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Ajay (ajay_n) | 1138 comments You have until the 4th of July to post a story and on July 4-7, we’ll vote for which one we thought was best.

Please post directly into the topic and not a link. Please don’t use a story previously used in this group. Only one submission per person is allowed.

Your story should be between 300 and 3,500 words long.

REMEMBER! A short story is not merely a scene. It must have a beginning, a middle, and an end.

This week’s topic is: Game of Thrones

The rules are pretty loose. You could write a story about anything that has to do with the subject/photo but it must relate to the topic somehow.

Have fun!

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C. J. Scurria (goodreadscomcj_scurria) | 4263 comments I'm sorry I didn't put up the new one though I expressed on a thread on here I would.

It got way too late for me but I hope if grabbing the chance I can do so next time.

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Ajay (ajay_n) | 1138 comments No worries, mate! You'll get plenty of opportunities to post the polls and new contests. Hope you're well!

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C. J. Scurria (goodreadscomcj_scurria) | 4263 comments Thanks Ajay, and yes I'm doing good!

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Anne (annefrn) | 916 comments Sounds like there'll be lots of opportunity for fan fiction here!

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Edward Davies | 1727 comments I'd be so impressed if there was NO fan fiction. :D

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Edward Davies | 1727 comments Title : Questions Regarding Game Of Thrones
Author : Edward Davies
Word Count : 509
Rating : PG13

“What’s this?”

“Hmm?” Sid raised his eyebrows, but didn’t move his head. His eyes were glued to the television screen.

Nancy pointed at the television, “This,” she said, “what is this?”

“What, this?” Sid asked dumbly.

“That’s what I asked.” Nancy said, starting to sound angry.

“It’s ‘Game of Thrones’,” he told her without even looking away from the screen, “I’m watching them again from the beginning.”

Nancy glared at the television, “THIS is ‘Game of Thrones’?” she confirmed.

“Yeah,” Sid replied absently.

“This... pornography?”

Sid pressed pause and turned to look at Nancy, “It’s not pornography,” he told her, “it’s epic high fantasy drama.”

Nancy gestured at the freeze-framed picture on the screen, “Then why does she have her top off?” she asked.

“That’s Khaleesi,” Sid said.

Nancy stared blankly at Sid, “Is that supposed to explain why that man has her bent over a rock with her tits out?” she asked.

That’s her husband, Khal Drogo,” Sid explained, “They just got married.”

“So now he’s raping her?” Nancy said, flabbergasted.

Sid rolled his eyes, “He’s not raping her,” he said.

“Well ,she doesn’t look particularly happy about what he’s doing to her,” Nancy argued, “and who can blame her – it looks cold out there on that beach.”

Sid sighed as he pressed play on the remote control, “You need to watch it from the beginning, then you’d understand.”

“Understand what? That the bloke behind her is a rapist?”

Sid tutted, focussing on the television. Nancy sat down on the armrest of Sid’s seat.

“And who are they?” she asked, pointing at the screen after a little while.

“Cersei and Jaime Lannister,” Sid said absently.

“What are they, a couple or something?” Nancy asked.

“I guess,” Sid replied.

“Are they married?”

“Hell no,” Sid chuckled, “they’re brother and sister.”

Nancy’s jaw dropped, “Brother and... but they’re—“

“I know.”

“And he’s putting his...”


“In her—“

“That’s right.”

“That’s so NOT right!” Nancy shook her head, “And you watch this?”

“Yeah,” Sid said, “it’s a good show.”

“But it’s sick,” Nancy shook her head, “that blonde woman got raped, and now there’s incest. What next?”

Sid sat forward on the sofa, “Ooh, this bit’s good.”

Nancy looked at the screen, “Is that little boy spying on them?”

“Yeah,” Sid smiled.

“So there’s perverts in this show too? Peeping Toms?”

Sid held out a silencing hand, watching the screen. Nancy looked too.

“Oops, they’ve seen him,” she said, then her eyes widened as Jaime pushed the boy out the window.

“What the...” Nancy gaped as the credits ran, “did he just kill that boy?”

“Maybe,” Sid smiled.

“This show is so twisted,” Nancy shook her head in disgust, “I can’t believe they allow this sort of stuff on television.”

“I can put something else on if you like,” Sid suggested.

Nancy slid off the armrest, pushing Sid over on the sofa to make room for herself, “No, no, you keep watching if you like,’ she said, “in fact, why don’t we... I mean you... watch that one again.”

