you hoping I'll throw something for you to fetch?" Travis laughed louder his fangs showing in the process. Not a single person around him made any attempt to move or notice his actions. "Looks like the security needs to be taught a lesson on who to let in here." With a snap of his fingers four people near Travis stood up and left to head off towards a service entrance that would lead to the security hub of the mall.

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Ash Jasper looked around a little to see who he was talking to. Once he realized it was indeed he who the boy was talking to, he strode over and quickly stammered, "O-oh... I .. I'm so sorry, s-sir! I was j-just c-cu-curious what was going, um, on... I just want to go shop for a shirt... I.. am, uh sorry if I disturbed you..."

To be honest, he didn't like being called a slumdog nor being made fun of... but he didn't like apparently having offended this kid somehow (he had been staring like an owl after all) nor did he want to get pulled away by security, "I c-could buy you some-something if it means I can st-stay..."

He was shaking at this point. He hated talking to people. Especially people who were apparently better than him. He also hated degrading himself. He could never win.

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G0BL1N K1NG Travis continued his upside down stare at the wolf man before bursting out into laughter that seemed to echo through the food court. "Oh that's priceless I got called sir and your apologizing, oh if only to the other slumdogs were like you." Travis continued to laugh before he quickly downed the rest of his drink.

"You couldn't buy me a thing even if you saved up all your money for five lifetimes." Travis laughed at this fact and would have been gasping for breath at the sight of the man shaking. "Already met one of you slumdogs earlier, she invaded my personal space and I'd very much like to get even. Now if you could find her bring her to me I might, I might be inclined to overlook you being here." His grin was as devious as they come.

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Ash Jasper blushed despite himself, not liking being laughed at. Part of him imagined himself in his wolf form, big and strong. He bet this guy wouldn't be laughing at him like he was now. At the comment about his money, he had to nod and look away. He was probably right. He only had enough to probably buy one shirt at most over here.

At the implication he might possibly have to turn in a member of his pack to this man, he raised his eyebrows. "We,.. well... she might not be uh, a part of my pack, so I uh, might not know her. Who is s-she? Be-besides... who are you? If you don't mind me asking!" He added the last part quickly.

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G0BL1N K1NG "Who I am isn't any of your concern yet. Who she is not your problem where she is and why she isn't in front of me is the problem that your going to solve." Travis smiled at the thought of simply ripping the man's throat out. He was after all faster than most vampires and could easily do it within a second. "Now then run along slumdog, you have till..." He flicked his wrist up to check his expensive state of the art watch. "Five. that gives you three hours."

With that Travis leaned up and fixed his gaze onto a marble statue just a few feet away from the table he sat at. "Oh and if you don't do this your home will be demolished, so I suggest you hurry." His ever present grin formed once more.

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Ash Jasper himself was even shocked by the gall of this vampire. How did he think he was able to accomplish this duty if he had no information whatsoever? Gathering some form of strength, he piped up, "Uh... I don't mean to be rude... but, do you even know who I am? Where I live even??? And I might not even uh, know, this um... girl, whoever she is."

Jasper almost commented that threatening his house was not much of a threat. His house was a piece of shit anyway and he didn't all that much care what happened to his family if they happened to be inside... but he already knew he was traveling on somewhat thin ice as it was and didn't want to get more testy.

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G0BL1N K1NG "She hangs around the bowling alley and likes getting in other's personal space." Travis said without ever looking towards the slumdog. With a snap of his fingers a few more people stood up and moved to usher the man out of the area.

((Sorry if that was short))

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Ash As Jasper felt himself getting tugged away by the people, he couldn't help but feel a dizzying sense of misery. All he had wanted was to get a shirt...

Jasper wondered just what he had gotten himself into.

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G0BL1N K1NG ((So how should we go about doing this))

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Karly Herself (karlyherself) ((We are discussing it in the chat page if you want to join us, Goblin =] ))

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Karly Herself (karlyherself) Joanna had found herself walking through the mall, looking for the familiar vampire. It was later and the sun had already set, so there were less people in the mall. That made it all the easier for Joanna to find the vampire she was originally looking for.

He was sitting at a table and she immediately approached the table and stood across from him. She planted her hands on table and leaned over it. "Are you going to tell me why you have to threaten someone just so you can talk with a girl?" She demanded in a low and cold tone that insisted she was not happy.

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G0BL1N K1NG "Oh using the scary serious voice are we? I am shaking truly I am." Travis couldn't help but laugh, with a quick check of the time he removed his sunglasses for the first time. "Much better, oh you look even more like a slumdog than I thought." He said as he stared at Joanna with eyes as red as blood. "My name is Travis Cashell, not that you would care to know." With a smile he snapped his fingers causing everyone within twenty feet of them to move away.

