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description description

Kate couldn't believe the moment was finally here. The Selection was starting. The whole event caught her by surprise, and when she applied, she, the normal teacher from a quiet province, somehow got in, though was grateful for it. Although she was almost positive she wouldn't win and didn't even take much interest in the prince, she was still glad to be here. Not many got access to the palace and all of the luxuries in it, though she did, and hopefully, she would be staying here for at least a month. She had never experienced something so grand, but she loved it, she loved all of it.

The dress she was wearing was a beautiful crimson color and made of the finest material she had ever worn. She was sure it cost a year's worth of both her parents' salaries to buy it, though was very grateful she could get such a dress. First impressions were powerful, and if it meant having a pretty dress, then she would get one, no matter the cost. She thought such dresses were a waste of money and uncomfortable, but if it meant she would be able to be in a place like this, she would just get used to it.

She stepped into the entrance hall, already entranced by the grandeur. It was more luxurious and extravagant than any place she had ever stepped foot in before, and she absolutely loved it. Kate noticed she was one of the first, and was glad she was a bit early, so walked a bit further into the palace, just gazing at everything in awe. Seeing a camera, she gave a smile as natural as she could to it, not wanting to get bad publicity so early in the Selection.
. . .


Amber hadn't been so excited for an event in all her life. Actually, that may have been a lie - she was probably even more excited when her television show starring her first aired - though still, she was overjoyed to have the opportunity to live in the palace and compete for the prince's heart for a few weeks, or maybe even months if she made it far enough. It nerved her that she was going to have to compete with thirty-four other girls, some which were purely after the crown, but still, she was glad to be there.

She was wearing a gown which her stylist which usually chose her outfits for red carpet events chose for her, and she loved it. Sure, it was slightly uncomfortable, though she was used to having to sacrifice comfort for fashion, as little as she liked it. Amber was sure everyone else would be in there finest apparel, too, and she probably wouldn't stand out much, but she was okay with that. She didn't come here to be flashy. Her television show was put on hold when she went into the Selection, which was big since that meant they were loosing much profit, but also probably got them some more watchers since the star would possibly become a queen. She hated to miss it, but sacrifices had to be made, she supposed.

At first sight, she loved the palace. It was filled with beauty and everything else to make her in awe, and although she had been to comparable places, this still outdid most of them. Amber went inside, immediately finding the cameras (or maybe they found her) and giving them a smile. She was used to people always filming her, and she doubted the Selection would be much different. It was still an acting job, just a different kind of acting. She wasn't playing a character; she was playing herself.

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Madyson (princessmuk) | 177 comments Walking into the palace, Cassidy's blue dress almost caught on the door, but thankfully, she quickly pulled it away without anyone seeing. Her white gloves felt silky and smooth on her fingers, and her (fake) diamond earrings glittered against her hair, which was up in a complicated and very hair-sprayed bun, which was adorned with (also fake) diamonds.

As she looked around, Cassidy could see two other girls were already here. They were both very beautiful.

I've got competition... Cassidy thought, It looks like I'll have to step it up a bit from here.

Suddenly, a camera flashed at Cassidy. Luckily though, she was smiling, although it caught her by surprise.

"Hello," she greeted the photographer as she quickly put on her best face. She did a few poses, then politely excused herself.

She finally caught up with the other girls, so she tapped on the blonde one's shoulder, and immediately recognized her as the actress Amber Leclair from one of her favorite shows a couple years ago.

"Hello, I'm Cassidy," Cassidy put out her hand, "are you excited for The Selection?"

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Maggie (mxrgklin) Bright cherry stilettos clack against the marble floor as Lyra unerringly strode through the front gates, her eyes half-hooded with youthful disregard, half-open with almost childish excitement. A crushed blue velvet pinafore circled her slim waist, strapping up to her gracefully sloped shoulders, and an oversized Tommy Hilfiger shirtdress hung off her petite frame, round collar a cheeky glimpse of red and blue over smooth praline collarbones, freckled lightly from the sun. Her earrings were her only jewelry, ceramic red dots in the expanse of her sandily mussed hair. She was beautiful and unaware of this as she, blatantly popping a perfect pink-bubblegum sphere, made her way, hips involuntary swinging, to the group of girls which already crowded the center of the plush ballroom, eyes alight with gold and diamonds and the magnificent heresy of youth.

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Bambi wasn't sure what to expect, walking into the palace. Sure, she expected fancy architecture and the rest of the selected, but then what? Were they all supposed to just meet and speak to one another as if they weren't about to go through some bloodbath for a Prince they were expected to love? Truthfully, Bambi didn't like the idea of that, but she was already in too deep to do anything about it.

Bambi was sporting a dress of her own design, something she brought along herself. Was she supposed to do that? No. But she didn't it anyway because she didn't really care if she wasn't supposed to wear her own clothing, they only told you that so you wouldn't bring sweatpants. And besides, it was only one dress, and there was another one back home, so it truthfully didn't matter to Bambi. Besides, she cared more what her competition was wearing anyway.

Bambi walked in through the doorway, mentally noting that her hair was up in a sleek ponytail compared to countless girls with their hair down, this making her stick out. Maybe she would be eliminated for doing such a thing? That wouldn't be too bad. She smiled at any girls she made eye contact with, and wondered if she should talk to any of them. Truthfully, she's always wanted a friend. She's just not entirely sure how to do that sort of thing.

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Madyson (princessmuk) | 177 comments (Hey RED can Cassidy try to befriend Bambi? I don't care if it actually works, but Cassidy just wants someone to talk too:( )

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Maggie (mxrgklin) Her stance was natural: poised with ridiculously chic nonchalance in the middle of the antique floor, captured by a coffee-overriden photographer with a click and a flash. She didn't notice. Her feet rose gracefully up and down as she half-danced, rocking back and forth as a preadolescent may, popping bubbles without a thought for the royalty lining the halls, the ermine fur, the dazzling chandelier. With a feline grin, she turned to the girl next to her [@schuyler this is your Caly!] and remarked, "That's got to be hot." She looked without derision at the dress, simply honest consideration; her head cocked to the side like a cat examining something mundane and laughed, tinklingly, the sound quite unaffected and artless.