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Garrison Kelly (cybador) | 9527 comments Edward, your five hundred word story gave me a good case of the giggles. While I haven’t seen a single episode of “Game of Thrones”, I have seen something that’s just as gross: WWE television in the early 2000’s. Triple H simulates necrophilia, Kane impregnates Lita, Muhammad Hassan did a terrorist angle on the day of the London Bombings, and Randy Orton made fun of Eddie Guerrero for being dead. Also, in the late 90’s of WWE television, an old lady named Mae Young gave birth to a hand. Oh, the lovely things we watch on TV. When I read your story, it reminded me over and over again what beasts we human beings really are. Great job, buddy! Thanks for the laughs!

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James Meadows | 146 comments Edward wrote: "Title : Questions Regarding Game Of Thrones
Author : Edward Davies
Word Count : 509
Rating : PG13

“What’s this?”

“Hmm?” Sid raised his eyebrows, but didn’t move his head. His eyes were glued to t..."

Hey Edward, great story! That was a fun reading. I couldn't help but laugh at just how accurate that is in many ways. Though, I think I got the biggest laugh at the end when, after all that, she sits down to watch it with him! Thanks for sharing!

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Stone Cold by: Melissa Andres
Approximately 760 Words
(Feedback Welcome!)

“Kydora Dynasty, built in 1732 is a stone structure of massive proportions. The castle sports hundreds of rooms including but not limited to four kitchens, several servants’ quarters, dens, libraries and nurseries.”

A young boy of about four tugged at the crotch of his blue jeans. “They got a bathroom in this place? I gotta go.”

“Hubie, my God, please. I told you to go before we left the hotel.” The boy’s mother grabbed the child’s hand, pulling him to her side.

An older man, graying hair slicked back into a long ponytail, raised his hand. “There are, umm, restrooms, aren’t there? I may have to go later myself.”

The tour guide expelled a deep breath. Their journey had just begun. Tourists. Geez. “Yes, a few modern facilities, one on each floor, were installed approximately a dozen years ago. As we continue along we will take breaks, no worries there.” She smiled weakly and waved her hand at a dark portrait on the wall.

“Who is that creepy looking dude, uh, Louisa, right?” A teenage girl with purple hair and a nose ring asked.

“This gentleman is King Izaak. He and his wife Queen Adela were the most noble in all the land.” Louisa moved to another portrait, one of a stern-looking woman with a long pointed nose and thin lips. “They had two children, Prince Reginald and Princess Camilla. They became quite powerful in their own right and populated the Land of Kydora heavily and heartily.”

“How’d they make so much money?” Little Hubie asked, running curious fingers over an expensive-looking vase.

Louisa slapped the boy’s hand, a smile still plastered to her face. “The Royal Family was a ruthless people. They organized an Army to lie, cheat and steal for them. They amassed a great fortune as you can plainly see.”

A young man in a leather jacket scratched his butt. “Righteous.”

Purple Hair Girl laughed.

The group followed Louisa through a narrow hallway and into a room laden with golden, sparkling trunks full of period clothing, children’s toys and various artifacts.

“We are working on ways to display these items; to replicate the homey feel that Kydora Dynasty once exuded.”

“’Homey feel’? I don’t think I would ever want to live here.” Hubie’s mother rubbed her arms and shivered.

Another woman began to button her sweater. “The castle is a grand piece of architecture but I wouldn’t want to live here either. I hear the place is haunted.”

Loud gasps, almost in unison, floated in the stale air.

“Is it true, Louisa? Is the castle really haunted?” Hubie clung to his mother’s skirt.

Louisa laughed. “Haunted? How absurd. Kydora is not haunted. We welcome visitors. We quite enjoy them actually.”

The man with the ponytail leaned toward Hubie’s Mom. “What does she mean, ‘we’?”

The woman’s face screwed into a painful, creased scowl at the man’s fetid breath. She shrugged.

Louisa’s gray eyes flit from person to person to person. “So, does anyone need a bathroom stop?”

Hubie raised his hand.

Purple Hair Girl raised her hand.

Ponytail Man nodded his head. “Yes, I do.”

Louisa pointed to two closed doors at the opposite end of the large room. “We’ll proceed to the breakfast nook after everyone is ready.” She smiled.

Hubie and Ponytail Man walked into the Men’s Room, each choosing a stall.

“You really think this place has ghosts in it?” Hubie asked, mid-stream.

“Ghosts are just stories, kiddo. Ain’t no such thing.” Ponytail Man flushed.

