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A small, dark green shack with a deck surrounding it. In the back, there is a garden with lots of herbs and some medicinal plants. Inside, there's a tiny kitchen. Lots of dried herbs hang overhead. A door reveals a small bathroom. A ladder near the kitchen leads up to a loft with a mattress.

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ivy (cunning239) Jasmine was just heading into her small cottage after a secret meeting with her fellow witch brethren. She was a prominent member in the witch community, but really wished and didn't have to attend every meeting, it was quite frustrating to stop all your afternoon activities, to watch a bunch of grown witches gossip and babble. She opened her door, and rested her cost on the rack, and began brewing a pot of Jasmine tea, her favorite. She glanced at the door, as she was expecting company.

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((Is that company Devi?)) ((She's evil by the way))

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ivy (cunning239) (( yep! They shall chat and maybe have be dispute and try to fight?? XD MAYBE?))

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((Oke XD))

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Devi walked up to the door and quietly knocked. She wasn't in her disguise and she was annoyed about today's meeting. Those witches telling her that she killed to many people. What a joke they are! She thought to herself. Devi sighed as she waited for it to open. She looked at all the nature and was a bit surprised at all of it. She figured Jasmika didn't like nature.

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ivy (cunning239) (( sorry, lol I love your post, but is devi really that rude to just walk up in my characters house without even knocking or anything and waiting for her to respond?))

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((I thought she was right behind her XD Hold on i'll fix it.))

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ivy (cunning239) (( Oh sorry XD BUT she's not))

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ivy (cunning239) (( Thanks!))

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((Fixed it!! Lol))

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ivy (cunning239) (( omg! I love it lol! Its like they've known each other for a while or somein lol ))

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((Lol XD thx))

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ivy (cunning239) Jasmine heard a soft knock at the door , and softly said, "Oooh, she's here already." Jasmine left her tea to brew and although she knew who was at the door, she used her All-seeing eye to see who was at the door, the calm pretty flowers at her doorstep curled upward and the petals opened to reveal a large dark eye, Jasmine's all seeing eye. They confirmed that it was actually Devi at the door, because they recognized her distinguishable scent. Jasmine glided over to the door and clicked it open, revealing an enraged Devi, the flowers starting to crawl up her leg. "Safety precaution." She explained, motioning the flowers to leave with a sharp flick of the wrist.

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She nodded. "I understand. That meeting was horrible." She said with a scowl. Devi always admired Jasmine and her ways but she would never say so. She brushed off her dress with her hands and smiled. "How could they say all that stuff?! Didn't they not like humans.?!"

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ivy (cunning239) Jasmine made way for Devi to sit down and gave her flower pets an appreciative nod and glanced around the outside of her door, checking for any intruders or enemy witches. Just to make sure, she put a hasty protective ward over her house, before stepping back in. "Jasmine tea?" she offered Devi.

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Devi sat down and looked around the house. Surprisingly, nothing has changed.. She nodded. "That would be nice thank you." She replied to her. Devi still couldn't get over those witches.

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ivy (cunning239) Jasmine poured her and devi a hot cup of Jasmine tea, and added a hint of cinnamon to Devi's just the way she liked it. "Here ya' go" she said, politely handing her a cup. She took a seat opposite to Devi and slowly sipped her tea. She always made the best tea, not to sugary and not too bitter. She looked over her teacup at devi, " " Now what were you saying about that awful meeting, honey?" she asked.

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Devi took a small tip of the tea. Amazing!! She thought to herself. It had all the right amounts of flavor. She looked at Jasmine and sighed. "They told me I kill to much and I need to spare people." She frowned. "Yet, some of the kill everyday...Why do they have to call me out?!" She took another sip of tea.

((Lol I feel like Jasmine is someone who Devi would visit for advice and help XD))

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ivy (cunning239) (( XD Jasmine is like the powerful but kindest witch in community and helps ppls put and stuff!))

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((XD Okay))

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ivy (cunning239) Jasmine nodded her head and frowned in the middle of what Devi was saying. She waited patiently till she was done talking and set her cup down. "Well think of it as this. If you keep killing innocent mortals, you'll accidentally draw attention to the whole community of witches and do you want it to turn into another 1956 incident" she says, speaking of the mass witch killing spree performed by DWNA, because stray witches had gotten a little too"happy" with their powers. "You could endanger the safet of all the witches or the witches will turn on you and murder you for insubordination and attempted treason. Would you like that?" she said.

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Devi frowned. "Well I d-don't..No. I don't want that to happen but it isn't fair!" She sipped her tea and started to talk again. "Most of them already hate me! I could care less if they died." She grumbled.
Jasmine always knew everything but Devi wasn't going to admit that.

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ivy (cunning239) (( XD! SLSO I GTG FOR 2 hours!!))