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Astoria walked through the doors, knowing how anxious this was already making her. It didn't show, though, and for that she was grateful. Fake it until you make it, right? She'd heard that somewhere. Before noticing all of the reporters or other girls, Astoria noticed the architecture. Even just the architecture of the Entrance Hall was incredible, and she knew it was going to get even better as she went.

Next was the selected girls. None of them looked the same, but at the same time none of them looked different than the others. They were all dressed to impress, naturally. Astoria herself had her dirty blonde hair wrapped elegantly into a braid, showing off her favorite pair of earrings. A long, light blue dress cinched at the waist was a gift from her mother for the Selection, simple, but made Astoria look stunning.

Acting confident and feeling very much the opposite, Astoria smiled towards the cameras as the circled the rooms. She looked around the room, wondering if now was the time to make friends. Not an extremely friendly environment, but it would have to do. She said back and watched everyone, though didn't say anything yet.

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Madyson (princessmuk) | 177 comments After no response, Cassidy decided to move on. She put her hand down, and head towards other girls. She saw that two girls were already talking, and it seemed as if everyone was having better luck in socializing than her.

She saw a girl (Bambi) in a dress that looked different than the other girls' dresses. Cassidy couldn't quite put her finger on it, so she ignored it for the time being. Her hair was up in a ponytail, which was very bold, considering even Cassidy's own bun was touching her neck and shoulders.

"Hey," Cassidy greeted the girl, "I'm Cassidy. What's your name?"

She literally looks like she's either checking the other girls out, or she's making sure none of them look better than her... either way, she looks like the kind of girl who's here to win... I just hope she's more talkative than Amber was...

Cassidy waited for a response, more hopeful this time.

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Liss had guessed many times at the interior of palace upon receiving summons to be one of the goddamned Selected, but she couldn't help the shallow gasp that parted her lips as she noted the beauty of the castle. It was lovely, beyond any place she had ever been, even while she was a two. Nevertheless, Liss could not bring herself to feel anything beyond the distinct thrum of irritation, her emotions knotted tightly within her.

The idyllic dress they had forced her into pinched her waist so as to eventuate the flare of her hips, yet it only seemed to make it perfectly impossible to stand any way but as if she had a pole shoved up her ass. Her dress was in white so as to compliment the caramel of her skin and it was cut rather low, though she knew her breasts could fill it out pleasingly. It was absolutely the most uncomfortable ensemble she had ever donned. Still, she arranged her features into a placid look of honey-thick indifference and strode on too-high cream colored stilettos to a rather vacant space in the swiftly filling room.

Liss didn't want to win, she didn't even want to fucking be there, but the fight against her parents was one competition she couldn't win. And if she was stuck playing, she was fully prepared to do it by her own rules. Gracefully, Liss undid several of the dazzling pins that held her dark locks in the half-back look and arranged them slyly into a perfectly acceptable knot atop her head, several coils hanging down to frame her cheekbones. Promptly, a smirk replaced her scowl and she looked around blatantly, taking in her 'competition'.

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Let it be known that Bambi's resting face was something she inherited from her lawyer of a mother. It made her look slightly cynical and as if she was sizing everyone up, trying to figure out who was the competetion and who she needed to be worried about. But honestly, she was just curious as to what everyone was wearing. Or rather, who. And why they were wearing it, and whether or not the dress was comfortable, and how it was constructed and just a bunh of things that these girls probably didn't care about.

Bambi was approached by another girl, named Cassidy if she could remember correctly. Her dress was blue, which Bambi liked because it gave off a relaxing tone. Cassidy was also wearing gloves and was absolutely covered in diamonds, which was a nice touch, but she just didn't think it worked well for the occasion. But she wouldn't tell her that.

"Hi, it's nice to meet you," Bambi responded, giving a cute little wave, "My name's Bambi. I like your dress by the way."

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Madyson (princessmuk) | 177 comments "Oh, thank you. Your dress is very pretty as well..."

Think Cassidy, THINK! You started a converstation, now what can you say? Say something good... anything! Just do it quickly!!!

"So... are you excited? I mean, to meet the prince and stay here and all that? I certainly am..."

Wooow Cassidy, way to sound like a nervous reck! That was pathetic!!

Cassidy tapped her fingers against her leg, hoping she hadn't screwed up her first impression with this girl. Bambi, was it? That sounded about right. The name suited her.

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"Thank you, I made it myself." Bambi responded, regarding the dress still before Cassidy stood silent for a moment, her fingers tapping against her leg before she spoke yet again, asking if Bambi herself was excited about this new chapter of their lives.

"I guess so, I mean it isn't every day you have the chance to marry a Prince and the like." Bambi gave a little shrug of her shoulders, not very sure how she felt about the whole situation if she was being honest. "Are you nervous?" She asked after a moment, a faint smile on her lips as she waited for Cassidy's response. She liked that name, Cassidy. It rolled off the tongue.

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Madyson (princessmuk) | 177 comments The question surprise Cassidy. She hadn't expected it. Although, she should have. Someone was bound to notice her finger tapping.

Cassidy took a deep breath. "Well, I guess so. A little." She blushed, "But I really just want to get to the good parts, you know, seeing my room, meeting the royal family at dinner, the food..." Cassidy looked like she was in love when she said that part... the food was going to be amazing.

"What about you? I doubt you're nervous, you look pretty confident to me."

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Bambi probably could've told her she was nervous from the second she walked in. She had an eye for detail, and could just see it in her eyes and the shine on her forehead. She felt kind of bad, saying to her, but she was just trying to get her to relax. It wasn't that big of a deal. Bambi laughed a little when Cassidy made a little face as she spoke of food, probably dreaming of the gorgeous entrees and delicious deserts.