As the pair washed up in a nearby sink they heard the staccato rhythm. Over and over.

“What the -- ?”

Boy and man returned to the stalls. Toilet lids were lifting up and down. Up and down. Up and down. Faster. Faster. Faster.

The two stumbled over each other trying to escape through the doorway.

They were breathless.

There was a scream.

“Oh, God! That girl with the purple hair went in there by herself.” The lady with the sweater pointed.

Hubie’s mother picked him up and clutched him to her chest.

“Her name is Hannalie,” someone shouted. “Hannalie? Hannalie?”

Another scream.

“Don’t worry, folks. I’m sure all is well. Uncle Izaak’s just playing. It’s a Game of Thrones as he calls it.” Louisa cackled. “Uncle Izaak, leave that girl alone!”

Everyone watched as Louisa, literally, walked through the heavy, wooden door.

The lights flickered and Kydora Dynasty was plunged into darkness.

The tour group screamed, in unison. A deep, guttural, ominous laugh oozed from the stone walls.

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James Meadows | 146 comments Hello Everyone, this story was a little difficult for me to write. I hope it came out okay. Would appreciate any feedback.

Title: Making a Choice
Author: James J Meadows
Words: 1,760

It was a day I knew would change my world, forever; though, truth be told, even as I stood there, resolving myself to carry out the plan I had placed into motion, I still couldn’t foresee the results of my actions. Not that it mattered. I had made my decision and all the plans were put in place. There was no turning back now. Whatever the consequences, I had made up my mind.

“Are you okay?” Kim asked. “You seem nervous.”

Kim, my girlfriend of two years, stood next to me, looking ravishing in her Daenerys costume, as we waited to enter the Renaissance Fair. She didn’t know what I was about to do. She thought this was just another trip to the festival, an opportunity to enjoy ourselves and spend time together. She couldn’t know the true reason we had come here today.

“I’m fine,” I lied, “Just excited.”

My eyes fell on the security guards, standing at attention outside the gates. Their eyes swept over the crowd looking for any suspicious faces. The one at the front of our line kept looking at me, over and over again. His eyes made me nervous and I shuffled several times. Why did he keep looking at me? Why couldn’t he look somewhere else?

“You look really good in your costume,” Kim ventured, apparently trying break the tension. “I swear you look just like him.”

I smiled, thanked her for the compliment and squeezed her hand in a reassuring way. My costume for the day was Jon Snow, one of the protagonists of the Game of Thrones series. It went well with her costume. More importantly, the thick collection of garments also provided ample room for concealment, a convenience I needed if I was going to succeed in my plan.

Pressing my free hand non-chalantly against the side of my costume, I felt my pocket. The feel of a small bulky object told me it was still there. My eyes rose back to the security guards. There were no metal detectors, scanners or any other equipment for checking bags and possessions. There was nothing to stop me from walking right through the door without anyone ever knowing what I carried in my pockets.

We reached the front of the line, handed the man our tickets and were just about to pass through when the security guard grabbed me by the arm. I froze for a moment, uncertain what to do as I turned toward him. He gazed into my face for a second, a second wherein the world seemed to freeze. Then he smiled, saying, “Nice costume! You look just like him.”

My heart, which had momentarily stopped beating, resumed its rhythm as I returned his smile with a simple, “Thanks.”

Then, he released me and I headed inside. For the next several hours, Kim and I wandered the park, visiting shops, catching shows, and otherwise doing what we always did when we visited. Yet, whenever she wasn’t looking, I found myself checking my watch and my hand drifted toward the pocket, who interior concealed the true reason for our visit.

Over the preceding weeks, I had planned the exact time and the exact place. Still, as each minute ticked closer, I found it strange how each second seemed longer than the last.

As the minutes drew close, I put my plan in place. Casually, in as nonchalant a manner as I could manage, I began steering our shopping and walking in the direction of the main jousting arena, where I knew hundreds of people were gathered watching the various shows. She went along with me, not suspecting anything as she laughed and looked at all the things there were to see.

The minutes ticked closer. The arena was only a few stores down. Everything was going according to plan. Then, it happened.

“Hello, my lady,” a man’s voice broke in upon our conversation. “Would you like to visit the Dark Maze?”

The man was dressed in black armor with frills on his shoulder blades. His costume was almost identical to mine, although his clean shaven face and short hair meant he looked far less convincing. He smiled as us, pointing to a large multi-story building painted all grey with a thick fence around it, clearly designed to look like a small castle.

