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message 1: by Elena (new)

Elena | 87 comments Is it clean? I don't want to get into it and be disappointed. Thanks!

message 2: by Elena (new)

Elena | 87 comments No one's read this? Or heard of it? It seems to be pretty popular right now. Maybe I can find it on one of the rated reading sites. Anyone know of one that might have it on there? Thanks!

message 3: by Sallyavena (new)

Sallyavena I haven't read it so I can't say if it's clean or not. My go to site Compass Book Ratings doesn't have it in their data base either. After looking at those that have reviewed it here on good reads one stuck out. Jessica Day George reviewed it...she's an author of clean middle grade fantasies. If it were me I would comment on her review and ask if it's clean. (She reviews under the name Jessica, has the cover of her latest book Fridays with the Wizard as her little picture and it's not far down on the list of reviews). From reading the reviews nothing popped out as a red flag, and in fact I'm kind of intrigued so I will probably pick it up from the library just in case it is one I need to put down.

message 4: by Michele (new)

Michele | 22 comments It is clean. There is lots of nakedness as the characters change from animal to human form, but nothing you wouldn't be able to handle if you closed your eyes. :)

message 5: by Elena (new)

Elena | 87 comments Thanks, ladies!

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