"Me?" The nervous question was suddenly pointed at Bambi, and she had to question herself. Was she nervous? She couldn't tell. "Trust me, I'm not as confident as I look. I am a little nervous, but I don't think we should be." Bambi admitted, looking around at the other girls for a moment. "We haven't even met the damn guy, and he hasn't met us. What's to be nervous about?"

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Madyson (princessmuk) | 177 comments Cassidy let out a sigh of relief. It was nice to know that someone as confident looking as Bambi could still be a bit nervous. But she had a point, they hadn't met the prince yet. What was to be nervous about?

Then again, that thought just made Cassidy more nervous. What if the prince didn't like her? What if she got sent home on the first day?

God, if I'm this nervous now, who knows how nervous I'll be when we do meet the prince!

Cassidy let out a nervous giggle, "Yeah, I guess you're right. These girls don't look very interested to be here though... I wonder how many girls want the prince, and how many just want the crown? I wonder if some don't even care? That would be stupid though, why enter The Selection if you don't want to be Selected?" Cassidy paused, realizing she might have insulted Bambi. After all, she had no idea why Bambi entered The Selection, and what if someone's mother had forced them to enter? It wasn't always their fault. "Sorry, that was rude. At least, I think it was... I don't really know what to think while I'm...well, here..."

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Maggie (mxrgklin) schuyler wrote: "Hearing the remark, Caly turned. It was more half a cock of her head and a redirecting of her body really, than an actual turn. If there were any similarities she had to her mother that made up for..."

A laugh belling out again, Lo [her nickname] looked on with unerring fascination. "Well, goddamn it," she quipped, "I'm underdressed." In a lower tone, matching Calypso's murmur, she added, "and I won't." She studied Calypso brazenly, without design but simply shamelessly, as in the way children study the adults they are in a room with-- with a bit of awe and fascination, undisguised curiosity, and quite often as if looking at another species but without fear and without calculation but simply observation. "I really admire the dress though; it's quite pretty." She added, carelessly, "but I wouldn't expect any less of a Reed, you know. I guess it's hard to be so perfect." She had no realization of twisting words or creating tension; she simply spoke her mind.

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Jacinta was nervous. Extremely nervous, in fact. 34 other girls here, all hoping to claim the same prize as her. And most, after all had much more talent and beauty than her. How could a farm girl hope to compete? What prince would even look twice at her?

The only thing that had raised her confidence a little had been the article in the Daily Illea, though she supposed that probably hadn't been the point of the article. Being called gorgeous, especially when there were so many other gorgeous girls in the competition had been a pleasant surprise, althoigh the Photoshop comment had been rather nasty. But what better could she expect, at this point in the competition? She just had to hope gorgeous got her through the first round, even with all the famous actresses and models surrounding her. So she held her head up high and tried to smile her prettiest, and began to work her way through the crowded entrance hall.

(view spoiler)

Arden looked beautiful. She knew she did. She'd been getting ready for about five hours, making sure every blonde curl was in the right place, every bit of makeup was perfect. She'd gone through five dresses trying to find the perfect one.

But maybe her beauty wouldn't be enough. Maybe her brains would get her through the first bit. She really had no idea how the prince was going to choose, and that frustrated her. He'd been sent off to military school at a young age, and so hadn't been often in the public eye. There'd been nothing for her to research on the subject. And so there'd remained a massive unknown variable. Arden didn't like unknown variables. They messed with the results.

She had laughed when she'd read the Daily Illea article feature on her. Her first impression, and they couldn't even get it right. Sure, she liked chemistry. But she was a Physicist at heart. Although apparently they hadn't been bothered to do any research: just seen the work "scientist" on her application and started writing.

Ah, well. Some girls hadn't even been featured yet, so she knew she still had a head start. So she flashed her winning smile at the nearest camera and selected girl and started navigating the maze of gowns.

(view spoiler)

Damn heels. Why did you have to be tall, if you were a girl? Why was that a requirement? If she'd been wearing anything else she would've worn ballet flats or something more comfortable, but with the dress she was wearing it wasn't exactly an option.

It wasn't like she was a stranger to heels; she'd worn them multiple times during shows and could execute perfect backflips wearing them. The thing was that she didn't exactly enjoy wearing them for fun.

But hey, if that was what she had to do to get noticed. And getting noticed was important, at this stage in the game. Especially since the Daily Illea hadn't written a featurette on her yet, which was surprising considering she'd expected them to pounce on her job and lifestyle and rip it to shreds. So perhaps it was a good thing they hadn't gotten around to her before the Selection started.

She noticed with some satisfaction that she was the only girl in the room so far that wasn't wearing a floor-length gown. Sure, her dress was expensive (and not hers), and sure it looked fabulous on her. But it was different. She definitely stood out in the crowd of girls. Sure, they were all beautiful and sure their gowns were beautiful. But there was nothing interesting about them. They were all the same, to her eyes at least. Makena was one-of-a-kind.

(view spoiler)

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Bambi was listening to Cassidy, even if it didn't look like she was. But she really was, even without the eye contact and body language that made it look that way. Instead, her gaze was shifted away, looking at the selected. She probably would've looked back at Cassidy after a while had she not caught sight of Minerva Lang. The Minerva Lang. Oh my, she was quite a sight. Sure, she looked pretty good looking on the cover of magazines in her usual taekwondo attire, but here, in a dress?

Bambi was aware that her sexuality wasn't just angled at one specific gender, but she kept that to herself. She's seen countless women naked, and has had to measure them by hand herself, so why would she let them know? Besides, she's never really been attracted someone of the same gender before anyway. At least, not until she saw Minerva. Now she was a sight for sore eyes.

Cassidy's apology snapped Bambi's attention back towards her, her mind confused but searching back to recall whatever it was that Cassidy had been saying, and why she was saying she was sorry in the first place. "It's fine Cassidy," Bambi giggled, looking at the nervous girl, "And some people just sign up, for well, I'm not sure. Just to do it I suppose. I didn't sign up because I wanted to be here, though. Why did you?" Bambi asked, her gaze shifting back to Minerva for a moment before she looked back at Cassidy.