“What is it?” Kim asked, her eyes taking in the man and the fake keep.

“It is a pair of identical mazes, one on each side. You have to go through each room, answering trivia questions about various Game of Thrones, Princess Bride, Harry Potter, and other classic movies and stories. You race another group of people going along the same side. The team that gets out first is the winner.”

“Sounds like fun,” Kim declared. “Wanna go?”

She looked at me, excitement and adventure sparkling in her eyes.

“Well, uh, I mean, it, uh, sounds like fun,” I stammered, uncertain what to do.

I checked my watch and glanced at the arena. I could hear the cheers and shouts coming from the stadium as the people celebrated the announcement of the knights entering the arena.

“Oh, come on!” She pleaded. “It’ll be fun.”

“I know,” I replied. “I think it’ll be great. I’m just not sure, you know, if this is quite the right time. Maybe we could wait and do it in a little bit.”

Kim was about to reply when I felt a hand land on my shoulder.

“Hey Stranger,” a female voice said into my right ear.

Kim gave a shout of excitement and I turned to find myself looking into the faces of Justin and Marie Kardo. Marie was Kim’s best friend from middle school. The two were practically inseparable, even going to the same college. In all practical ways, dating Kim meant dating them also, and we spent large amount of time hanging out together as a couple.

“Oh, hey,” I replied, my response rather flat compared to the excited squeal Kim gave as she leapt forward, throwing her arms around Marie.

“What are you doing here?” Kim shouted.

“We were given free passes for the day, so we decided to take advantage of them,” Marie replied. “We just finished watching a show at the arena. What are you doing?”

“We were just about to play the castle thing,” Kim said, pointing back at the structure. She quickly told them all about the maze and the game.

“Sounds fun,” Justin said. “Wanna race? I bet we can beat it faster than you.”

“Oh no you won’t, cause we’re gonna kick your butts!” Kim laughed, putting on her ‘tough act’. “What do you think?”

Three pairs of bright excited eyes turned toward me, waiting for my response. Clearly, this was going to happen, for better or worse. There was no way out of it now.

“Sure,” I replied. “Let’s go for it.”

The four of us got into line. Though there were not many people in front of us, it seemed to take forever. With each passing moment, I became increasingly anxious. By the time I paid the man the money to enter, my hands were almost shaking.

“Are you sure you’re alright?” Kim asked again, clearly beginning to sense my tension.

“You do look awful pale,” Justin noted. “Scared of being beaten by us?”

“As if,” I replied, trying to put on an air of cockiness, and hide my growing agitation.

Once inside the maze, I tried to remain calm, an emotion which contrasted sharply with Kim, who was all but bouncing off the walls in her eagerness to answer questions and beat the maze before her friend. Yet, despite my attempt to maintain a calm demeanor, I felt completely out of sorts, my mind so focused on other thoughts that I badly missed several questions which I knew.

For what seemed like an eternity, we moved onward, answering questions and solving puzzles. I could feel my pocket growing heavier, as though weights were being added to it every second. By the time we reached the last room, my pocket felt like a hundred pound dumbbell, weighing me down with each step.

Half-a-dozen cloaked figures stood around us as we entered. The leader addressed us.

“You have reached the final room in the maze. On the other side of this door lies freedom along with the revelation of either victory or defeat! To see it, you must answer this question. In the Song of Fire and Ice novels, what are the words for the House Lonmouth?”

I knew Kim would know this one. She virtually had the books memorized. Sure enough, right on cue, she spouted the answer, “The choice is yours.”

“That is correct,” the leader declared.

If it wasn’t for the fact that my nerves were so on edge, I might have sighed with relief. The maze was over. At last, I could carry out the plan which had brought me here, the act which I had waited for all day, the final conclusion of all my plots, schemes, and actions. The wait was over.

Kim laughed and hurried toward the door, pulling me behind her. Just when it seemed we were about to be released, however, the figures suddenly raised their swords, blocking her way and moving toward us.

“What is going on?” Kim asked, stepping back. “I answered the question.”

“You did,” the leader said. “But you have not answered the last question. There is one more question you must answer. And, ‘the choice is yours’. You must choose!”

“Choose?” Kim said, stepping backward as the figures advanced toward us. “Choose, what? I don’t understand. What am I choosing? What is the question?”

“The question is,” I said. “Will you marry me?”

