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Joneen (belovedjg) | 99 comments

There are 15 works listed for "John Crowder," but 4 on this page are by other authors with the same name -

According to their Amazon pages (I could not locate them on WorldCat), the following two books are by "John F. Crowder":

The third book, "Hillbilly in the Coast Guard," is definitely a different John Crowder. The main John Crowder is currently a young father of three, while the summary for this book mentions that this author has grandchilren:

I cannot tell if the fourth book is by the same John Crowder as the one for "Hillbilly" or if it is still yet another John Crowder, but it is definitely a different one than the main John Crowder - it was published in 1969, and the main John Crowder would have had to have been a very young baby back then (if he was even born yet), so it needs to be separated out. It is titled, "Weathering Properties of Fire-Retardant Plastics Rooflights," and the summary for "Hillbilly" does mention that author as being a retired chemical plant electrician, which then seems plausible that he could have knowledge about this topic and also be the author for this book as well, but my hunch is that they are different.
This author for this book is listed on Amazon as H.L. Mahotra, while WorldCat has Mahotra as the author and "John Crowder" as a second author.

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free (frdn) | 5201 comments book 1 & 2 moved to John F. Crowder...

book 3 & 4 moved to John^^Crowder (with 2 spaces)

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Joneen (belovedjg) | 99 comments Nice! You've been on quite the roll, thank you!

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