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Madyson (princessmuk) | 177 comments Cassidy could tell already that she was losing Bambi. But really, it just looked like Bambi was distracted. Maybe something had happened that Cassidy hadn't noticed. Maybe Bambi saw a cute photographer. Well, that didn't really matter either. It was time to open up.

"Well..." Cassidy started, "I'm a writer. I need inspiration. I was writing a romance novel, but it occured to me that I know nothing about the topic. I mean, sure. I'm a good flirt and all, but I've only ever had one boyfriend..." Cassidy shook her head, "Anyways, I just published my first book about 2 years ago, and I thought that was all I'd ever wanted. But I just wasn't content, and I wanted something more."

Wow Cassidy, way to tell her your whole life story!

"Then, when The Selection rolled around, my mom told me to enter. I then realized that what I really want" Cassidy paused, "is to find love, and start a family."

Cassidy smiled to herself. It was nice to say everything out loud. Not only did it make her less nervous, but it made sense. It confirmed it. It put together all of those jumbled up thoughts that weren't quite saying anything certain, and it put them into easy-to-understand words. Words were amazing in that sense, and that's why Cassidy loved to write so much. It made her life make sense.

"Oh gosh, I just realized how much I was just rambling to you... Sorry about that... It's the writer in me..." She blushed. "Anyways, I'm pretty much an open book... oh goodness, was that a pun? I don't know anymore... Ummm..."

Cassidy frantically searched through her mind for something to ask Bambi. Was there anything?

"Do you think you'll win? Or that you even have a chance?"

Ouch. Wasn't that the question.

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Tall and proud. Walk with purpose. — that's how Thea Arldt navigated the catwalk. This, she thought, was no different. Her agency had encouraged her to apply — even if you don't win, think of the publicity! — and her father and stepmother certainly hadn't discouraged it. So she'd applied — if she made it, she told herself, she would work hard enough to get into the Elite, and then drop it. She didn't want to be queen. She didn't want to be married to a man who courted her at the same time he courted thirty-four other girls — hell, she didn't want to be married to a man at all.

But this is no different, she tells herself, than her normal work. Pretend. Wear the pretty gowns with jewels in your hair. Strut like you were born to be here; it's just a longer runway.

She had been careful to do her research on the other girls in the competition — after all, it's important to know what kind of people you're working with for any job — and, thankfully, it was easy to spot a familiar face in the hall as soon as she entered. Well. Hair, really, not face; after all, Kirsten Preston's flaming mane could be spotted from a mile away.

"Kirsty," she greeted as she approached, heels clicking softly against the ornately tiled floor. "It's been a while. I saw your shoot for Larkspur; beautiful work, as always." She flashed her a smile — a genuine one this time, unlike the polite, charming ones she'd sent the reporters' way on her way in.

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((Sorry this is going to be a long post since I'm bringing all my girls in, but Thea is the first section ~))

Thea gave a gracious, airy laugh — well-practiced, but not forced — and said, "I'm pretty sure that you could model a potato sack and still cover Rouge." It was probably true — there were some interesting design concepts, and Thea was certain that Kirsty could pull all of them off. With that hair, and that face? Not to mention the build? It wasn't even a question. Also, Thea is unquestionably Gay (TM).

"And thank you. I have been busy — we fell behind schedule with the shoot in Swendway, you know — so it's good to be back in Angeles. I'll admit, though," she said, "that when I told my agency that I'd like to work with you someday, this wasn't exactly the project I had in mind. Even so—" This time, a smile. "—I'm glad for the opportunity to get to know another person in the industry who I so respect."

It was true. She had asked, multiple times, for opportunities to work with the socialite-turned-model. It had never worked out before — difference in interest with projects, scheduling wasn't right, a terrible flu on the day of the shoot — but it seemed that this was a big job that they'd be tackling together.

This dress was unlike anything Daisy had ever worn, let alone touched. Despite being comparatively simpler than many of the other girls' gowns, it was beautiful — light and airy, but also heavier than Daisy had expected. The long skirt did, however, do an excellent job of covering the shorts tan underneath, which she was grateful for.

Oh, hell, she was thankful for the whole opportunity. After all, this was her opportunity to do something more with her life. Make a name for herself. Become queen, even. And she was determined to get there.

But first, she had to survive these heels. God.

The cascade of flowers on Sayaka's gown were reminiscent of the ones on the trees found in New Asia, and she didn't think it was any coincidence. So this is how I'm being marketed, she thought. The exotic one.

Nonetheless, she was glad for the opportunity, even if she wasn't in it to win. Even if she were the first girl eliminated, she would be in the third caste, and she would be able to enter school to pursue a future in surgery. That's all she needed.

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Beyond the fact that Liss had come to suppose that after several minutes of shifting her weight between the equally torturous pinch of her heels, that she was in fact in some damned dimension, she had come to several conclusions. Firstly, and chiefly of all, was that even if she lusted after the life of nobility, there was no fucking way that she would not turn into the snappiest bitch that ever were to escape hell if miraculously she made it into the Elite.

Secondly, Liss had grown absolutely positive within the seemingly-endless moments she had been standing there that sooner or later--preferably sooner--she would be disqualified, whether for failure to act the part, or failure to attempt to act the part. Either was very possible. And finally, there was the fact that she didn't give a damn to win anyway; she had known it before, and the thought had only intensified upon arrival.

Looking around with barely veiled aggravation, Liss decided that if she was trapped in this lovely hell that she could not be as withdrawn as she would prefer. Approaching a girl in a simple yet enviably exquisite dress, who seemed equally annoyed with her footwear as she, Liss attempted a light comment that she prayed would pass for friendly. "Painful, aren't they?"