I pulled a large plastic case from my pocket and knelt before her, flipping it open to reveal a ring. At the same moment, two of the cloaked figures, dropped their hoods, displaying the grinning faces of Justin and Marie, their eyes sparkling in the darkness of the room. Other figures dropped their hoods too, revealing various other family and friends, all collected by me over the past weeks, all arragned to be here at the exact time and moment, which I’d planned from the very beginning of the day.

Kim’s hands shot to her mouth. For one long second, I remained kneeling on the ground, my nerves screaming as I awaited her answer. Then, at last, a smile broke across her face.

“Yes,” she said, lifting me up and giving me a kiss.

It was a day that would change my world, forever.

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C. J. Scurria (goodreadscomcj_scurria) | 4263 comments Hey since some might create epic fantasy of kings and tall tales, let me say something in relative to that.

Angie, I just wanted to let you know you helped inspire me write a prequel tale to a story I want to make into a future movie. It was while reading your story for "Stained Glass" prompt.

Just telling you to encourage you and just to say so which is not as important. :)

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Gashbeen | 167 comments The Green Lady

By Gashbeen Saeed

"Did you hear 'bout the lady that fell from the heavens? The one with the green skin and white hair?" Two scullery maids scrubbed away at the dirtied pots, their hands red and raw. One of the maids paused for a moment, searching through her memory.

"Yeah, I heard 'bout her. They say she's a real beauty, but green skin and white hair ain't natural. I saw her for a quick second. The only thing I could see was those red eyes. I tell you, it ain't natural." The maid shuddered before continuing her work. "She was mighty tall, too. I've never seen anyone that tall. She must be six feet, at least."

The other maid trembled as she scrubbed harder. "I shouldn't like to meet her. She sounds like, well, a demon. Or maybe a fallen angel." She grew quiet as a chamber maid passed by, wrinkling her nose at the smell of the pot she carried. "No, she's more like a witch. Maybe she cast a spell on the young lord."

Her friend opened her mouth to reply, but then her eye caught the figure that walked towards them. As the hallway grew dark with the towering figure's shadow, the two maids cowered behind their pots.

The green lady glanced at them. Then she came to a stop, staring at them with contempt in her red eyes. When her lip curled up in disgust, one of the maids let out a squeak of terror. They nearly jumped out of their skins when the strange woman laughed.

"Cower behind your pots, little maids. Come, Mary. Let us go to my bedchamber." As the green lady walked away, the poor maid that had been assigned to her scuttled close behind, struggling to keep up with her lady's long strides. The two scullery maids shuddered behind their pots.

When the green lady slammed the door open, Mary, her maid, let out an involuntary squeal of terror. All the ladies she had served were proper, waiting for her to gently open the doors for them. She had never met a lady like this!

"I suppose you want to know my name, Mary." Mary jumped when the green lady addressed her. She hesitated before nodding, compelled by the lady's strange red eyes.

"I do not have a name. My kind remain nameless. We have only titles. However, you humans feel the need for names. Therefore, I ask you to name me." The green lady gazed expectantly at the gaping maid. Mary shut her hanging jaw quickly before pondering a name for her nameless lady.

"How 'bout Phoebe? Me mother told me that women named Phoebe can always be trusted, 'cause Phoebe means bright and pure." Mary cowered beneath the green lady's searching gaze.

The green lady laughed.

"That name suits my purposes rather well. I am now Phoebe!" Phoebe glanced at Mary. She turned slowly to her before asking, "What is it you wish to ask me, Mary?"

Mary gulped. "Well, my Lady, 'fore you said that your kind don't have names. What exactly is your kind?"

Phoebe grew frighteningly still. Mary quivered as Phoebe's eyes glinted menacingly.

"My kind, dear Mary, are the ones who live with the stars. We float from star to star, always searching for something more. It's quite pathetic, actually. Some of us found stars on which they were seen as gods. Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto . . . they were all my kind. There is no name for what we are. Names are an unnecessary complication in our game of thrones. Our game of thrones, however, as grown rather boring. I have come to play your game of thrones."

Phoebe seemed to grow larger and more powerful as she spoke, and Mary was struck with awe at the figure standing over her. This, she knew, was someone who had seen many things in her lifetime. This was someone ancient.

A knock on the door interrupted the silent conversation between the two females. The door opened to reveal the young lord, concern on his face.

"Is everything all right? The maids reported shouting." His gaze was one of admiration as he looked at Phoebe. "What is your name, my Lady? You never did tell me."

Phoebe grinned. "I am Phoebe, my Lord."

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C. J. Scurria (goodreadscomcj_scurria) | 4263 comments -------------
Can't wait to read what all you guys post!!!