"I want to offer you a job." His smile turned to a grin as he used his speed to vanish in a way. His next words came from behind the woman directly next to her left ear. "It's just a simple job really anyone can do it." The next set of words were on her right ear. "All you have to do is everything I tell you, see not that hard." Back over the left ear. "In return I could give you quite a lot." Travis was now back in his seat as if he never left. "Truth, I find you intriguing, so what do you say." His smile turned to a fang revealing grin as he held his hand out towards her.

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Ciara  | 14 comments Éabha exited the cupcake shop hurriedly, her final stop within the Mall, checking her watch as she went. She always seemed to lose track of time whilst here, whether she was shopping or just wandering through. It was good for her, she felt, not having to think about anything remotely supernatural.
With a small pink box of cake for her mother and her brown leather bag slung haphazardly over her shoulder, she headed towards the escalator by the food court.

Unfortunately, her mind was swiftly drawn back to her least favourite subject, as Éabha noticed a crowd of people blocking the escalator, as though they had been moved there for convenience by some sort of magical force.
It was then that she saw - or rather, smelled - him . Éabha saw Travis around school all the time, but always avoided him. She didn't know exactly who he was, besides the fact he was rich; but she certainly knew what he was. Sure enough, he seemed to be talking - albeit menacingly - to a werewolf. The sight of him made her skin crawl.
With panic in her eyes, Éabha began an attempt to bustle through the crowd, hoping she would not be seen. It was bad enough she had no respect for herself; she was bound to be a laughing stock to other werewolves and vampires, too.

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G0BL1N K1NG ((Want me to respond or should I wait for karly))

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Ciara  | 14 comments ((I don't mind waiting :) I'll have to log off in a couple of minutes, though ))

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G0BL1N K1NG ((Okie dokie))

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Karly Herself (karlyherself) ((Yes. Please wait. Keep the posting order as me, you, and then Ciara. =] ))

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Karly Herself (karlyherself) Joanna's nails scratched on the table as they clutched into fists. She was so sick of Travis's attitude. She could've handled it on her own, but since he went to threatening others she was so done.

When he snapped his fingers and everyone moved she scoffed. How foolish was he? She may not be as strong as other werewolves, but she still had the strength to rip his head from his shoulders. And then he ended up behind her. She rolled his eyes. Didn't he know werewolves were just as fast? He didn't need to show off.

Once he was in front of her she could feel a rumbling in her throat. If she was a wolf it would've been an audible growl. But, she wasn't one. "What do I say?!" She snapped. She was leaning into the table with enough force to push it towards Travis. She leaned in closer towards Travis, her lip curled just enough to reveal her own fangs; a subconscious threat.

Joanna's face was only inches from Travis's by the point. "I think you should piss off and crawl back into whatever snake pit you came from." She practically growled at Travis. "I also think you should watch your ass come the next full moon. But, I'll remind you I don't need to be wolf to ruin your day." She added in a quieter tone, as if to make Travis actually listen to her. But, she didn't care how rich or how poor Travis could be. He had overstepped himself, and if he did it again she wouldn't hesitate to knock him on his ass.

Joanna so was so caught up in her anger she hadn't even noticed that there was another werewolf lurking about.

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G0BL1N K1NG "Well with that said I think it's time for my fun." Just as he was about to snap his fingers his nose caught the scent of another dog. "At least this one isn't a slumdog." With his devious grin Travis snapped his fingers. The people that had left quickly came back creating a crowd which kept him well hidden and protected. One member of the crowd slid by Joanna and placed a silver coin down the back of her shirt.

Meanwhile Travis used the crowd and his speed to move swiftly towards the other wolf. The smell was familiar as he neared the woman. His red eyes fixed onto his fellow student. "What brings you here?"

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Ciara  | 14 comments Éabha grimaced as she saw Travis' blurry figure speeding towards her, leaving the other wolf. She glanced around desperately, but could see know way to escape his steady glare.
She knew she was in trouble now, and felt her heart pound within her chest. However, the somewhat familiarity of Travis' face made Éabha slightly less intimidated. Knowing that she couldn't move faster than him, and not daring to try and outwit him, meant that she just had to hope for the best and try not to get on the wrong side of him.

"Not looking for any trouble, that's for sure," she replied, her voice slightly shaky, as she tried to avoid meeting his gaze. "In fact, I was actually about to leave..." she trailed off, scanning the area again, and wondering where the other wolf was. Although she didn't know her, she secretly hoped that she could knock the cocky vampire down a peg or two.

