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Project For Awesome Perk

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message 1: by Tabea (new)

Tabea Hey Nerdfighters!
Last Project For Awesome I bought the perk "A Book From John Greens Library". With a little bit of bad luck I recieved a book I would never read and would not really like to have on my bookshelf. It's a very Amercia-specific book and I'm from Germany so I wouldn't know what to do with the information provided in the book.
But it's a book from John, with his signature and face in it, so I thought maybe there is some nerdfighter who would appreciate it more than me.
It's this book:
So if anyone would like to own this book, just reply. We will find a way to exchange more details I guess. I will ship it to you for free and I will hope it won't be too expensive ;)
Have a lovely day and DFTBA!

message 2: by Alexandria (new)

Alexandria Lang | 1 comments I would love to exchange it with you! :)

message 3: by Tabea (new)

Tabea This is wonderful :) I will send you a message so we can talk about how to send you the book

message 4: by Tabea (new)

Tabea Hey guys, I still have the book at home because the exchange didn't quite work out.
If anybody is still interested, I would be happy to send you the book!

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