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@Isabella (Liss)
Daisy's eyes swept the room. It was ornate beyond her wildest dreams; at home, most had worn wood and whitewashed stucco. The sheer amount of exquisite detail in this room -- the entrance hall, not even the throne room or a ballroom -- alone was truly incredible. She couldn't fathom actually living in a place like this.

Another girl's voice cut through her thoughts, and Daisy snapped to attention from the designs on the moulding to the girl in front of her. Like her, the girl didn't look entirely at ease here. Not like some of the others -- some of them had strutted in like it was the most natural thing. "Yeah," she said, relieved. "They are. I'm from the coast, so -- I mostly wear sandals or go barefoot," she admitted, a little sheepish. Surely the other girls here were too poised and elegant to go running barefoot down a dock.

The girl looked familiar -- and Daisy remembered thinking as much when the Selected girls were announced as television. She was an athlete, right? A runner, maybe? Daisy wasn't certain -- she spent a lot of time working, and preferred to watch sitcoms and movies when relaxing, rather than keeping up with sports. "It's Elisse, right?"

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@Meli (Arden)
This is kind of awkward. Because it was -- they were just standing there, and waiting for what? There were cameras everywhere; Sayaka didn't want to be the only one just standing around and doing nothing. The farther you make it, she reminded herself, the more money your family receives. And God knew they needed it for Nari's hospital bills. A queen wouldn't just stand here; she would network, wouldn't she? Sayaka thought, and made up her mind.

She turned to the girl nearest to her, then -- one in an incredibly detailed gown that reminded Sayaka vaguely of the night sky. "Hi," she said, and tried to recall names from when they were announced, the names she'd been studying for weeks. "Arden, right?" she continued. "Your dress is beautiful," she said honestly. Compliments are failproof.

((rip this is awful I"m sorry))

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Bambi seemed to split in two, her mind going off in two different directions. Her ears listened to Cassidy, taking in every word the girl said about her life. Bambi was one for detail, so she listened when people talked. And a part of her even cared a little, even if it was for no particular reason. Cassidy went on and on, talking about her whole life and pretty much sounding a little too stereotypical for Bambi's taste. In fact, it was kind of boring. The whole, 'I have everything I want but I want more' and then coming back and being like 'I want love and a family!' Cassidy was just some lovesick girl now, like a whole bunch of other selected probably.

Bambi's eyes however, focused on Minerva. They were absolutely lost, but completely focused. They were making eye contact weren't they? Yeah they were. And it looked like they were talking, with their eyes. Or perhaps having sex, with their eyes. Bambi knew she was probably flirting with her eyes, the damn green orbs could never keep her thoughts to themselves. And now what? They've probably been staring at each other for thirty seconds, and it didn't look like they were going to look away, and honestly, Bambi didn't want to. This was too good, but too much, and honestly, Bambi wasn't sure what to do.

But Bambi's mouth was with Cassidy too, responding to whatever it was that her ears were listening to. "I think any of us could win. We have no idea what kind of a girl he's looking for, and even if we did, you can never tell with the selection. So yes," Bambi blinked in that moment, her neck turning as if she was going to look at Cassidy. But she didn't. Because she was swallowed up, the rest of her staring right into Minerva. "I do think I have a choice. What about you?"

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She shouldn't have gone with the darker colour. She was suddenly worried that she looked too pale, or something. But then again, it wasn't like she could change now. Might as well just enjoy herself and stop worrying about things that were out of her control at this point. And in any case, it wasn't as if the prince wasn't going to see her in it. He wasn't permitted to see any of them, tonight.

Her head turned quickly at the sound of her name. The voice belonged to the girl with the dark hair beside her. Sakaya Eto, she remembered from the report. The asian, her brain helpfully supplied. She hated to say it, but, well, that's what she was. The room was looking pretty darn white, and from what she remembered of the report there were only about three or four girls that weren't white. And they were all from lower castes. Yikes. It sure looked like the Selection wasn't exactly looking for diversity among the girls.

"Thanks," she replied with a slight blush, looking down at it. "You think the colour looks alright on me? Yours is stunning, by the way. The blue-green looks beautiful on you, and I adore the flowers."

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Madyson (princessmuk) | 177 comments "Well . . . Yeah, I guess so. I think I'm a nice enough girl... but, you know, as you said, we have no idea what the prince likes. I mean, he was at that academy thing for most of his life, so I have literally no idea about who he is... Anyways, from all I've said, you must think I'm some love-sick puppy, huh? I mean, it's half true, but I also can have pretty strong opinions on things... Well, I'm starting to sound like a self-absorbed model or something. Anyways, I hope we can become friends through The Selection, regardless if either of us win."

And with that, Cassidy smiled. She was confident with the things she said, even if she gave impressions she wasn't intending. If people wanted to think that she was just a lovesick girl with a sterotypical personality, so be it. All that mattered was what the prince thought of her. And with him, her first impression would be everything.

A thought occurred to Cassidy. "Hey, I thought there would be more reporters around here. Do you think they know we've arrived? I mean, I don't think anyone's gotten interviewed yet... but then again, I don't really know how this whole Selection thing works... I just know that we won't meet the prince tonight... And that we have rooms... If you think about it, why do we even have to wear dresses on the first day? I mean, I adore these kinds of clothes, but the prince wont see us, so why bother? I mean for the sake of a lot of the girls, because most would be happier looking if they could show up in their own clothes. But I guess if we accidentally ran into him, it would be nice. Anyways, I'm rambling again... If you'll excuse me, I'm going to look around some more."

And with that, Cassidy smiled and curtsied, and walked away. Cassidy finally got to take in the beauty of the palace. There were stunning details in the architecture everywhere.

If this is only the Entrance Hall, I wonder what the rest of the palace will be like?

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Cassidy hoped her and Bambi could be friends, and Bambi nodded at that, but she wasn't sure. She wasn't sure what it was like to have a friend. Did they need constant attention? No offense but Bambi wouldn't be able to prove that for Cassidy, especially if they went back home, Bambi would be much too busy handling her business. Imagine how many people would come by then? Even if Bambi was eliminated right now, it would be great publicity for her and her business. She was a selected, and not everyone is given that honor.

