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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. MG-YA adult fantasy and mystery book about a young witch who gets involved in a murder [s]

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message 1: by Tawni (new)

Tawni (klonoa) | 7 comments Hey everyone! There are two books I have been trying to remember the name of and its driving me nuts! So here is the first one (ill post the other in another post). I read this one when I was in 5th or 6th grade, so around 2005 to 2006. Its a small book in print, thats a ya book or mg book. Its genre is fantasy and mystery. The cover had two women on it looking into a cauldron. The begining starts off about a young woman who discovered that noone else had magic powers. She discovered this when she was hanging out with a friend when she was a child and the friend was talking about wanting to see her brother. So she grabs a bucket full of water and tries to scry the brother but nothing comes up and she says he must be dead. Her friend freaks out. The main character and her mother ditch town afraid of being hunted as witches. It was then she discovered she must keep it a seceret. Then fast forward years later and shes like 16 or 18. She gets involved in a murder and uses her magic to help out. I remember her falling in love but the rest is hazy. I thought the title was something like magic is murder but when I looked it up I couldnt find it. Does anyone recognize it? Thank you for the help! :)

Jessica (The Psychotic Nerd) (goldenfurproductions) | 402 comments Magic Can Be Murder is a book. I also read it awhile ago, so I don't really remember much, but is this it?

message 3: by Summer (new)

Summer | 255 comments Yeah, it definitely sounds like Magic Can Be Murder, I read it recently!
You remember it almost perfectly, although it's the friend's grandma who is dead, not her brother.
The spell involves a bucket of water and a hair, and she accidentally leaves a spell running in a house where someone gets murdered after she leaves, so she has to sneak back into the house to kick over the bucket, and gets involved in the case.

message 4: by Tawni (new)

Tawni (klonoa) | 7 comments YES!!!! THANK YOU!!! You two just made my day!!!! :) I remembered the cover perfectly but kept mixing up the title!!!

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