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Crushing on the Rock Star
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message 1: by Kari (last edited Jul 25, 2016 07:51AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kari Nelson (karinelson) | 1148 comments $.99 For a limited only. Get your copy!


We are trying out a new Group Read each month, pulled from previous monthly Review Swap group. If you are an author and want to be considered for the book of the month all you need to do is add your book to the pool, and then be selected.

We are working through this for right now, so be patient as we work out everything.

Please visit our Featured Author and learn more about our selected book for July 2016. Darci Doll's Crushing on the Rock Star.

Your chance to win the $25 Amazon gift card is as follows.

Pick up the book of the month, read it and write a review on Goodreads or Amazon then post the link to your review here, below in the comments. We will select one winner at random.

That is simple... If you write a review for both Goodreads and Amazon, and you will have two entries. If you have Amazon UK and US and end up posting 3 reviews, then you will have 3 entries... you get the idea, but you have to post the link to the review and only validated reviews will count.

Reviews must be posted no later than July 31. That is a firm cutoff date, so, if your review takes two days to post on Amazon, I am sorry, but it will be based on the date posted.

Out of respect for our Author's only honest reviews that are at least 200 characters long will be considered. No DNF.

Happy Reading

So Far I have the following people who have submitted reviews:
Here are the entries with how many you will receive
Ronesa *4
Anthony *3
D.A. * 3
Rachel * 4
Sydney * 1
S. Rivera * 2

Keep them coming! the final date for submission is July 31st!

Kari Nelson (karinelson) | 1148 comments Carly wrote: "What does DNF mean?"

Did Not Finish
If you can't finish the book. The review won't be accepted.

Ronesa Aveela (aveela) | 60 comments Where do you post review links for this?

Kari Nelson (karinelson) | 1148 comments Right here, in the comment section.

Kari Nelson (karinelson) | 1148 comments Sydney wrote: ""

Thank you Sydney. I am glad that you've participated. I've marked you for one entry.

message 7: by S. (new) - rated it 4 stars

S. Rivera (sjacksonrivera) | 17 comments My review of Crushing on the Rockstar:



Kari Nelson (karinelson) | 1148 comments Thank you all!

So glad that you are participating!

Kari Nelson (karinelson) | 1148 comments What did you think of the book? We can discuss. Should we continue having a book of the month? What genre's would you like to see read? Help me out?

Ronesa Aveela (aveela) | 60 comments I think there are a couple issues with doing a book of the month with this GR Group.

What about people who have read the book before through the regular swap? Can they add their links here? Some people have listed their books multiple times. That could eliminate people who have already read the selected book.

You run into the problem of reciprocal reviews. Can people participate if the current BOM author has read their books? Is it fair to eliminate them from participating if they can't review?

message 11: by Kari (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kari Nelson (karinelson) | 1148 comments Great question, and I am glad that you asked.

It was my intention in doing a book of the month that if you read the book, be it previously or it is the first time reading it that as long as your review took place before the close date, then it is valid. I don't care if you read from a different group or what not, you are included in the draw to win.

I did want more readers in the group to participate, versus the authors swap. That is why I thought that a book of the month could be a good idea to help get the readers who are apart of this group a chance to see what our authors have to offer, and perhaps, win something.

message 12: by Kari (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kari Nelson (karinelson) | 1148 comments Tomorrow is the last day to enter your review to be included in the drawing. Thanks. Any reviews that are submitted will be included.

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