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message 1: by Angelina (new)

Angelina Kerner Hi I'm basically looking for missing things. I would love to hear if I'm missing something essential in my novella. If you're interested in helping me please reply here or PM me. It is about 30K words.

I will be more than happy to add a blurb about you on blog as a thank you for helping me and at my website where I have info about illustrators, editors, proofreaders.

Novella Title: Seven Hours

“One pill every 7 hours, could give Chanel the chance to finally see the world around her. Chanel is a independent nineteen year old, despite what her overprotective mother and senator father may think. Being the daughter of a senator comes with it’s own problems, a simple afternoon out with friends soon becomes overwhelming when reporters swarm around Chanel.

Keeping her secret of the effects pills close to her chest she is able to fool everyone, expect for her hawk eye bodyguard that has now been assigned to protect her.

Chanel doesn’t want a bodyguard, but will she get more than she bargained for?”

message 2: by Liliyana (new)

Liliyana Shadowlyn (lilydeslacs) I'd love to beta read for you. :)

message 3: by Angelina (new)

Angelina Kerner Thank you! What's your email? Is it possible for you to read it by Sunday?

message 4: by Liliyana (new)

Liliyana Shadowlyn (lilydeslacs)

and yes :) I can start tomorrow morning, and you'll have feedback by Saturday morning before noon EST

message 5: by Angelina (new)

Angelina Kerner Great! I'll email you tonight after I get home or tomorrow morning before work. Thank you so much!

message 6: by Liliyana (new)

Liliyana Shadowlyn (lilydeslacs) Glad to be able to help :)

message 7: by Angelina (new)

Angelina Kerner Liliyana wrote: "Glad to be able to help :)"

I just emailed you. ^_^

message 8: by Liliyana (new)

Liliyana Shadowlyn (lilydeslacs) Arrived safe and sound thank you!

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