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The Twelve > The stadium scene ***SPOILER ALERT***

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message 1: by Shawna (new)

Shawna | 21 comments This is my second time reading The Twelve, and I made myself really slow down for the Stadium scene this time. But still feel like I missed much of it!!

So Eustace is supposed to bomb the Twelve, but doesn't, but he also doesn't die. So Wolgast runs the bomb in to take out the others, except for Martinez, who Alisha gets to kill, with Amy's help. This means that 11 of the original 13 are dead (Carter and Fanning are still alive), right?

Where is Carter during all of this??

And what made the Twelve come to the stadium in the first place??

And what happened to Alicia after she finally gave in and drank the blood??

Is anyone else sad that Tifty never got to know his daughter, although it was clear that he recognized her??

message 2: by Staci (new)

Staci Johnson Did you find your answers? Let me know before I post them. I'm cautious since your questions were from 6 months ago.

message 3: by Shawna (new)

Shawna | 21 comments Well, as you may know by now, CoM answered some...but not all! So feel free!

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