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MixItUp! A place where all Sirens from Sain and Coral Cove gather for a song that can be heard for miles, attracting many unlucky sailors and other humans.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) He touched the island first and grinned. "Hah! I beat you." He laughs and swims to the top, but swims quickly back down. "Shit..Theres like 20 of them up there."

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MixItUp! Orca froze, "What's today?" Orca poked her head out the water, "Please don't tell me its((brb gotta check the day the feast is on))" Orca would have to play it cool. She trembled, realizing that is was((date I forgot))

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) "I dont know..I haven't kept time." He curled up a little and sank to the ocean floor. "What is gonna happen?" He lookes at her and for the firt time, looks afraid.

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MixItUp! "It's July 18th..." Orca calmed down a bit so she could calm Circus, "Just all the Sirens come for a song hat attracts lots of people that they eat" Orca poked her head back out of the water, she watched the other Sirens, they looked hungry and afraid. "Hide hide hide!" Orca hissed as she heard trumpets introducing the Emperor.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) The Emporer landed on the beach. 'Sirens! Today we will find food for all!' All at once, they started singing. Washington growled and covered his ears. "I aint got no where else to go."

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MixItUp! The King of Sain had glared at the Emperor, he had usually started it off but the King let it slide. Cuz he was cool(XD).

Orca half wished she could join the beautiful singing, she took Circus's hand and tried to swim away from the island but it looked like the island was surrounded by Horsea's. Orca tore out some kelp, "Stuff it in your ears" Orca ordered softly, they didn't have much time until they broke out the famous enchanters.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) He grabbed the kelp, but it didnt help at all. "I can still hear..its actually..niiiice." He began to smile but covered his ears. "Shhite." He grumbled and began to curl up.

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MixItUp! ((I'm imagining that they're singing 12 days of Christmas, idk why XDDDD))

Orca felt frustrated and worried, she slapped a fish that was staring at her. "What to do, what to do" Orca was out of ideas. She suddenly got an idea but discarded it immediately, then picking the idea back up. Out of what she's heard she sounded like the most talented enchanter/singer on Nepul! Well in her opinion

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MixItUp! Orca whistled loudly, a golden Horsea bursted through the crowed of other Horsea's. Orca quickly put one hand on the Horsea and the other held hands with Circus.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) He gripped them and his smile returned. His brown eyes sowly became gold. "I wanna go to the music." He mumbled and began to loosen his grip.

((Here is a siren song-

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MixItUp! ((That's one of meh ring tones XD))

Orca's grip tightened as his grip loosened, "We have to go now!" Orca sent Legend forward to deal with any other Horsea that tried to interfere or keep them on the island. Orca was slow because Circus was trying to swim towards the island shore. She noticed that Sirens had been sent ahead to boats that were coming near the island.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) He just floated along. "let go pretty lady. I wanna go to the music.." He fights against you.

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MixItUp! Orca ignored his comment but blushed a bit. She held onto him, calling Legend back, "Your going to attract one" Orca hissed softly. "You don't want to attract one" Orca pulled him along but once in a while she wasn't strong enough to hold him back so he'd get close to the island but then she'd drag him back away. Orca sighed, do I really have to sing?Orca thought sighing

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) He growled a little. "I wanna be with the music. Puh-lease." He kept going, not thinking about anything else.

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MixItUp! "Please or not, your going to come back to Nexus this instant!" Orca was trying with all her might, holding onto Legend as the Horsea slowly moved away from the island. Orca softly sang, hoping that him being next to her and her having a nice voice would make him enchanted with her. Orca's tone was soft and soothing, a bit of actual love in it.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) He looked at you then back at the island where they all sang. Then once more back at you. "I-i-i-i" He just stared at you, a dreamy look on his face, his jaw open a little.

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MixItUp! Orca sung louder, slowly pulling him forward a smile on her face. She had both her hands in his, her tail swaying gracefully in the water

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) "" He drooled a little bit as he followed. You know see how powerful you actually are with your music.

