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message 1: by Di (new)

Di | 25 comments Hi everyone. I have a brand new Blog that I've started and have some questions for any Blog followers out there:

1. How do you find the Blogs that you follow?
2. What makes you follow a Blog?
3. How much does the design of the Blog play a part in the above decisions?
4. How much does the content of the Blog play a part in the above decisions?

My blog is currently focused on reviews only and I have been posting reviews for primarily YA books.

Feel free to check it out and leave feedback!

message 2: by Heidi (new)

Heidi Angell (heidiangell) | 129 comments Hi Di,

I like your site, and enjoyed looking at your reviews! To answer your questions, I typically find blogs either here on Goodreads, or through twitter, and on a rare occasion through Facebook or a friend's referral. Typically content is what leads me to follow a blog. I follow blogs on several different things: Books, marketing, writing, and a couple political writers as well.

For me, there are so many blogs out there, so finding one that is doing things differently, or providing more information than others, is key. For the book review blogs that I follow, it is about determining if the reviewer gels with my interests and I feel can give me a good sense of the book, without giving the story away. Design isn't super important, so long is it is not distracting. For me, distracting is an over abundance of Easter colors, as I like to call them (Pastel green, pastel pink, neon pink, lavender, etc.) but if your reviews are geared towards girly-girls then that color scheme would make sense.

I have subscribed and look forward to seeing if we gel ;)

message 3: by Di (new)

Di | 25 comments Hi Heidi,

Thanks so much for that feedback and for taking the time to respond. It's definitely helpful and if we 'gel' as bibliophiles I look forward to some great discussion.

message 4: by Sushant (new)

Sushant Sawant (sushantsawant) | 24 comments Hi...

Even...I started a blog a few months back doing reviews of the book I read and having same sort of questions. Any sort of help and suggestions are appreciated.

Just in case you want to check my blog:

message 5: by Heidi (new)

Heidi Angell (heidiangell) | 129 comments Sushant, I like your blog layout! Have subscribed! Look forward to reading your reviews.

message 6: by Di (new)

Di | 25 comments Hi Sushant,

I have looked at your Blog also and I agree - the layout is great. I have followed you by email and looking forward to seeing some more content.

message 7: by Sushant (new)

Sushant Sawant (sushantsawant) | 24 comments Thanks Heidi and Di for subscribing...

Will try my level best to create quality reviews without giving up the story.

message 8: by Di (last edited Jul 01, 2016 01:37AM) (new)

Di | 25 comments Alexandria wrote: "Hi Di,

Your blog seems to be very organized. My first impression of any website is appearance, so if I don't like the appearance (if it's not organized or aesthetically pleasing), I won't stick ar..."

Hi Alexandria and thanks so much for taking the time to look and respond.

You have definitely given me something to think about. I actually have no idea what would make my Blog stand out from the rest when it comes to another follower. For me to follow a Blog I guess I like relevant content (books of similar interest, reveals that I've been anticipating etc). But I'm not sure where my Blog would fit and what niche it will have for other people. Perhaps you have some suggestions of the content that you like to see and what makes a Blog stand out in particular for you?

PS I have checked out your site and like the look of your upcoming book!

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