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Half the Sky: Turning Oppression Into Opportunity for Women Worldwide
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Half The Sky Discussion Questions

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Global Concerns Classroom (GCCreads) | 38 comments Mod
The authors do rely on stories to bring the issues to life. Which ones stood out? Which situations, images, atrocities have stayed with you? What proposed solutions excited you or seemed most promising?

Global Concerns Classroom (GCCreads) | 38 comments Mod
Even though the book focuses on Africa and Asia, many of the problems addressed occur in Europe and the U.S. as well. How are these issues similar across regions, and how do they differ?

Global Concerns Classroom (GCCreads) | 38 comments Mod
The book was first published in 2009. Do you think anything has changed? Have you heard of the “movement” before reading Half the Sky? Do some research on the issues you find most interesting to see if the situations have changed.

Global Concerns Classroom (GCCreads) | 38 comments Mod
The writers address the idea of cultural imperialism: “If we believe firmly in certain values, such as the equality of all human beings regardless of color or gender, then we should not be afraid to stand up for them; it would be feckless to defer to slavery, food-binding, honor killings, or genital cutting just because we believe in respecting other faiths or cultures.” How do you respond? How do we walk a tightrope in terms of telling another culture what they believe is right or wrong?

Global Concerns Classroom (GCCreads) | 38 comments Mod
Have you seen the documentary before or after reading Half the Sky? How did that complement your experience? Any significant differences?

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