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((Aw alright))

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ivy (cunning239) Jasmine gave the young girl a pitiful smile and resumed her tea-sipping. She had never really been out to get humans, she actually considered them a little cute. They died so quickly and lived such boring lives. She finished her tea and gave a lady-like burp into her palms. "So hows everything been going for you? We haven't spoken in 2 years....and I've been worried" she said.

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Devi shrugged. "Eh, it's alright. I had a run in with Arrow and almost got injured bad but i'm fine now. Got into a bunch of crap...Pretty much the usual" She said winking. Devi changed her facial expression into something serious. "What about you?" SHe finished her tea and held the cup in her hands.

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ivy (cunning239) (( XD!))

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ivy (cunning239) (( u up???))

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ivy (cunning239) (( I'll be free to rp the rest of the night! * glances over shoulder*))

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((Yeah I'm up!))

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((It's still early lol 1:01am ))

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ivy (cunning239) Jasmine shook her head at what Devi had to say, she was such a troublemaker, but she was one of Jasmine's youngest and one of the most prodigious witch she had taught. She loved her like a daughter. "Arrow? That's some nasty buseniss. You don't want to mess with her... I'm glad you're still alive. " she said, her tone was a littken strict, but otherwise as lovely as ever. "I haven't been up to much. You remember that lovely boy Osami I was mentoring. He ran away to DWMa after I told him what happened to his mother. Saying something about "vengeance". He was a strong boy and a real looker too" she said, nodding.

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ivy (cunning239) (( omg!l))

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ivy (cunning239) (( ))

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Devi grinned. "It really was." She gave a small laugh and listened to what Jasmine said. "Yeah, I remember him. I passed him on the street once, sent chills straight through my spine." She said.

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ivy (cunning239) Jasmine gave a puzzled frown, and her eyes opened wider a bit as worry filled her eyes. "W-What do you mean by that? Did you see him in death city?" she asked, losing her composure for just a second. If anything happened to Osami she wouldn't have any choice but to feel responsible, gosh she hated when her pupils were... killed.

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Devi nodded. "But he was disguised. I can assure you that." She said to Jasmine. "I hope he'll be alright." Devi said aloud.

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ivy (cunning239) Jasmine still wasnt sure, but her frown changed into a grim smile, the last thing she had seen of the boy was it a bushy red tail and a determined grin. "Well that's good. I hope he found a nice handsome meister to keep him company. He was a great kid, but had a mouth like a sailor. And he had the worst sweet tooth and after he got puberty he shed like a dog in heat. " she rambled, then stopped herself, looking up.

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Devi laughed at her statements. "You're funny Jasmine." She set her teacup down and smiled. "So now what?" She asked her.

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ivy (cunning239) Jasmine smiled a sweet smile, it had been a while since someone had called her funny and she couldn't tell if Devi was being sarcastic as always or genuine. "Honey, you came to me? What did you want to talk to me for? Was it something about helping with a spell or something?" she asked, shaking her head letting her strawberry blonde curls bounce around her head.

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Devi became serious and looked at her. "I want to become stronger...I need to be stronger." She said to her. She leaned closed while saying that and then leaned back again with a small smile.

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ivy (cunning239) Jasmine admired the feirce determination in her voice, but she wasn't sure about mentoring Devi, to be fair she did have to replace her entire kitchen last time she taught Devi. But she couldn't turn down an opportunity to teach such a powerful witch. "Oh alright, but what exactly do you need help with?" she asked. "Attack spells, defense spells, potions, birth control?" she asked, grinning mischievous.

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Devi blushed. "W-what!? Where'd you get that from?!" She asked. When Devi calmed down she sighed. "You know..The usual attack spells." She said to her.

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ivy (cunning239) Jasmine chuckled uncontrollably, and after her bout of laughter she regained her composure. "Its always good to keep them around, not like I need it of anything. And I dont know if you... might've needed it. Enough of that!" she said, as Devi's face was confronting in discomfort. She smoothes out her flowery soft dress, "Ok, I'll teach you some handy bad-ass spells, but don't go telling or showing people. These spells are gonna be really strong, not for everyone and anyone." she said, sternly.

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Devi's face lit up. "Really?!" She asked. "Your not tricking me are you?" Devi grinned and cheered.

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ivy (cunning239) Jasmine shook her head, and patted Devi on the head like she used to do before a sparring match/training session. "No I am not joking, little one." She said, beaming down on her, but not commenting on her insolence. "Lets head outside, there's a great little spot in the woods. Away from my precious home" she said, glancing at her kitchen.

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Devi blushed in embarrassment. "Heh..Sorry about that.." She said awkwardly. She stood up and followed her to the area.

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ivy (cunning239) (( omg aren't you tired!))

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