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Perfect! Do you want to be Muse A, or Muse B? I don't mind either.

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Yes - I didn't know which one was the guy.

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Ok, I thought that, but I just wanted to make sure!

Here he is:


Name: Nicholas Mason
Age: 22
Occupation: Barista/Starving Artist(Not really starving, but you get the idea)


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Do you want to start this one, or shall I?

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Nicholas, Nick, as most knew him, was behind the counter doing his job as a "barista," even though he felt more like a glorified waiter. He'd only been working enough for the benefits and to pay the bills, which weren't that much since he owned his own apartment. His parents had willed it to him when they died, and since he was the sole survivor, he'd inherited everything. He really didn't have to work, but something, actually, someone, kept him staying. It was the pretty blonde in the corner, always reading a book. He'd been to shy to introduce himself, but today, had gotten together enough courage to write "You have a nice smile." on her cup. Of course, there were at least five other baristas working, so, she'd never know.

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He smirked a bit when he noticed the smile find it's way to her lips, gazing out across the coffee makers at her. Nick noticed, however, her smile disappeared when she turned away to focus on her phone. He didn't like that, so, he grabbed a piece of pie from behind the counter and gave it to a barista girl, who brought it over to her. "This is for you, on the house." The girl said with a smile, then walked away. Nick watched again from behind the coffee makers, glancing at her occasionally throughout his shift. As his shift ended, he left in hopes that the mystery girl would be back tomorrow.

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Nick sat in his living room that night, lost in his thoughts. "I should have talked to her." He mumbled, his golden retriever jumping up beside him on the couch. It wasn't that he was a naturally shy person - In most cases, he was bold and daring, unafraid of what the world had to offer. However, in this case, the "mystery girl" had him stumped. What was there to honestly say? He didn't have the words. So instead, he jumped to his feet, grabbed a blank canvas, and began to paint.

The following morning, he headed to the morning shift to his dismay. He had started a beautiful portrait piece the night before, and had stayed up all night to finish it. However, he was only about half-way through when his alarm clock rang and he was on his way to work. Hopefully, she would be there again today.

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Nick folded his small notebook in his apron pocket, tucking a pencil along with it as he walked through the doors of the café. He was dazed at first, messing up orders and nearly dumping drinks on his customers. Nick didn't exactly have a great deal of motivation when it came to painting. It took something special, something to spark his attention and cause him to desire to paint a masterpiece. "Mystery girl" had certainly caught his attention, as had the piece he'd been working on.

He didn't expect his mystery muse to walk through those doors again, but she did, and he was dumbfounded. On his short break, he grabbed his notebook and pen, sketching a drawing that captured a scene of her by the window, reading. He immediately serviced her coffee, writing another small note ("Hope you're having a day as wonderful as you are ;)"), then headed to the back to take inventory, and hopefully, avoid his mystery muse. "What's wrong, Nicky? Got a crush on the girl over there? I see you stare at her." Another barista, the one who had taken her the pie yesterday, smirked. "No, Andie. It's not like that. I don't even know her, but I just...I feel like I have this connection with her."

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Nick finished the short sketch and slipped it under a piece of pie, sending it to her. "Once again, it's on the house. From a secret admirer, I assume?" The barista girl smiled, winking as she walked off. Was he crazy? It sure seemed like it. Even though he'd been told a time or two that he was charming, Nick didn't exactly see himself as more than that gawky art nerd he once was. He didn't exactly know how to approach a woman, although he'd been approached a time or two.

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