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Laura | 3 comments I just added an edition to Space Hostages by Nicholas Fisk. The edition I added was from 1971 and has ISBN 140304398 and the cover has the pink Puffin logo in the top left corner

I got an error telling me that the ISBN may be wrong. I added a zero at the beginning (to make it 10 digits) but it then said there was already an edition with that ISBN which is this one published in 1992

Presumably the ISBN from the 1992 book must be incorrect as I have the actual book with ISBN 140304398 here in front of me and its definitely 1971 with the front cover with the pink puffin logo.

How do I resolve this to ensure the correct information?


message 2: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 26906 comments Publishers frequently re-use ISBNs. So it is quite likely that the 1992 edition has the same number. GR policy is to keep the ISBN with the book that is added to the database first.

So you add your 1971 edition and treat it as an alternative cover ie adding the ISBN into the beginning of the description and on the librarian notes on the edit screen.

Laura | 3 comments Sandra - thanks that is helpful. I had no idea ISBNs were reused. Useful to know.

Laura | 3 comments Sandra - I have tried to go back in to edit the 1971 edition to clarify that it is an alternative cover, and to add a note to the librarian's notes, but when I click on 'edit details' I only get the option to edit metadata questions rather than the original book information that I entered. So I am not sure that I have the authority to do what needs to be done.

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