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Tara Woods Turner | 63 comments Whether you're fairly new to the publishing game or you're finishing your thirteenth boxed set what advice would you give to a newbie author? By the way, if you are on your thirteenth boxed set please don't admit it. The rest of us will be green with envy and only pretend to like you.

Okay, we'll like you but we'll still be totally jealous.

Tara Woods Turner | 63 comments I would say make sure you completely understand the terms and conditions of Kindle Direct Publishing Select before you even begin the process of running a promo. Horror stories abound of authors who lost serious $ because their paid promo dates didn't line up with their KDP Select dates. This happened to me but Booksbutterfly was extremely understanding and worked with me so I didn't waste my $35. Other authors with far more expensive promos were not so fortunate.

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Segilola Salami (segilolasalami) | 27 comments keep writing keep networking I'll say, do more for others than you need in return

Tara Woods Turner | 63 comments Excellent.

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Zee Monodee (zee_monodee) | 17 comments Write. Then write more. And then write some more. Don't pause for publishing until you've found your voice, your special 'tone', that element that always seems to make it into all your stories (mine is family. It's always got some family ties and relationships whether I am writing espionage, category romance, small town soap opera, PNR/UF).

When you know yourself as a writer, then start publishing. BUT build yourself a backlist here before starting serious promo, especially the paid kind. Let yourself be discovered for a while - one thing readers hate is a flash in the pan...and this is what you'll look like if you've gone out all guns blazing with your first book then struggle to write the next and end up not publishing anything for months, maybe even more than a year.

Be consistent when you start. Don't jump genres at first. Establish yourself somewhere first, then jump into another genre (I made this mistake, btw)

And then keep on writing! Practice does make as close to perfect as possible, and you'll also begin to write faster, notice what your pitfalls are (I used to stall and drop mss in the middle previously because I was making my heroines too good. So yeah, I hit many walls until I realized this). Then it all keeps adding on to this - write, write more, then write some more!

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Alex (asato) here's hugh howey's advice:

Tara Woods Turner | 63 comments I feel like I'm at an advice buffet!

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Zee Monodee (zee_monodee) | 17 comments Glad if it can help :)

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