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message 1: by Eva (last edited Oct 14, 2016 03:29AM) (new)

Eva Pasco (evapasco) Synopsis for 'An Enlightening Quiche' - NEW RELEASE:

Taking place in northern Rhode Island’s fictitious, French-Canadian mill town of Beauchemins in Blackstone Valley, two headstrong women in their forties coming from different moral directions clash. Alternating first-person narratives from the town siren and historian-in-residence relate how an heirloom quiche recipe redresses erroneous assumptions, misdeeds, unleashed secrets, and malicious intent—all of which wreak havoc, altering the lives of those affected from the fallout of a tragedy.

Official Book Trailer:

Kindle Edition ($3.95) @ Amazon:

Signed/personalized copies of the Paperback available 40 % off suggested retail at the Authors Den Signed Bookstore thru my direct link:

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Michael Marino (MichaelMarino) | 4 comments I can see me playing a Canuck....after all I am part Canuck so bring on the quiche,,,,I like that you are weaving history and fictional characters with local background...a wonderful mix for a portraiture of literate characters...bravo...

message 3: by Eva (new)

Eva Pasco (evapasco) Merci beaucoup!

There's also enough plaid in the novel--goes hand in hand with unpretentious.

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