Bambi agreed with Cassidy's earlier comment, the one about how her rambling has to do with her being a writer. Because it seems that way. She started talking about reporters and photographs, this making Bambi wonder if she wanted to be photographed. Perhaps she was secretly concieted? And then she went on, talking about rooms and dresses, and just the palace in general. Bambi also now thought that Cassidy talks when she's nervous, but she was also very adorable and sweet, so Bambi would never tell her. And then, Cassidy left, and you know what? Minerva waved.

Bambi found herself pursing her lips for a moment, and actually looked down at the length of her dress, thinking. She was smiling now, a small little one that she was trying to keep to herself as she admired the marble floors. And then she decided, she should just go say hi. It wouldn't kill her, right? Bambi then began to stride over to Minerva, her dress trailing behind her and her head held high, or high enough for someone who was only 5'8". "Hello," Bambi greeted, pausing as she smiled at Minerva. "Just wanted to let you know, your dress looks amazing and so do you," Another pause, as Bambi debated saying several things before finishing if off with a casual "you're Minerva Lang, correct?" Who would've thought I'd be attracted to the one who could kick my ass in two seconds.

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@Meli (Arden)
The blue, looking bad on her? That must be a joke, Sayaka thought. It was clear that she had taken great care in getting ready -- her hair and makeup were perfect, and there was certainly no problem with her dress. "It's positively lovely," Sayaka assured her in earnest. "And thank you," she said, and then, after a small, short breath of a laugh, "I do like flowers."

Looking around at their surroundings again -- the ludicrously ornate wall decorations, the crystal chandeliers, the other girls in their ridiculously beautiful gowns (really? Sayaka was supposed to be actual competition for supermodels? Not likely) -- Sayaka added, "It's kind of intimidating, isn't it? All of... well, everything."

Already Sayaka felt a little more at ease, having spoken to someone who at least seemed, well, normal. With intimidatingly high profile people all around -- both as fellow selected and as guards and staff -- it was nice to just... have a conversation.

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Madyson (princessmuk) | 177 comments Cassidy walked around the hall a bit more, but she soon found it boring. There was no one else to talk to, not one girl came up to her, and the reporters/photographers had not once acknowledged her. The architecture was amazing, yes, but it looked weird for someone to just stand in the middle of a room looking at empty walls. (Okay, not completely empty, but you get the point.)

I better go find my room, I've got nowhere else to go...

So, Cassidy walked out the doors, and into the hallway.

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ʀᴇᴅ (urfavoritecolor) | 465 comments Rea wrote: "You know my name?" Minerva pointed at herself. She'd been a Two for like, what? 27 months? And she didn't actually get recognition until she took the championship title few months ago so excu...."
Bambi had to stifle a giggle as Minerva pointed to herself in a confused tone. No, of course not, it wasn't as if Bambi had watched them call your name on the television screen. Or as if she hadn't read the gossip article about her. Or heard all about her from the husbands of her clients while she helped their wives figure out dress ideas or even decide what fabric took make both her dress and his tie out of. No, Bambi just read her name tag and hoped she could pronounce it correctly.

The eye thing was probably happening again, especially since Bambi was finished checking out Minerva. She wasn't kidding about the dress, it actually really did look nice on her. And, well, them legs. They were kind of begging to be looked at, to be honest, and there was no arguing to that. But eventually, Bambi had soaked it all up, from the bottom of her heel to the tight updo. And then there was the hand. The one from earlier, that nervously waved. Bambi met it with her own, hoping hers weren't too cold or warm to seem odd before she spoke. "Yeah, Bambi." She confirmed, blushing slightly when Minerva mentioned that she was a professional.

Bambi would probably never tell you, but she didn't feel like a professional. I mean, yeah, she was amazing and obviously had talent, and she was so good at her trade that she used it to move up two castes and was actually styling twos on the red carpet, but she still didn't feel professional. At least, not yet anyway. Another once over was taken before Bambi looked back at Minerva's face, particularly looking for eye contact before she spoke again. "So what's it like anyway? Being the world's most feared female athlete?"

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ʀᴇᴅ (urfavoritecolor) | 465 comments Rea wrote: "ʀᴇᴅ wrote: "Rea wrote: "You know my name?" Minerva pointed at herself. She'd been a Two for like, what? 27 months? And she didn't actually get recognition until she took the championship title few ..."
Online dating? You're kidding. Why on earth would THE Minerva Lang need help with dating? When you look like that, people should be on their knees for you! At least, that's what Bambi thought of the situation. She didn't think Minerva would need some jump start, but maybe she did. Bambi should probably look into the whole 'online dating' thing if this whole selection thing doesn't work out.

"Oh, me?" Bambi sounded a little confused at first, like if she's never had anyone ask about herself, though she has. "I'm not much, really. And I honestly just sit around all day, drawing if I'm not sewing and sewing if I'm not sketching." Bambi shrugged a little, looking down at the floor. "I just do whatever I want, and most people like the end product, so I guess you could say I'm doing it right."

Bambi laughed a little as she repeated the phrase in her head, the one about the lazy sports daughters. "You know, for girls who only exercise for five minutes they sure have a lot of energy when it comes to me. 'Bambi make me a dress!' 'Bambi I want the lace trim.' 'Bambi I know you're in the selection and have to go but can you please make my gown and just mail it to me?' Honestly, I think they forget I'm just a girl." She paused, her eyes doing another quick once over before she finished, "But I'd like to make you something sometime."

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"Thanks," she smiled at the girl. Well, at least her dress didn't look bad. That was something. She had to stop worrying about everything. What would happen would happen and most things were out of her control at this point.

"Well, the colour definitely makes you look gorgeous. And your train looks fantastic. It's a different kind of dress. Makes you stand out. In a good way, of course."

