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Okay so maybe Matthew should've put an alarm. He thought he could trust himself, and that it wouldn't really be half bad. Except, it was kind of bad, and he had to rush to get dressed. He still felt tired, this resulting in him almost forgetting both his camera and cool earpiece that connected him to his boss. Thankfully he managed to grab a cup of coffee before he ran out the door, his camera dangling from his neck as he rushed towards the reporters office before he was dramatically fired and replaced.

You couldn't really tell Matt had been in a rush when he walked into the office, though. His hair wasn't a mess and he looked put together as if he had been awake for hours awaiting this moment. His earpiece was in place, his camera on and ready for action, and his coffee cup was nearly empty. It wasn't a surprise when Matt strode into the office, sipping the remains. "Relax Tari, we're right here. Or, we will be anyway."

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Felicity, to put it lightly, was stressed. It was the first day of the Selection, the event that only happened about once every two years, and was probably the most important one. While the country was eagerly watching, she was trying to report on everything about it, and if she did something wrong, there was no doubt everyone would notice, and then she would be fired. Her whole career. Gone. So, she was doing her best to work perfectly for this Selection, though sadly, things had already gone bad.

She overslept. It was the most important day of her career, and Felicity overslept. She had stayed up late the night before, and slept through her alarm, only to awake to a call. She rushed, putting on her clothes and slapping some makeup on her face, and then ran down the street to her office, which luckily wasn't far. She most likely looked like a mess, though all she was focusing on was arriving on time.

"Sorry I'm late," she said, breathing heavily as she sprinted to her desk. Luckily, it seemed like the other reporters were a bit late as well. "What's first on the agenda?" she asked, pulling out her laptop and getting out her papers and a pen, just in case typing wouldn't work. Currently, Tari was screaming and talking to Matt, and she was just glad he was the first victim and she was able to be second. Maybe being late was a blessing, as odd as it sounded.

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Matthew would never, ever admit it, but there was something about Tari that he really liked. Sure, she was crazy and who knows what she does behind closed doors, but whenever it came down to things like this, things that needed to be reported on, she turned into some genius, creating roles and strategically doing things to make everything look exactly how she wanted it to look. Her organization was, well, kind of attractive. But he'd never tell her.

Matt's job was simple. He was good with a camera, and with his mouth--in more ways than you know--so he was useful. "I mean, it would be more effective if I took my pants off, but I'll see what I can do." He smiled when he said that, half joking but also kind of serious. The selection was literally thirty-five beautiful girls vying for the prince, and thirty-four of them would end up with nothing. Wouldn't it be nice if Matt just took one for himself?

"Oh wait, I have a question," Matt announced, raising his hand as well. He liked annoying all of them. "Should I put on a microphone thingy just in case one of them says anything? I mean they'll probably just be silently blushing because, well, look at me? But you never know. That or I could just keep it in my head and write it down later, not sure what grand master Tari would prefer."

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[ i am stalking the hell out of this ]

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Maggie (mxrgklin) Rea wrote: ""What's first on the agenda is to have everybody actually on board for this." Tari answered. Without waiting for Felicity to respond that, she pulled the board to the middle so everybody could see ..."


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Maggie (mxrgklin) Rea wrote: "( okay but everybody's flirting with Tari, and it is my aesthetic

one day one of the lesbian will flirt with her and liek 'so... i heard you have a footage of me hooking up with another selected g..."

XD omg I love it so much

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[ i'm c r y i n g ]

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The Selection was already starting a rapid pace, and it was probably crazier for the reporters than the poor selected girl. She listened as the crazy head reporter told her about the girls which would be the Elite, and jotted the names down. They all seemed like sources of interest, so she supposed Tari’s decision to make them stay made sense. Still, Tari was a crazy woman, and would do anything for the media, so she hoped the next decision of hers wouldn't be too wild.

Great, this was her assignment. She was going to interview a girl from Five: Rhea Lasitsa. Tari wanted Felicity to make her cry, wonderful. "How do I know that this girl won't refuse to doing this interview or saying she has something else to do? She's probably expecting something crazy from the media. Or maybe she'll run away before she starts to cry. She could just have a cold bitch face and tell us to leave. We don't even know if she'll start crying," she pointed out. Part of her wanted to be realistic, part of her wanted to get another assignment, and part of her just wanted to annoy Tari.

She raised her eyebrow when Tari told Ben to find a racist. That made her thankful her assignment wasn't as bad as his, and she had no idea how he would end up finding a racist, "He's right. Unless you know the name of a girl who is actually a racist, then you should probably move onto something else."

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[ rea i am crying ]

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[ i call dibs on her afterwards so she and nick can gossip about the selected ]

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Madyson (princessmuk) | 177 comments Anyone going to talk in the entrance hall??))