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C. J. Scurria (goodreadscomcj_scurria) | 4263 comments Almost on a similar note, I will tell you about me. After I work tonight I will have more time than ever on a Saturday to work on the story.

I can't remember the last time I had this much time doing something, anything on my own time. Probably some years!

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James Meadows | 146 comments Melissa wrote: "Stone Cold by: Melissa Andres
Approximately 760 Words
(Feedback Welcome!)

“Kydora Dynasty, built in 1732 is a stone structure of massive proportions. The castle sports hundreds of rooms including ..."

Thanks for the fun story! Sounds like the tourists deserved a good scare after the way they acted, although I can't imagine how the place could possibly get many tourists if stuff like this regularly happened to the groups. Ghost hunters would enjoy visiting, though! I'd go! Thanks for sharing with us!

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James Meadows | 146 comments Gashbeen wrote: "The Green Lady

By Gashbeen Saeed

"Did you hear 'bout the lady that fell from the heavens? The one with the green skin and white hair?" Two scullery maids scrubbed away at the dirtied pots, their ..."

Interesting story! I'm intrigued, since you mentioned the greek Gods, was the name Phoebe also a reference to the Greek Goddess, or were you more interested in the meaning of the name?
I think the story is a great start to a longer story. Were you planning to take it further?
Thanks for sharing with us!

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C. J. Scurria (goodreadscomcj_scurria) | 4263 comments ~~@@@@------------------@@@@~~

Title: Game of Thrones

Author: CJ

Word Count: 1855


We each bowed, seeming as if this chess match would be like any other. Though would seem a dignified game to people who would have been at witness to it, this would be a one with a cost. An entire kingdom was at stake either way for the one who would lose. The king with dark, carefully crafted hair stood before me with a curdled smile as he knew the board game would begin.

“You are naive to do this.” He gave a sudden squeal of a laugh.

“Just because I am young does not equate naivety.”

“You will see soon enough… hehe.”

We had two chairs set up for us in the large hall of his kingdom. We at habit kept our voices nearly mouse cries as every medium and above sound would echo endlessly through this large mass of a room.

He moved first. “No special moves…”
“Really? Oh… oh well. Fine then. I’ll play fairly then.”

He seemed to wheeze at my remark as if I just said a joke.

Clack. Clack. Clack. The beautifully hand-sculpted pieces moved simultaneously, almost hard to judge where they shifted to by the naked eye. It was technique, stress, ability that moved almost as if it was two minds connected yet against its greys.

“I am so amused you agreed to this...”

I gave a humbled smile. “Well I know we have done much for each other, old friend.”

After he moved a little too strategically I thought about our bet. If he would lose I could do anything in my power after I would become king for his land. My plan though was not to take his area and move from mine as we stated, I wanted to let my other pal from his land take it on.

In effect I would give up my own kingdom and fall into being just a man. I had done ruling for ten months, it was a relief to not have to do so much anymore!

His doing would be if I lost he would take my land. He would give up his own, not sure what would happen then but not worried about any of that. He wanted to do something special too which he never divulged to me per our verbal announcement.

That had been just slightly unsettling. But I felt our friendship was too strong as he would never try anything as it could have been just a ceremony to our honest kinship in separate kingdoms.

Our hands swiftly continued. I, King Herald, saw him make a certain move.

“That was a castling. You said no special moves.”
He was a little shocked. His face seemed turned to red. “I.. I meant other moves. Like maneuvering the knight over the pawns in the beginning.”
“So the one that I always do…?”

“But that is unfair!”

His sick smile returned. “No one has seen it so it stands, hehe.”

I was now becoming uncomfortable. I hadn’t exactly taken this game over the thrones seriously. Yet now I felt panicked, desperate like every choice I made could make or break my wants for the kingdom.

Maybe I would be a better king. The man I had become close pals with after seeing him in King Charron’s land seemed a humble one.

I freaked out and realized he was more human than apparently the one sitting before me. This one was honest. I spoke to him and we became close innocent souls, then the king banned outside people for his land.

He defended his claim that happened right after my last visit with him, saying it was done for “security” reasons, as he felt it would be safer to only allow constant passage for goods and trade only.

Now this man’s true colors were beginning to make their ways before me. The man just didn’t want anyone to know what kind of things he was doing here. If they were on his property they would observe and learn, maybe even want reinforcements who would take over his places by force. A deserving invasion toward a leader mad with power.