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Karly Herself (karlyherself) If Travis thought the crowd would hide him, he was a damned fool. Joanna was a werewolf, not some human. She could easily track him through a crowd by his scent alone. And she was about to do so. But, a burning sensation stopped her. She felt a coin slide down her spine, burning the entire way down.

Joanna couldn't help but to cry out in pain as she reached up the back of her shirt to grab the coin. The sick sizzling sound was audible as she pulled the coin from her shirt. Even from a small coin in was possible for those burns to scar and stay there. She flung the coin into the crowd, holding her newly burnt fingers in her opposite hand for a moment. "Son of a bitch." She swore under her breath.

Her golden eyes now had that literal glow they had whenever she was pissed. They scanned the crowd for a brief moment, but she ditched trying to look for Travis and just took for running towards the scent. She didn't care how many people she had to forcefully push out of her way any more.

Once she ended up behind Travis her hand reached out and grabbed his shoulder, turning him around from facing the other wolf. Joanna's fist flew until it collided with Travis's jaw with all of her force. She then immediately spat at his feet. "You bastard!" She spat in front of everyone, uncaring about how many people witnessed her.

Joanna finally saw the other wolf now behind Travis. "I suggest you either avoid this snake or go ahead and throw a punch. Whatever it is you do, don't waste your time. He will use silver on you the second he gets a chance." She warned Éabha as she held up her right palm to her, showing her the burns the silver coin left her as evidence.

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G0BL1N K1NG He couldn't help but laugh at Éabha's response. "No need to think like that. We do share common lifestyles to a point, why not get along as well?" His grin turned to a smile that vanished quickly at the sound of the scream. Travis watched as people from the crowd were pushed aside like used napkins and could easily see a rather angry and pained looking Joanna making a bee line to him.

The punch was expected yet it still caught him off guard. As a result he took a step back to rub the left side of his jaw. "Now as much as I would love to have had a hand in that I would have done it myself for the pleasure." Travis said as his hands grabbed a hold of a person from the crowd. "But alas it seems we settle this on my terms." The fangs in his mouth elongated as he sunk them into the person's neck rapidly draining them of all their blood. The dull red color of his eyes seemed to glow brightly.

"Éabha my dear, we'll continue this conversation in a little while." He said as the muscles in his body tensed. Moving forward with his unnatural amount of speed even for a vampire, Travis sent a series of punches and kicks towards Joanna.

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Ciara  | 14 comments Éabha's eyes darted between Joanna and Travis. The wolf's courage was admirable, and something she wished she possessed herself. She shot Joanna a grateful look; she hated to see pain inflicted on her by such an evil person, but was desperate to escape conflict.

"My life is nothing like your's. We are completely different," the words escaped her lips with pure indignation before she realised she had said them. She instantly regretted it, although she had said them to Travis' back, as he moved in pursuit of an innocent passerby. She felt herself tense up as he drained the life from the member of the crowd, wincing as though she felt their pain, but feeling utterly powerless.
Éabha was anxious to help her fellow wolf - she may not have liked wolfism in general, but felt a basic and instinctive desire to come to Joanna's aid, particularly when Travis began to attack her. She was torn - run, as she was used to, to save herself - or stay, and do what little she could.

"Everybody, go!" She screamed, eager to avoid any other blood-drainings. She began to push the bystanders nearest to her down the escalator, herding them away from the scene, while she waited behind. If she couldn't stop Travis, she would at least ensure he could do as little damage as possible.

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Karly Herself (karlyherself) Joanna had steeled herself when Travis drained a random person, so she didn't flinch. She had to remind herself that she's seen worse. She's laid witness to what wolves do to a human once they get their jaws on it. At least vampire's kills were cleaner and not as painful for the human.

Then he came at her. Time seemed to slow as Joanna registered all the attacks he was making. She caught every punch and dodged every kick. Well, until she heard the other wolf scream. It distracted her and gave Travis the opportunity to land a kick right into her gut. Then the punches came and she got every single one of them.

Finally she snapped after there was a faint cracking sound in her ribs. the next punch Travis threw she caught with her own hand. She pulled Travis's arm out to the side to pull him off balance before her right leg kicked down at his left knee. She was aiming at knocking him down, but she did want to break that knee just like he cracked one of her ribs.

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G0BL1N K1NG Punch after punch was thrown until a random kick was placed into her ribs. He could feel the bones snap and his grin widened. His next punch was stopped however much to his disliking. The pain didn't register in his knee as he was still riding the blood high. "Is that all you got?" He taunted before using his free hand to reach into his pocket and pulled out a silver ring. With his enhanced unnatural speed Travis managed to get the ring on and sent a punch right into Joanna's mouth.