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MixItUp! Orca giggled a bit, but she didn't wipe the drool off. She waited until they were a ways away from the island before finishing the song and kissed him on the cheek, Circus probably wouldn't the song but she was curious to see if he did. She had noticed how dangerous she was with her song, which made her a little sad but she was happy. Seeing Circus was back to normal she hugged him

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) He rubbed his eyes as they faded to normal. "Wha..The fuck?" He looked at her and felt his face and quickled wiped the drool off. "What did I do?" He looked at you with his cheeks beganing to grow red.

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MixItUp! "You were an idiot" Orca didn't pull back from the hug for a long time, she cried, relieved that he was safe. Orca hummed the traditional song, making sure not to sing it, knowing her power, "Thank you"

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) He began to hug her. "Im sorry..Its allright." He rubbed her back and smiled at her in his goof way. "Dont worry. Im ok."

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MixItUp! Orca slowly pulled away, Legend had disappeared to eat some seaweed. She giggled a bit as she saw his goofy smile, wiping away tears, "When we get back I'll tell you the whole thing" Orca had wrapped her arms around his neck for the hug instead of a normal hug. When she pulled away from the hug she held his hand, pushing him gently away from her, "Don't ever do that again!" Orca wasn't sure if Circus even knew what he did

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) "What did I do darlin?"He looked at her confused. He sorta floated there, not shure at all. "I remember hearing a song and then.." He trailed off trying to think.

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MixItUp! "You swam, well we swam to Feast island on celebration day!" Orca hated using her song but that case was an emergency. "And you were enchanted and you almost died" Orca almost bursted into tears again. Her face was red, not from anger but from her tears dripping down her face.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) "H-hey..calm down..Its freed me." He smiled and held her. He looked at her with a tiny smile. "Im fine. YOur fine. We'll be good." He looked at her, then side to side before he quickly pecked you on the lips.


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MixItUp! ((Romance is in da air xD))

Orca blushed, brushing another tear off her face. She hugged him again, kissing him on the cheek. "I'm fine" Orca murmured, "We're fine" Orca half believed it, she seemed to wrap his tail around him, not tightly but in a nice hug.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) "Yes." He held her. "Lets get back to the ship." He said and held her hand and swam towards the ship.

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MixItUp! Orca nodded, waiting a bit before letting go and swimming with him towards the ship. As they arrived Orca leapt onto her spot, glad to be back, they'd be home soon. To her it was her home, she didn't know if it was home to Circus. Of course it's home to him, he built his own shack. Orca petted Nexus, He belongs on earth Orca heard the voice again, why is it against me? Orca wondered

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) He immeditally hoped on the ship and beared hugged Nexis. "Good to see you buddy." He scratched behind his ears. "I missed you." He laughed and sat down. "Ya know. I have an idea."

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MixItUp! Orca hugged the ship, but her face turned red with embarrassment. Orca was very excited to be back on the ship, and with Nexus. Soon they'd be heading to Killer Island "We need a name for our little island" Orca said, "It's called Killer Island becuz Sirens are killed there but what do you wanna call it?" Orca smiled What if we made our own nation that thought made her giggle

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) "I dunno. We could call it.." He thought for a long while. "Kovu. Its Nexus' launguage for scar. It sounds amazing though." He say as he laughs again at her hugging the ship. "Set sail back to Kovu."

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MixItUp! ((LION KING!!!))

Orca shot him a playful glare, smacking him gently with her tail. "Kovu" Orca liked the ring to it, she petted Nexus. "It does sound amazing" Orca agreed. She splashed her tail in the water, glad that they were safe and sound....

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) He smirked as he kept the boat sailing, leaving the big boat alone. He took the smaller sail boat with lion on the other end. "Lets go home." He grinned and pecked your check as he drove.

((TO Kovu)

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MixItUp! ((Aye, Aye, captain!!!))

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