This game was becoming less a strange bit of entertainment for me. Who would know what this older man with knowledge greater than I, wants and needs that I dare not want to know about, his wants to take over.

In fact it just then dawned on me this bet was his idea. Why hadn’t I said no?

I wanted to curse myself.

“You know Charron, that man I friended in your land.”
“Oh, Stephen? He’s dead….”


“Yes…. he had a problem. Err, a health problem.”
“You heard he wanted to be king proceeding from you…”
“What? No…”

“He was younger, he was wiser than you…”
“That wasn’t too kind, Mr. Herald.”

“But he was also strong in health.”
“No, not as good as you might assume.”

There was a pause. A stoppage of the pieces. I continued.
“He was greater than any plague. He lived through it all…”
“He was strong but it would not be for long as it happens.”
“And you killed him…”
“This kind of accusation is not a nice one between friends.”

“But… it is the truth, isn’t it?”
His voice rose. “I could have you arrested for bringing upon me such a serious charge. In fact you are on my land. I cannot allow you so to claim something so false.”

I was stuck. I became silent. Then I started to doubt this man’s kinship. Just what else was on his plate? His plans… I wanted to pick apart what else was unrevealed within his mind.

I used the pieces as a distraction, a way to get his mind busy, maybe occupied while I would possibly inquire him further.

“Do you know that you are the richest king I know?”
He stopped and stared at me. I spoke further.

“You seem to have everything but I have naught. Not even parents who passed on special things to me.”
He looked shocked. He was surprised at me for some reason. “Oh.” Then he looked down.

“But why must you have all of this but be so cold?”
His face became red again. This time it seemed to hold anger.

“Why has this become an inquiry? Do you have people policing my land? Must I stop them, kill them for invading my land so?”
“I do have people who watch over me. I have a form of order. What do you have?”
Now his cruel smile returned. Though this was the biggest form I could have ever seen.

I prepared myself to what he would say. It still unhinged me though. It nearly brought me crying to my knees.

“I have much but need more. This land is despicable. I made this bet fourteen days ago because it was a special thing to do. Not just as that, I thought you would recognize some visitors I have kept locked away. But it alas is not true. You do not know of these people who have come from afar… that is rather funny. They had come looking for you. They didn’t know you and your late brother had run as kings before them… ‘tis against the rules, haha!”

I was shocked. Was he saying what I think he was?

“I wanted to give a special ceremony to you and your parents. I wished to have after I win here to bring you to my new land, ship them there by wagon, then tell how dastardly such a bad king their son was. I planned to kill you in front of them… then kill them as well. No one in the land would have recognized these two anyway. Long ago they ruled your kingdom but went into hiding afraid for their own lives. Such pitiful souls, your parents.”

“Oh my…” I didn’t know what to think! This man was wishing to dangle my own parents who I had long barely knew of like a carrot before murdering me in front of them. To take over my family’s heritage like a demonic evil? What man would wrought such immorality?

It was apparent some time passed as I nearly lost my sanity at the board.

“Check…” he spouted, his cruel smirk making me want to hate him.

I wanted to kill this horrid man! It was against my personal morals but I felt I had to do something to a person housing my loving mother and father, who were they before queen and king.

They would be so proud my brother had been an honorable king for fourteen years before he died of consumption. Then I had taken the throne so early in life I was unsure what to do besides live as a loving one. And rule as if the people around were like my family.

But now I wished to die before this man if he would let my family go. I knew he wouldn’t stand for even that. He wished to take out my heredity and continue on as his own rule as soulless as possible.

I was terrified.

But I fought hard and pushed forth. I made sure not to unnerve myself and stayed steady and focused.

As hands fluttered he said a second “Check.” Then I made a flurry of moves. Flowing around his unfair advantage as he made a few more moves, I then got him nearly taken down.

But it was not enough.

We stood up, looking at each other. We were unsure of what to say at this outcome.

I then said it after all the pause. “Stalemate.”

“So… so then, what do we do?”


There was a strange rustling somewhere outside the halls. I didn’t know what to do besides feel a little frightened. Was it people coming for me? Was I already considered a loss and King Charron who was making this his game going to go about his “ceremony?”

I was a little caught off guard to find Fernon, Hasper, and Seston, three of my best guards. They had come looking for me.

“We lost our way for some time then figured you would be here versus out in the land.”
“We are here to take you back, we want to keep you safe and sound.”
“Since we are here, is there anything you wish to declare, King…?”