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((Afro circus i'm dead))

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((her personality fits wayyyyy better with a five my brainstorms are so outdated whoops i wrote them forever ago))

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Ugh. Okay Tari, but what if Matt actually wanted to be some bait for a cop operation? Tari probably wouldn't give him a microphone even then, after all she barely trusted Matthew with his camera, never mind actually talking to people with a purpose. Though Matt was pretty good at talking when he had a purpose, in case anyone was wondering. He was a charismatic and dangerous little boy, and he liked it. Matt liked messing with people, talking to them until they accidentally spilled their secrets or have him something he wanted. And that's why Tari liked him. He was good at getting the job done.

Tari went on and on with her plans, talking about racists and a few selected, and then she spoke about Aurora—the one that no one could find anything about—and said to frame her, so Matt made a mental note to take photos of her too. And well, all of them. He would walk around, constantly taking photos, and flirting. He would make them blush and get them flustered. Perhaps he would make them laugh and giggle, and maybe he would even make them emotional. Matt would do whatever he would have to do to get photos, and he didn't care what had to happen in the process. And that's why Tari likes him. That, and he's hot. I mean, look at him. He's Matthew Wild, what more could you want?

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"You're joking, right?"

"I wish I could say yes. but it came from Arthur himself. You're her personal guard until someone with more power than her says so. So, Arthur or the King."

Jestin Frost let out a sigh, realizing he wasn't getting out of this situation. It wasn't that he was in love with marching and endless patrolling, or that he was actually afraid of this 'Batari Horvath' chick, no he just didn't want to be in charge of someone like that. Plus he had heard that she was annoying. He didn't like annoying.

The guard that had the pleasure to tell Jestin the news was now walking alongside him, directing him to a room he was now going to stand by a lot. And inside of. And by the door. And basically, just be associated with. Which was better than patrolling, right?

Sure. But Jestin didn't know Batari, or Tari as she preferred, but Miss Horvath as he would probably end up saying. Which sounded okay, but it wasn't ideal.

Jestin really had no idea what he was getting into, though. Why did the patrolling guards happily skip away when he arrived? Why did the guard that bring him run away once Jestin went to knock? What was the big idea anyway? She was just some head reporter. And even then, even if she was some big deal or something. Tari would probably try and do to him what she did to well, everyone else. But you know what?

Tari doesn't know Jestin Frost.

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Okay but who would knock at this door even if they wanted to see Arthur? No one knocked for Arthur, the guards just kind of walked in and were like 'Arthur wait I can explain' and then you know, cue the story about how he was making out with the other guard because there was something on his tongue and he needed to help him, or something else that was stupid like that. Why couldn't they all just be like Jestin? Smooth. So smooth, Arthur doesn't even think Jestin kisses guys.

The thoughts poofed away only moments later, when it refreshed in his head that Jestin was in front of the reporters office. You know, office to what is the biggest source of news and gossip in the entire country. And well, spilling the beans and being the cause of the execution for most of the palace wasn't on Jestin's to do list.

The door handle was turned, and Jestin walked into the rather impressive looking office, his scruffy face looking around for a moment before he decided to finally respond to the feminine one from earlier. "Not here for Arthur. Looking for a Miss. Horvath, actually." He called, standing by the doorway still. Of course then he shut the door and followed the sound of radio waves, keyboard clicks and Tari herself yelling through her earpiece before he arrived in the doorway of Tari's personal section.

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Okay, how come no one ever mentioned how the head reporter was actually kind of cute? Or just overall good looking? It seemed like an important detail to Jestin. How could a guard not volunteer for this? But then he remembered all the stories, all the apologies, and he figured that maybe she wasn't just some pretty face. What a shame.

Tari's work ethic was actually kind of impressive though, he had to admit. She was organized and had no problem being a leader. That was good. Jestin listened when she said four steps back, except he only took two. Why? Simple. She wasn't his boss, and two for him were probably four for her anyway.

"Arthur's made me your personal guard. So I'm basically going to follow you around everywhere and just protect you I suppose." Jestin visibly shrugged, looking around for a moment before re he continued, "You can call me Jestin by the way."

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Okay, so she seemed kind of moody. He had to admit that, it wasn't something he could just ignore. But she was just really into her work. And it wasn't like she had to be, people often said Tari put in a little too much, but maybe that was why people loved the Daily Illea. It was pretty amazing, he had agree, even he was sometimes caught up in all the gossip.

"Jestin," A mumbled correction, something that barely slipped through his lips as he took the last two steps, making him four steps away from the board.

Note to self, Jestin thought as he watched her work, don't tell anyone that you're oddly attracted to the head reporter. They'll think you're crazy.

Tari's sticky notes bounced and fell onto the floor, closer to Jestin than to her. She told him to go, and leave her alone. But she wasn't the boss of him. Picking up the sticky notes, Jestin responded.

"See, I agree with Arthur. Sure, you're just the head reporter, but that's the point. You do realize you're stalking the move of thirty-five girls and the royal family. One wrong move and they'll be plotting your death. Except, I would ensure nothing happens to you." He finished smoothly, dropping the sticky notes beside her before going back to his four-steps-back spot.

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Jestin wondered if Tari always did this. Talk, go into some weird monologue thing and just continue talking, somehow moving along with the subject but still managing to continue talking about herself. It was slightly impressive.