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Ciara  | 14 comments Having gotten the last of the crowd down the escalator and through the double doors, Éabha winced as she saw Travis pull off another one of his dirty tricks involving silver. I am definitely starting to carry some vervaine around with me from now on, she thought, as saw Travis' blow to Joanna's mouth in horror.

Éabha's response was pathetic but immediate; she grabbed a plastic fork from the nearest table and, with her speed and agility, ran and jumped onto Travis' back. He hadn't seen her coming, and she drove the fork into the side of his neck. She knew it would do little to no damage, but hoped he would be shocked enough that it would give she and Joanna some time to run.
She bounced off his back at lightning-speed. I guess what I lack in strength, she thought, I compensate for in speed .

She began to run towards Joanna, examining her burn but also gesturing for them to run.

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Ash As Jasper finally approached the mall, he couldn't help but feel his eyes widen with shock with all that was going on. Part of him wanted to scream for it to stop... but what was he going to do? However, he knew he couldn't leave his fellow werewolf brethren to just face this danger alone either. Running over next to Eabha, he knelt down to Johanna and hissed, "Oh... my... are... are you alright? Oh lord..."

This was all his fault.

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Karly Herself (karlyherself) Joanna watched the silver ring with glowing golden eyes. She still got punched right in the jaw and there was the sickening sizzle as her flesh burned on her jawline burned. Joanna had practically yelped as she held her jaw. She took a few steps backwards as she took the time to recover.

Then the other wolf had actually stabbed Travis with a fork. Well, that was creative at least. Then she had checked on Joanna's burns and insisted they run. Jasper had at one point joined in the fray. Joanna had no intention of running. Wolves will always have the advantage when they grouped together.

Joanna just looked at Jasper and felt some guilt that he had to see this. "Of course, I'm fine. I have my pack." She said with a forced smile. But, her attention immediately returned to Travis and she stepped forward once more.

"Run, little rabbit. You're playing with fire." She practically hissed at Travis. She hasn't wanted to kill in a long time. But, she was feeling that primal craving. to sate her bloodlust. If Travis pushed his luck he'd find himself becoming prey next full moon.

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G0BL1N K1NG "Three to one huh?" He said as he pulled the fork from his shoulder. He looked at the fork before laughing a bit. "What's the matter slumdog can't fight your own battles?" His grin grew wider as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a bag made of thick see through plastic. Inside the bag rested a dark crimson liquid. Placing the bag near his mouth Travis sunk his teeth into the bag and drained the blood from it. If his eyes were bright before they now resembled red head lights.

His grin grew even more wider as his fangs elongated. The muscles in his body had grown drastically. The bloodlust was something that should always be kept in check, so he was told being a pure blood vampire he didn't really need to worry. Travis took one step forward and simply vanished.

He reappeared right in front of Joanna. Using the silver ring he threw a punch this time not at her jaw but directly at her neck.

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Ciara  | 14 comments Éabha was terrified. She couldn't quite believe what she had done, but desperate times called for desperate measures. What did Travis want with the other wolf, anyway? She didn't even know her name.
Still, she had to admit that three against one put her slightly more at ease - even if she had practically no idea what she was doing.

But Éabha's tiny glimpse of confidence was soon shattered as Travis appeared again, this time stronger having drained more blood. We should've ran while we had the chance she thought, but before she could say or do anything, she saw Travis throwing a silver-ringed punch straight at Joanna's neck.
Éabha glanced desperately at Jasper - did he know what to do? He had to be more experienced than her; she had never faced off with a vampire like this, even if it wasn't necessarily Éabha he was after.
It will be now, she thought quickly, a sickening feeling in the pit of her stomach.

Either way, being right beside Travis meant Éabha and Jasper had a perfect view. She nodded in his direction as though signalling that if they both attacked Travis, they just might be able to deter him.

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Ash Jasper's eyes widened at Eabha's nod. Surely she didn't mean? What were they going to be able to do? Sure, some of them were stronger than the average humans... but this was full grown vampire they were talking about. A full-grown vampire that was fully-prepared to kill them probably. What were they going to do?

Fear overtook him and he just looked at her hopelessly. But... within there, there was also a stirring. His packmates were in trouble... and even though he was scared and unable to fight... that didn't mean he couldn't do the one thing he was good at it.

Taking the hits.

Leaping out in front of Joanna, he felt the sickening crack of the silver-ringed hand hitting his jaw and a sickening snap. His teeth clicked and he could taste blood and broken pieces of teeth. Okay... that hurt.

Part of him wanted to stay on the cold marble ground of the mall. The sensation felt good.

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