I for once had a smile. He for the first time this day had his stolen off him. It was payback.

“Yes, I order you three to take this man back to my land, rescue my parents from their keep…”

One gasped. “Wait, King and Queen Herald are still alive?!”

“Yes, Seston, they are. This man here has kept them captive. For taking a king and queen I will make this man punished. He will lose this crown and the people will search for an honorable one to take his place!”

There was nothing else to say. I finally won at his game and had relief.

I puckered my mouth as if it was my last thing to tell King Charron.



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James Meadows | 146 comments CJ wrote: "~~@@@@------------------@@@@~~

Title: Game of Thrones

Author: CJ

Word Count: 1855


We each bowed, seeming as if this chess match would be like any other. Though would seem a dignified..."

CJ, thanks for sharing the story. As a former professional chess player, I always enjoy reading story features chess or even just chess analogies. Thanks for the fun read.

message 20: by Anne (new)

Anne (annefrn) | 916 comments Edward wrote: "Title : Questions Regarding Game Of Thrones
Author : Edward Davies
Word Count : 509
Rating : PG13

“What’s this?”

“Hmm?” Sid raised his eyebrows, but didn’t move his head. His eyes were glued to t..."

Great story, Edward! So realistic - sex always sells, doesn't it! the more risque, the greater the fascination. :)

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Anne (annefrn) | 916 comments Melissa wrote: "Stone Cold by: Melissa Andres
Approximately 760 Words
(Feedback Welcome!)

“Kydora Dynasty, built in 1732 is a stone structure of massive proportions. The castle sports hundreds of rooms including ..."

Love the pun, Melissa! A good horror and makes me curious about what the rest of Uncle Isaac's game involves.

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Anne (annefrn) | 916 comments James wrote: "Hello Everyone, this story was a little difficult for me to write. I hope it came out okay. Would appreciate any feedback.

Title: Making a Choice
Author: James J Meadows
Words: 1,760

It was a ..."

This was so sweet, James. At first I thought the story would be more sinister, but you pulled the switch off very well. Nice job.

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C. J. Scurria (goodreadscomcj_scurria) | 4263 comments Get your stories in soon! I and your fellow members can't wait to see what you've got cooking in your notebook (wow, that was a bad joke! haha)

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C. J. Scurria (goodreadscomcj_scurria) | 4263 comments Time is preparing and making your tales. Anyone who has joined can join in and post!

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Edward Davies | 1727 comments Melissa wrote: "Stone Cold by: Melissa Andres
Approximately 760 Words
(Feedback Welcome!)

“Kydora Dynasty, built in 1732 is a stone structure of massive proportions. The castle sports hundreds of rooms including ..."

Terrible pun, but fun story. I like the twist at the end that worked so well in such a short yet detailed story.

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Edward Davies | 1727 comments James wrote: "Hello Everyone, this story was a little difficult for me to write. I hope it came out okay. Would appreciate any feedback.

Title: Making a Choice
Author: James J Meadows
Words: 1,760

It was a ..."

Even though I suspected this story was a bluff, it still worked very well. I loved how you made it feel like the narrator was some sort of terrorist, then turned it around at the end. Nice job.

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Edward Davies | 1727 comments Gashbeen wrote: "The Green Lady

By Gashbeen Saeed

"Did you hear 'bout the lady that fell from the heavens? The one with the green skin and white hair?" Two scullery maids scrubbed away at the dirtied pots, their ..."

And so the Destroyer of Worlds story continues. You must have enough material fro a novella by now, Gashbeen. Keep it up.

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Edward Davies | 1727 comments CJ wrote: "~~@@@@------------------@@@@~~

Title: Game of Thrones

Author: CJ

Word Count: 1855


We each bowed, seeming as if this chess match would be like any other. Though would seem a dignified..."

This was fun. It's always good to see the hero win out over the villain, no matter the odds. This had a fairy tale feel to it which worked well. Nice job, CJ.

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Gashbeen | 167 comments I have way too much material for a novella now, Edward. I actually am writing one now. I wrote the conclusion to the novella (or rather the rough draft), but the legend of the Destroyer of Worlds shall continue!

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C. J. Scurria (goodreadscomcj_scurria) | 4263 comments This is long overdue but here are the final results of this contest!

In First Place for the story Questions Regarding Game of Thrones is Edward with a remarkable six votes!

In Second Place is James' Making A Choice with a good amount of votes as well!

Then in Third and Honorable mention is CJ's and Melissa's works respectively.

Great job to everyone who participated!

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