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Perfect! Do we need to do detailed characters, or simple ones?

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Okay. I'll have mine up really soon!

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Name: Grace Colleen Nichols
Age: 20-22?
Occupation: Dance Teacher


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Do you want to start this one, or shall I?

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"Hi, papa. I just wanted to check in on you. I brought you groceries for the week," Grace spoke timidly as she unlocked the door, poking her head in to peer around the room. "Papa? Is everything okay?" The room looked as if it had been ransacked, and she was suddenly concerned. She grabbed her pepper spray from her totebag, peering slowly down the hallway. "Papa?" She called softly, her eyes widening suddenly. There were two large men who looked like bodyguards, holding her father in place. "Grace, sweetheart, run! Get out of here now!" The older man glowered as he struggled in the bodyguard's grasp.

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"Let go of me," She growled, spraying the pepper spray into the tall, burly man's eyes. Emily proceeded to knee him in the shin, stumbling back into the counter. "Papa...what have you done now?" She whispered, knowing that this couldn't have been good. However, she couldn't just leave her Papa alone, so, she mustered up the courage and stood up straight. Folding her arms, she spoke timidly, "Please let my father go. If this is about money...I...I don't have it all but I am working on it," She reached into her bag, pulling out around fifty dollars. "Please...just let her go. Take me." Her father pleaded.

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"Please don't hurt her. I don't have the money...I-I don't know when I can get it to you. I am trying, I really am!" Mr. Nichols fell to his knees, cradling her head in his hands. "Surely, there must be something he could want instead! I haven't got a penny to my name. The only thing I have left is my daughter..." He was sobbing uncontrollably, "She's trying to make it back...I just need a little more time. Just don't hurt my Gracie, she's all I have left in this world."

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Grace slowly sat up, her head pounding. Her father was sobbing in an uncontrollable mess, rocking back and forth as he held her hand. It seemed as if his habits would never die, and now, she had been drug into the matters. She was already working two jobs in hopes to pay down some of his debt, but from her guess, the money she'd been giving him to pay the debts had gone into a slot machine somewhere.

So, Grace did what she always did; She sat him up in his chair, brought him a cup of coffee, and sat down, watching as he sobered up and calmed down. Except, this time, something was different. He got an unexpected phone call, and began sobbing uncontrollably again. "Gracie...I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry...I don't have the money, but I made a deal, Gracie. I'm so sorry. They, they, they, they're coming to take you away. You'll be safe, I'm sorry Gracie." He began sobbing as Grace tried to process exactly what was going on. Who was going to take her, and where was she going?

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Grace was well prepared at this point, one simple suitcase packed along with her dog, a golden retriever puppy named Chip. She timidly opened the door as she heard the knock, straightening up in a feeble attempt to be brave. Grace was more then surprised by his presence. "Just to be clear, I'm not going with you out of free will," She spoke bravely, seemingly unafraid of him.

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