She tilted her head to the side at Sayaka's comment about the palace being intimidating, glancing around at the chandeliers and imposing staircases, at the supermodels with trim waists and designer dresses, at the guards in full uniform strategically placed around the room. "I think it's supposed to be intimidating, at first." She replied thoughtfully. "With everything being so ornate and grand. I think we're supposed to feel out of place here for the first while. But I'm also pretty sure that after a little while living with all the dresses and guards and grand staircases, we'll probably get pretty used to it."

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ʀᴇᴅ (urfavoritecolor) | 465 comments Rea wrote: "ʀᴇᴅ wrote: "Rea wrote: "ʀᴇᴅ wrote: "Rea wrote: "You know my name?" Minerva pointed at herself. She'd been a Two for like, what? 27 months? And she didn't actually get recognition until she took the..."
It wasn't very hard to make Bambi laugh, a real one where her eyes were closed and her smile was bright, but it was still something most people liked, even if they saw it often. Minerva had picked up on Bambi's smooth talking, something most people didn't notice until it was too late, and she liked that. She liked that she was good at talking and liked tricking people. That was how she got her first few clients. Tricks and words, just a flick of the tongue and suddenly they were hers. But then she mentioned how her financial status was ugly, which Bambi thought was surprising, didn't you take in something like thousands when you won those big pay-per-view fights? So not only was her lack of profit a bummer but now Bambi couldn't make her something. And that really was a bummer.

"Actually," Bambi started, a ghost of a smirk on her lips, "it's on me. Seriously, I think you should get something for free, for just, I dunno, being you I suppose. And if you won't accept it like that, then take it as a gift. A gift for..." Having a really cute smile and talking in an interesting way, or maybe for just being a 10/10 or... "Well, I'll let you know when I decide. But how about it?" It may sound like a question, but Bambi wasn't taking no for an answer. Even if she looked sweet and slightly submissive, she wasn't about to just not make something. Besides, she loves making things for people anyway.

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ʀᴇᴅ (urfavoritecolor) | 465 comments Rea wrote: "ʀᴇᴅ wrote: "Rea wrote: "ʀᴇᴅ wrote: "Rea wrote: "ʀᴇᴅ wrote: "Rea wrote: "You know my name?" Minerva pointed at herself. She'd been a Two for like, what? 27 months? And she didn't actually get recogn..."
The art of fashion, was not something everyone could just learn. Bambi knew that. It wasn't easy, and it was all about knowing the rules and knowing that you could break them, but most importantly it was about knowing when you could break them. And Bambi was good with timing and all that stuff. Shirts, were basic, and pants were pretty decent (though skirts are easier), and dresses? Well, it really just depended on what you wanted to do. There were so may ways you could make one, Bambi couldn't even begin. You could just go on and on, and the possibilities were endless. And maybe that was why Bambi loved it all.

"Well, we both have a Prince to date, actually." Bambi corrected, in more of a joking tone of course. "And trust me, I would much rather be sewing you up a dress rather than do, well, anything." And that was a fact. Bambi preferred her sewing needles more than she preferred a lot of things. They were easier to handle, and a lot less demanding than people her age. "But," A pause, and a sideways smile, "Sounds like a deal. Maybe in return, you could show me how to throw a punch? Not sure if I can just count on my ability to sew a scarf to save my life one day."

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@Meli (Arden)
”Thanks,” Sayaka said, smiling. It was—she wasn’t an expressive person, really, rarely offering more than a close-lipped smile. The day she showed teeth would probably be the day someone pried her cold dead mouth open, and she hoped that it didn’t seem unfriendly to the other girl.

“Yeah,” she agreed, “it probably is.” Especially knowing the royal family. It was evident that they wished to show off their extravagance and power where possible; after all, they were televising their eldest son’s courtship of thirty-five different girls at once. Well, she thought. It might as well be thirty-four; after all, Sayaka had interest in Prince Nicholas in the way that one has interest in a painting in a museum. Nice to look at, to see in person. And then leave and not come back. After all, she was here to raise her caste, not to win his hand. “And I’m sure we will. Thirty-five of us here… we’re bound to make friends, right?”

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@Shad (Kirsty)
“That’s true,” Thea said, smile genuine. It was indeed good to have someone she could call a friend—people tended to look down upon the modeling industry, to say that it was all shallowness and pettiness and cat fights, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Thea had made her closest friends there: good, loyal, kind friends—and some more than friends. “Even while we… try to win the prince’s hand,” she tried to sound sincere; she really did, but it’s hard to pretend you care when you don’t at all, “it would truly be a waste to not get to know the others here.” (Though, to be fair, she could do without ever speaking to Charity Hart again. The Brand New premiere? Never. Again.)

And it was true, as much as she didn’t want to admit it, that having Kirsty there put her more at ease. She wasn’t afraid of the scrutiny of the camera, or what the prince would think of her; no, she was afraid of the other girls. Of them hating her. Of them learning too much about her. Or—worst of all—developing feelings for one of them. Nope. No way.

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There was nothing new or unexpected about the view that greeted Eirwen as she stepped into the castle's entrance hall. It was one she'd been witness to enough times before now; though usually the crowd held older faces. This gathering of people, all vying for the attention of one individual — it wasn't all that different from the dinners and talks she had attended here, arguing over the terms of trade agreements, discussing local politics, setting in place precautions for rebel attacks. This was just another thread from that same tapestry: each face dedicated to ending up on top. Eirwen's quick eyes took the whole scene in. The ostentatious dresses, flashing lights, the hall done up with arrangements of flowers and candles.

As Eirwen stepped down among the other Selecteds, heads turned, caught first by the bolder color and relative simplicity of her dress, then by the confidence and elegance with which she walked. She wore all of it well — the smooth folds of expensive silk, the poise, the self-assurance. All of it so carefully held in place as her mind rapidly cataloged each person her eyes flickered across. (There was Minerva Lang, martial artist and youngest MMA debut; Arden Hurst, scientist, the brains to counter Minerva's brawn; Thea Arldt, looking as gorgeous as she did in every photo shoot; Juliana Reynolds, Olympic bronze medal winner and with those athlete's legs highlighted by her high-low dress.)

