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Madyson (princessmuk) | 177 comments Cassidy slowly turned the doorknob to what would soon be her room. Her room. As in, her room in the frikin' PALACE! Slowly, the door creaked open. (Do not be fooled, it opened silently, but the way it opened had a creaky vibe to it.) Cassidy put one foot forward, and the rest of her body soon followed. She was in her room. This was amazing.

The lights were off, so Cassidy ran her fingers across the wall, looking for a switch. Once she found it, the simple flick of her fingers gave life to the room. As it lit up, the room presented more and more details. It was not as grand and eye-catching as the Entrance Hall, of course. But the walls looked as if they were made of real oak, (which they probably were) they had paneling that stood out from the wall, and molded back into it in a stair-step fashion. There were candle-holders on the wall that were made of what looked like (and very well could be) gold. The candles inside them were fake of course, but they added a sense of royalty to the room.

Go figure, the room looks like it's fit for a queen. Although, if this is merely a guest room, even if it is for The Selected, I can't imagine what the prince's room would look like!

Cassidy next saw the bed. It looked so comfy, and the comforter was decorated with a rose petal pattern, which could go two different ways, it could look like it was from the 1940s, or it could just look amazing. Obviously, it looked amazing. The bed had tall posts on each corner, which were all connected by silky-white fabric on the top. It hung down, but not low, and it just made the room look spectacular.

In the midst of all this, Cassidy hadn't realized that she was missing something. There's no one else in here! Aren't I supposed to have maids or something?

Not knowing what to do next, Cassidy just kicked off her shoes, and laid on her bed.

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If there was one thing Blair Dillion didn't like doing, it was waiting. That, and talking to her family, but she hadn't done that in years. Waiting on the other hand, was a daily activity, especially if you were a maid. Blair had been in her selected's room, a girl named Cassidy and was a writer from the caste three, organizing the book shelf in the corner for the third time before she seriously got bored. And so, she went on a little walk.

A rush down the hall, a skip through the kitchens and a stolen crescent roll later, Blair was opening the door back to the room and was a little surprised by the female laying in the bed. You know, before it clicked in her head that it was probably Cassidy. Blair immediately fell into a curtsey before walking over to the girl that would be her main priority until, well, until someone said she wasn't. Blair was just kind of eyeing her for a moment, something the head maid would probably hit her over the head for --Don't stare, it's rude!!--but she didn't really care.

After clearing her throat, Blair decided to make the first move. "Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, Miss Cassidy Connor. I'm your personal maid, you may call me Blair. I'm pretty much going to be your maid for a very long time, so I suggest we start on the right foot, don't you think?" Was that the nicest way to open up to her? Probably not. But was it the Blair way to do it? Sort of. She could've just introduced herself and expected the girl to speak for herself. Now that was the Blair way.

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Madyson (princessmuk) | 177 comments When the door opened, Cassidy didn't notice. She was thinking about her book, things she could write about, how this room was an amazing setting if she ever wrote a novel about royalty, you know, writer stuff. However, Cassidy wanted to look at the hallway to see if any of the other girls were out of the Entrance Hall yet. When she got up, she was startled to see a girl standing there. She immediately curtsied when she saw Cassidy, and that just made Cassidy even more startled.

She just--just bowed to me! This place is going to take some getting used to...

Cassidy didn't notice the maid staring at her, as she was staring at her too. Although, she didn't know she was, she was in her own head right now trying to wrap her mind around how someone just curtsied to her. It was expected, of course. She was one of the Selected girls. But it still felt out of place.

Cassidy got sucked back into reality when the maid spoke. "O-oh. Hi. I'm-- oh wait, you already know my name... Um, It's a pleasure to meet you as well, Blair. And don't worry, I don't bite," Cassidy giggled, "I think we're going to get along quite nicely... Oh look at me, I'm speaking like some princess from long ago or something... I guess I'm just nervous..."

After a moment of silence, Cassidy spoke again, "so, what do you think the prince will think of me? Any tips on 'manners' or 'posture' or anything? Oh, I don't mean queenly etiquette or anything, I mean, we're not supposed to ask about that... I was trying to make a joke... Oh my God, look at me! I'm making a fool of myself... and you're only a maid!" Cassidy stopped. That was not how she meant to say it... "I mean, I don't think you're less of a...erm...uh... I just mean that the Prince is going to make me sound like an idiot who can't even speak if I'm this nervous around you. Ah! No, I mean, because if you don't like me, it's not that bad, I mean, it would still hurt, but if the prince didn't like me, he would send me home and... Ugh...I am so sorry... I'm an idiot." Cassidy giggled nervously.

What was wrong with her?! Cassidy was sure she'd never been this nervous before... Was it first-day jitters? She sure hoped so...

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Well, at least I didn't get a boring one. Blair thought to herself as she listened to her new acquaintance chat, or rather, stutter along. You could tell she was nervous, and she even admitted it, and right when Blair was about to respond, she just kept going, talking along as if Blair was some sort of mute person and she didn't even expect her to respond. And then the accidental rudeness, oh man she needed some wine. Or just really, anything to calm her down.

"Little bit," Blair agreed, before continuing on. "Apology accepted by the way. And also, what you need to do, is slow down, relax, and be yourself. I know if I wasn't the prince I wouldn't really like it if you were a nervous wreck, he's just a boy with a title, and you're just a girl with a title. Take the titles away, and what do we have?" It was formed like a question, but Blair didn't want her to answer. It was just a little payback for speaking before she could answer earlier. "A boy and a girl. See, it's not even a big deal. Just try to think about it in simple terms, and you should be fine. Do you want some tea, though, to calm you down? Or coffee?"

Blair was already walking back over to the bookshelf when she asked, where a tray was neatly placed, something she had left there before she had left.

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Madyson (princessmuk) | 177 comments Blushing from embarrassment, Cassidy responded, "Yes. Tea would be nice. Thanks." She smiled again, and took the tea from Blair. She sipped the tea a bit before speaking again. "You know, I think you're right. Him being the prince is just a title. I'm waaayy to nervous about all of this..." she paused, "Also, do you know what time it is? And when is dinner?" she added.

Cassidy drank the rest of her tea in silence, listening to Blair's answer. While she did, she thought, just a boy and a girl... I'm going to be fine. Besides, I can flirt. I doubt he's had much experience with girls, at least, girls that weren't being forced to like or pretend to like him . . . I got this!

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Blair was right. And she knew it. Though she wasn't going to say anything about it, because then she would sound cocky and rude, and she wasn't about that life today. Or any day, unless she just wanted to be annoying, but sadly that was also not how she wanted to live her life today. Or at least right now, anyway. Cassidy was finally calming down now anyway, silently sipping her tea and the like. Finally.

"Time? I'm not entirely sure, Miss, but I believe it's around ten or eleven? And dinner is usually around five or six, possibly seven I believe, but it might change due to the arrival of all of you girls. Why, are you hungry? Do you want something to eat? I could get you something if you'd like?"

[ this is so short OMG i apologize ]

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"Well, I guess I might be a little hungry... But, I don't want you to leave... You're very good company." Cassidy smiled, "Anyways, you should know that I'm in this thing to win. I want the prince, and I want him for love. And, I think I could be a good queen as well. But I really just want to start 'settling down' and having a family. And the prince isn't a bad choice to do that with..." she giggled.

Well, that wasn't the worst thing I could've said... It was informative enough... I guess...

"What about you?" She continued, "What's your story? I'd love to hear it."

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