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message 1: by Shervin (new)

Shervin Jamali | 1 comments Hello,

I have self published published two novellas and they are doing fairly well, but I am looking for additional reviews. You can contact me here, or email me at if you're interested in reading/reviewing them.

First book: The Devil's Lieutenant
Synopsis: a dark, supernatural tale about a man forced to do the Devil's bidding in order to save his family from the depths of Hell. Action, twists and turns; graphic violence and profanity. Eleven 5 star reviews and one 4 star review thus far.

Second book: Redemption
A tormented man embarks on a journey at the behest of his childhood friend, but his friend has been dead for over a decade. Will his efforts result in the redemption he desperately seeks. Action, graphic violence and profanity. I just published this last week; two 5 star reviews and one 4 star review thus far.

Please include your preferred file format and I'll send them out to you. Also, Amazon links below if you'd like to read a sample for each:


message 2: by A. (new)

A. Fae (truthaboutbooksbyafae) | 20 comments Hi Shervin. I have an indie book reviewing site that offers free reviews. Please visit us

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