She wasn't daunted by the masses — far from it. But too many of the girls she saw here were being put into the box in her head labeled competition; too many were gaining points in her own mock Selection based simply on this first impression. Obviously, she didn't know how the prince would think. But could guess. And she did know how his advisers would think.

Without purpose, but not showing it, Eirwen mingled her way through the crowd, smiling, shaking hands, introducing herself, inquiring about family and friends of those she'd met before. At some point, her feet began carrying towards the staircase, and as she stepped around a small mass of people, Eirwen found herself face to face with Reynolds as she stepped out of an interview. Competition, her mind said, 84%. She wondered why the percentage wasn't higher, icy blue eyes sweeping quickly up and down the girl standing in front of her.

A friendly smile stretching her lips, Eirwen said, "Juliana Reynolds; it's wonderful to meet you so soon. I was rooting for you in the last Olympics; it's a shame New Asia took the gold."

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@shah / jules

There was nothing particularly suave or charming about Reynolds' reply. Blunt, to the point. Eirwen remembered how in the articles and interviews following the last Olympics, she had always been referred to as Jules. So it was a personal thing, not something the media had adopted. (You never knew, with the media.) She rectified the information in her head, nodding to the other girl.

"Jules, of course—" Eirwen started to reply, but there was a sudden tightening in the lines of Reynolds' shoulders and jaw, in her stance, something screaming more than just displeasure, something more towards anger, and maybe even beyond that. Eirwen shut her mouth, watched with a detached curiosity as Jules made a not very veiled effort to calm her breathing.

So. Not only was Jules competitive, but her loss at the Olympics weighed heavily on her conscience. And she apparently did not care much for the Selection. Eirwen herself did not care much for the Selection, found it all rather ridiculous actually. For her, it was just a means to the end, a necessary, if ludicrous, use of her time. But she very well couldn't say such a thing out loud or even hint at it. It seemed Jules had no such qualms about saying exactly what she thought of this circus show.

It was disconcerting, to see someone who cared so little for their outside image, for the face they presented to the world, who so easily let anything and everything slip from their lips. It was nothing like the men and women Eirwen usually spent her time around, so prone to making empty promises and never saying what was on their minds. If Eirwen had ever been so free with her emotions and thoughts, it was a habit that had been trained completely out of her body. She couldn't recall a time she had ever allowed herself to not think and strategize before speaking.

Eirwen just laughed lightly in response to Reynolds' comments. She carefully eliminated any traces of confusion or judgement from her voice when she replied, "Yes, exactly. Well. It's stupid if it doesn't fit your goals. I do wish you luck in the next Olympics. Hopefully the time you spend here won't throw you off your training too much."

And what in hell had possessed Eirwen to add that last part. Why did she want to see Jules' reactions? It must've have been the freedom, the ease, of her expression of emotion, Eirwen decided. It was so foreign to her.

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She smiled back at the girl in front of her. "Friends? Definitely. In a competition like this we're going to need allies, especially now. No need for us to all despise each other for no reason other than that we like the same guy, right?" With that, she took a step forward and linked her arm with Sayaka's. "So, what do you say we go find our rooms?"

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ʀᴇᴅ (urfavoritecolor) | 465 comments Rea wrote: "ʀᴇᴅ wrote: "Rea wrote: "ʀᴇᴅ wrote: "Rea wrote: "ʀᴇᴅ wrote: "Rea wrote: "ʀᴇᴅ wrote: "Rea wrote: "You know my name?" Minerva pointed at herself. She'd been a Two for like, what? 27 months? And she di..."
The needle idea was a good one, Bambi couldn't lie about that. And truthfully, she figured she would probably not really ever need a reason to punch someone. What could her delicate fingers do that her eyes couldn't? If anything, her eyes were much more powerful than anything else. Everyone says eye contact is always so much more intimate anyway. Besides, Bambi can pretty talk with hers, one look and whoever stands in her way is on their knees.

Bambi nodded her head in agreement when Minerva mentioned that she should probably go and find her room and the like, mainly because she knew she should probably do the same. It wasn't like the Prince was about to come out of nowhere, and besides Bambi didn't care much about him anyway.

"It was, but I was distracted most of the time. Remember a few minutes ago, when I was impersonating athlete's lazy daughters? Yeah, I wasn't kidding about that last one, I've been working on her dress since I left." Bambi admitted, giggling a little about the concept. She was supposed to be focussed on the prince, not a dress. "Hopefully, they gave me a sewing machine in my room, I would actually love to just sit around and work on this all day."

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@shad / jules i'm writing this fucking reply and jules has the nerve to subtweet eirwen. from the future. how rude i can't believe

All the signs of anger were there: clenched jaw, hard set to her shoulders, slightly narrowed eyes. Reynolds was pissed, Eirwen could easily tell — so congrats, screamed her thoughts, you've riled her up, just like you seemed to want. And why is it you wanted that? No reason?

Eirwen's thoughts sounded uncannily like her parents' voices, as she mentally scolded herself for seemingly forgetting every lesson in strategy she'd ever had. Angering a competitor, damaging her pride, to the point where it served as a incentive for winning was the exact opposite of strategic, and yet, Eirwen had reason (Reynolds' snide comment left little room for error) to believe she had done just that.

A nice pair of legs and a pretty face shouldn't be enough to throw Eirwen's years of training out the window.

Eirwen quickly brushed away her momentary lapse in clear judgement, no betrayal of her thoughts showing on her face — just that classic politician's smile.

"Eirwen Vazia; it's been a pleasure to meet you." She paused a moment, still smiling warmly, tilted her head a little. A little flattery never hurt, though she wasn't sure how Reynolds would take it after their little passive-aggressive conversation. She let out a small laugh. "I can't believe I forgot to introduce myself, but I don't often meet Olympic athletes. Just boring, out-of-date politicians."

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