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message 1: by Michael (new)

Michael Riley | 3 comments Hi! I am Mikey!

I have been a beta reader and focus on YA fiction, Sci Fi and Fantasy. I am also a teen guy and think YA authors must get the teen voice right. I also am a Science Fiction and Fantasy fan and love the building of new worlds and following the logic of the new world as it builds.

My focus is on what is real (even a made up world must feel real) and what works. I am a huge reader and when I read, I like to analyze.
Teen characters who are fake can kill a good story and tech ideas that seem contrived just fall flat.

If interested in getting a fresh opinion from a teen’s perspective please message me. To learn more about me you can also go to my site: .

I am good guy and would love to connect and help. I do charge SMALL fees but can also set up custom gigs to match anyone's needs. I use my own checklists but would address anything that you would like feedback.

I know that some writers only use free beta readers and I respect that. If unsure, a one time trial is very inexpensive and then we can set up ongoing custom plans.

I hope to hear from writers. I am here to help.

message 2: by Holly (new)

Holly Jae | 2 comments Hi,
My name is Holly. I am looking for free beta readers for my YA Fiction. It is during the medieval era about a girl who loses her home and is on a journey to reclaim it. There are many supporting characters and I write in third person. It has approximately 70,000 words.
Right now I am in my first beta round. I would like to revise one more time, then start a second round.
would you be interested in being in that second group?
If so, let me know!
Thanks a bunch!

message 3: by Michael (new)

Michael Riley | 3 comments Holly wrote: "Hi,
My name is Holly. I am looking for free beta readers for my YA Fiction. It is during the medieval era about a girl who loses her home and is on a journey to reclaim it. There are many supporti..."

Hi Holly,
Your story sounds like a lot of fun. I am primarily doing paid gigs right now. I will email you and we can see what works.

message 4: by Shreyonti (new)

Shreyonti Chakraborty | 2 comments I'm seeking a beta reader for my 90,000 word YA coming-of-age novel, GOWACHERRY, a character-driven story featuring strong friendships and sibling relationships.

Azain's an average high school guy, except for one small problem ─ he's been in love thirty-three times, and been dumped just as often. Worryingly good at getting over ex-girlfriends and moving on to his next relationship, his parents decide it's time for action. They send him to the Gowacherry Recovery Centre, a future-day rehab for "modern addictions," where his therapist clearly doesn't recommend another girlfriend.

Doctor's orders become hard to follow when he meets Devina, to whom Gowacherry feels more like home than her real home ever did. She's scared to grow out of it, and venture back into the real world, where she never quite fit in. While trying to save an old library, in an age when real books have all but disappeared, the two begin to connect.

What starts out as Azain's first real friendship turns into Devina's first love. Gowacherry is a sanctuary from a world they've always struggled with. But this is high school, and even in the year 2061, first love isn't easy, especially outside Gowacherry, where everyone's quick to point out how Azain and Devina are too different. She's the wealthy overachiever, he's the middle-class guy always willing to settle. All Azain wants is to be normal, and finally be comfortable in his own skin. But with graduation drawing close, their future's uncertain, and Devina decides to take matters into her own hands (as usual) and put Azain on the fast track to the future she envisions.

A romantic story set in an all-too-familiar future, GOWACHERRY is a story of first love that many high school couples will identify with. It will interest readers of John Green's AN ABUNDANCE OF KATHERINES, Jennifer Niven's HOLDING UP THE UNIVERSE and Pete Hautman's THE BIG CRUNCH. The novel is based on my own experiences with first love.

If you are interested, please contact me at shreyonti(at)gmail(dot)com. I am looking for a fast reader, and someone who'll maybe help me get my word count down as well. All feedback will be appreciated.

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