"Okay no offense but I think everyone knows that the King doesn't like anyone but himself, not even his own wife and barely his kids, so he definitely isn't your 'bestie'." Jestin didn't really care if Tari wasn't being serious, or if she sounded threatening. Heck, it all just made him more interested in her. Was she always this sarcastic and threatening? Would she threaten to rip his shirt off and throw him onto the nearest bed?

Wait, what? Did those thought's just seriously register in his head? Or did he imagine that he thought that. He probably imagined it. Why would he think such a thing? That was crazy. This was the Tari Horvath, the head reporter and a woman who could turn the entire country against you in less than 140 characters.

But even with all of that, she still wasn't the boss of him. "Anyway, I'm not leaving. From here on out, I'll be around you constantly. Nothing is allowed to happen to you unless I say so. Can't talk your way out of this one, Miss Horvath." Jestin's face fell into a serious, more structured and regal way, this actually making him look a little like stone. And man, was this one good-looking statue.

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Okay so maybe Tari had actually been right when she mentioned that Jestin wasn't used to this. People are always asking for Jestin, females, and males. They love him. I mean, look at him? He was tall and had a nice skin tone. His body was in amazing shape and toned everywhere. His hair was dark but his eyes were bright, his smile was rare but when it was there it was soul-changing. Even his facial hair was perfect against his solid jaw. He was in his prime, he had never looked so good. So why didn't Tari want him too?

And yeah, maybe Tari was already growing on him. But he couldn't let her be right. He was too stubborn. But he actually wouldn't mind kissing her ass, so maybe he should just.. wait.

What? Okay, no Jestin did not just say that. He didn't even say those types of things when he was with his friends with benefits. He didn't even think sexually when the gay guards talked him into makeout sessions--they were good practice, and who doesn't love a good kiss? So, that thought was Tari's fault. She put the words right in his head.

Jestin raised a brow once Tari slammed the phone, wondering who on Earth it could be. Not Arthur, she probably would've mentioned something about his name. Hm, was it the King? It could've been, but who knows? Would he say something that deserved her calling him and asshole?

Probably. He most likely would be deserving of that name. "Aw, did they cut out your wifi?" Jestin asked in a fake sympathetic tone. He was only joking, though, and didn't really care whether or not she had wifi. I mean, if she didn't she would end up with the free time somewhere in the twenty-four hours. And he was a little curious as to what she would do with that time.

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Honestly, Tari kind of did look like she managed a twitter account. It seemed believable that she would have one. She probably wouldn't be that active unless she was talking about the Daily Illea and how everyone should tune in at eight to watch the Prince meet his new girlfriends. Fun stuff.

Tari looked tired. She looked tired, and she just kind of silently threw herself onto the chair. So it wasn't really a surprise when she asked if he was just going to stand here or get her a coffee. And you know what, he felt kind of bad. "Do you have preferences on the kind of coffee?"

Jestin was already turning to walk out of the room, but slowly so he could hear her response.

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Look. Declan knew he was supposed to have shown up earlier this morning directly at Tari's office to get his specific assignment from her. Because Tari always had specific assignments, and an exact plan for how the entire week's issue was going to play out. (He'd worked with her for long enough. She even called him by his name — that alone was the mark of an old-hand.)

But he had rolled out of bed and stepped into the hallway right behind two maids who hadn't even noticed him, and their heads were pushed close together in that manner that clearly screamed I'm telling you all the gossip that's happened since we talked last night so you better listen closely, bitch, and so he had fallen right in step behind them and started fiddling with his phone. And then he'd listened.

Declan knew Tari's moods, knew how in control she liked to be. But he also knew that she adored some good, unexpected gossip — in this business, every word mattered. So he knew that if he came in with some solid bits of news (on the first day of the Selection, no less) and with a coffee or seven, Tari would probably be ok with his tardiness.

The maids had gone on about the Evans twins for a good bit — old news, that — and then they started whispering about some MMA fighter who was bound to punch someone at some point (Declan filed that one away for later, it'd be fucking hilarious if they could somehow get this Minerva incited enough to start a brawl). And some Caste Three scientist who apparently used to deal drugs?

Tari was going to have a heyday with that one.

And all of that before Declan had even had his coffee.

And also before he almost walked into two guards making out.

Which wasn't that surprising to Declan, since he himself wouldn't mind making out with one of these guards. Also not too surprising because, c'mon. Guards? Meant muscles galore. And nice cheekbones. And shit like that. Which, like. Maybe these guards said they weren't gay, but.... Maybe a little bent?

Definitely not straight, though.

So when Declan finally pushed open the door to the office and almost ran right into a guard (which would have ended badly, since he was carrying one of those coffee cup holders with four coffees) (also since when did guards hang out in this office, what the fuck, get out), he had a sly grin and was holding his scribbled notes high above his head in victory.

"Arthur's office is next door," Declan said over his shoulder as he walked past the guard, and then smirked at Tari. "Sorry for being late, but...." He set the coffees down, waved his notebook around a little. "Maids are great gossips."

[ wow that got way long i'm so sorry. but hey i had to make up for 49 posts written without me ]

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