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Angeli  | 87 comments Mod
Well it is midnight and I just bought Phantom Embrace...I can't wait!

Angeli  | 87 comments Mod
Just finished and all I can say is bitter-sweet.
So same gift as Marcus , that surprised me.Now how is it that Seth and David could see spirits, but did't see Yuri? Maybe they did.

message 3: by Eva (new)

Eva (evlim) | 20 comments Mod
Yeah, feel the same way. That is a good question, Angeli. I didn't even think about it. I was busy wondering what had happened with Stanislov. Has he crossed over, or is he stuck in between? And if the first, what does that mean ... will Yuri and Cat cross over now that they have found each other and happiness (no unfinished business so to speak).

How do you feel about Bastien not knowing about Cat?

Angeli  | 87 comments Mod
Not happy, but maybe this short story will end up being extremely important? In the sense that this will play a part..the spirits that haven't crossed over. A part in the end..let us refer back to Harry Potter...his loved ones there spirits helped him in the final battle.

message 5: by Eva (new)

Eva (evlim) | 20 comments Mod
Huh ... that opens up a lot of possibilities doesn't it. In that case, Bastien may meet his sister's spirit form yet. I wonder if gift one's ghosts have different abilities that vampires and humans. I also wonder what Cat witnessed of vampire spirits that made her uncomfortable/scared. One question always leads to another one doesn't it.... ?

I kept wanting "more" when the story ended. Guess we just have to wait for the next book - hopefully it'll be a full book and not a novella.

message 6: by Dianne (new) - added it

Dianne Duvall (dianne_duvall) | 31 comments Sooo I usually don't talk about what will happen in future books. I'm pretty obsessive when it comes to avoiding anything that might even remotely be considered a spoiler. But I will say that some of your questions regarding Yuri, Cat and Stanislav will be answered in Seth's book. :-)

I also thought I would mention, since readers usually mention wishing the novellas were longer, that traditional publishers give authors of stories that appear in anthologies a word count limit by which we're supposed to abide. I actually exceeded that limit with both novellas. :-D

message 7: by Eva (new)

Eva (evlim) | 20 comments Mod
Has anyone thought to do an anthology for cross referencing? I'm jumping in a year later and have forgotten so much. Oh! A great reason to start rereading and rediscovering. Where has that elusive Time gone to?

Angeli  | 87 comments Mod
I know it, so true. Where’s Seth’s book?!?!

message 9: by Eva (new)

Eva (evlim) | 20 comments Mod
I'm behind the times with this series. As excited as I was anticipating Aidan's book, I (gasp) stopped reading. Sorry, but I couldn't warm up to his lady. Oh no...if this happens with Seth's story, it will completely crumble this world for me.

Angeli  | 87 comments Mod
I know I had trouble with that book too, for possibly the same reasons. That being said there was a lot of information, so it was nice to pull some more pieces of the puzzle together.
It was mentioned that D.D. might consider doing a spin off on the seconds. Looking forward to that.

message 11: by Eva (new)

Eva (evlim) | 20 comments Mod
The world is more beautiful with more books in it. Cool!

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