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Raevyn (raevynmccann) | 89 comments Mod
NineStar Press is seeking Holiday submissions. Stories should be set at the end of the year, involving the holidays around that time: Advent, Boxing Day, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year's, Secular, Yule, etc.

Submission deadline is September 15, 2016.

For Romance or Lit/Genre Fiction:
Length: 10-40k words.
Heat: Sweet (no sex or “fade-to-black”) through to fully erotic.
Content: The story must have an LGBTQA+ romance running through it. Both HEA and HFN accepted.
Genre: Can be any genre as long as there is a holiday theme.

A romance theme is not a requirement, but literary pieces should be festive and uplifting.

For Erotica:
Length: 10-15k words.
Heat: Super hot. Scorching.
Content: Must be focused on LGBTQA+ characters. Romance isn’t necessary. Lust/sexual tension definitely is. Strong payoff.
Genre: All genres and kinks considered other than those listed in the “what we don’t accept” section below as long as they have a holiday theme.

Standalone stories or part of a series are considered.

What we don’t accept:

Necrophilia (doesn’t apply to vamps, zombies and any other kind of “undead”—they’re a-okay with us!)
Incest (step relations are considered)
Bestiality (doesn’t apply to shifters or most sci-fi & fantasy creatures with human forms)
Rape or non-consensual sex for titillation (dubcon and rape as a non-titillation plot device will be considered on a case-by-case basis)
Content that demeans identifiable groups

What to do:

Send an email to with the following:

Subject line: SUBMISSION-HOLIDAY: [Title], [Author Name]

Email body:

Category (romance fiction, literary novel, erotica short)
Pairing (eg. MM, FF, MMF, etc) and/or any relevant info such as trans characters, ace, genderfluid, etc.
If it’s previously published or previously self-published
A short description of the story (three paragraphs max)
Previous credits, if any


The entire manuscript as ONE document—none of this one-chapter-per-doc awkwardness. We don’t care if you use Courier, Calibri or Comic Sans. Same goes for font size, margins, headers. You do you. It’s all stuff we can change with just a click or two.
If the book is 30k+ words, include a short synopsis

You will receive an auto-response email saying we’ve received the submission. After that, please allow up to 2 weeks for a full response.

Christina's Bookshelf (christinasbookshelf) | 7 comments If I could pull the multiple stories out of my head and put them on paper without it sounding like my 10 year wrote it. What a great opportunity for those that can!!!

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