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Pride's Children: Purgatory (Book 1 of the Trilogy)
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Author: Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt
Genre: Mainstream Contemporary Love Story
: Formats Available: Mobi, Epub, Pdf
Pages: 990



“I, KARENNA ELIZABETH Ashe, being of sound mind, do… But that’s it, isn’t it? Being here proves I am not of sound mind…”

So begins Book 1 of the Pride’s Children trilogy: Kary immediately regrets the misplaced sense of noblesse oblige which compels her to appear, live on national television—at exorbitant personal cost.

What she cannot anticipate is an entanglement with Hollywood that destroys her carefully-constructed solitudinarian life.

A contemporary mainstream love story, in the epic tradition of Jane Eyre, and Dorothy L. Sayers’ four-novel bond between Lord Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane, Pride’s Children starts with a very public chance encounter, and eventually stretches over three separate continents.
~ ~ ~
RATING: Sexual innuendo, mild swearing, occasional non-graphic violence (PG-13).

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Review Due Date: July 12, 2016

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1.Kristina- -epub
2.Maggie- -mobi

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Kristina Santos (lovebear1381) and the apple version I believe is e-pub?

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Kristina wrote: " and the apple version I believe is e-pub?"

I have added you.

Maggie Percy

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Maggie wrote: "

I have added you.

Maggie Percy My review is here: and also on Amazon. I'm not sure how to provide a link directly to my review. Maybe someone can tell me how to do that. I really enjoyed the book and look forward to the sequel.

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Maggie, here is your link for your review.

To get the link to your review: First go to the book page. You will see your review. Click on the tab that says see review which is located under your review. It will take you to your review page. Copy the link at the top of page then paste it in the thread. I hope this helps.

Maggie Percy Thanks!

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Alicia Ehrhardt (aliciabutcherehrhardt) To our moderators and reviewers: Thank you for having Pride's Children: PURGATORY on the list of books to be reviewed.

I received two new reviews from the process - which must take a lot of work from those who organize it, and those who read and review. Most appreciated.


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