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Wafflez ~In my world, there is only night and the harshness of day. The darkness stirs and awakens imaginations.~ (wisebooklover) (( The windswept plateau is a large, open plain of land. The winds howl at high speeds, sometimes even high enough to knock a small dragon off it's feet. A few scrubs and trees grow in this place, but it has plenty of prey. ))

Wafflez ~In my world, there is only night and the harshness of day. The darkness stirs and awakens imaginations.~ (wisebooklover) Singularia materialized on the plain and looked around. As usual, the wind was howling and blowing around, being a nuisance. Since today she'd invited a couple of dragons for a party, she decided to fix that. Singularia muttered a spell and a grove of acacia trees popped into existence, with a couple of clearings in the grove big enough for the activities. She curled up like a snake (due to her snake-like body) in the biggest clearing and using her powers, set up quite a feast/picnic. The sun was rising off in the distance, making it's way to the middle of the sky, when the party was to begin. Now, all she had to do was wait for the dragons to show up.

(( We can start sending in dragons now, each of them got an invitation ))

Tea floated over the landscape of the Windclaw territory towards the Windswept plateau. She'd received an invitation to Singularia's party and she didn't want to be late. She took a look at the invitation that had popped into her lair last night, again;

Dear Windclaw queen Luculentea,

I am hosting a magnificent party with games, food and fun tomorrow, at the Windswept plateau when the sun reaches it's highest point in the sky. When you get there, you will see a grove of acacia trees. Now, I know there is very few vegetation here, but I have my ways of getting trees to grow. I expect to see you there, especially on time. Be careful on your way there, as the winds are merciless there.

Singularia, goddess of reality and inreality

Tea hurriedly flew into the large plateau. She didn't want to anger the goddess, and then again she'd never seen any of the gods or goddesses before. Looking around the endless expanse of green grass and whirling winds. The small Windclaw queen harnessed her powers as the winds swirled around her, carrying her to a large forest of acacia trees and deposited her at the edge of the grove. Tea wandered into the huge forest, unsure what to expect.

♥ Emily ♥   (emily_turtle) | 58 comments Abrean flew in on her blood-red wings. She settled down, looking around to see what had to be the goddess and a dragon she recognized as Luculentea, the windclaw queen who she'd met at events before. She wandered to where she was, steering clear of the goddess for the time being.


Raige flew in on the gentle breeze, heading to the plain. He neared the goddess, not even hesitation when he saw her curled up like a snake ready to strike and using magic far more powerful than he could imagine. A high guard wasn't supposed to fear anything. He was worried the goddess may be a threat to his queen and king, if they came, but she seemed friendly and her intentions seemed only to have a bit of fun.

Kendra G. ツ ~There is some good in this world, and it's worth fighting for~ (12kendrag) | 158 comments Mod
Stormswift easily swooped out of the clouds and landed on the plateau. He, unlike other dragons, had no trouble flying in, despite the winds. He was slightly hesitant to come to the supposed party thrown by the goddess Singularia, but didn't want to upset her, so here he was. He saw that Tea was entering a forest, and followed her.


Time appeared on the plateau in his wispy blue dragon figure, pleased that he had been invited to Singularia's party. He observed many dragons already here, and a few arriving.


Tsunami arrived, large wings flapping to keep himself up as he landed on the ground. He noticed other dragons arriving and moving around the plateau, and scoffed at a few of the inferior dragons around him. He nodded with respect to Singularia's curled form, and watched as the Windclaw leaders disappeared into the acacia grove.


Permafrost flew down to the plateau, recognizing Time and Singularia, along with the beast of a dragon Tsunami, the red Fireclaw Queen Abrean, and...was that the Windclaw Queen and King? She landed quietly.

Wafflez ~In my world, there is only night and the harshness of day. The darkness stirs and awakens imaginations.~ (wisebooklover) Mitzuki flapped hurriedly, trying to navigate the blowing winds. Seeing the grove Singularia mentioned, she nose-dived towards the ground, avoiding the winds. She walked in, upon seeing the goddess she gave a respectful bow.


Igneaus flattened himself against the ground to avoid being blown away. He looked up in the sky, the sun hadn't gotten to the highest point yet, so he wasn't late. He dragged himself towards the acacia grove and darted inside, just as a huge gust of wind blew where he was a few seconds ago. He heaved a sigh, and walked into the clearing. The Windclaw king and queen were there, the Fireclaw queen, Time, and Singularia. Ingeaus gave each one of them a small bow of respect.


Tenedi trudged across the plains. The wind didn't bother her, being a Leafclaw she dug the roots on her paws into the ground, stablizing her. As soon as she got to the grove, she rushed inside, hoping she wouldn't be late. Tenedi quickly gave Time and Singularia a nod of hello, and looked around. Seemed like almost everyone invited was here.


Singularia lifted her head from her resting position and smiled warmly at her guests. "I believe we can start now," The goddess closed her eyes and pictured a great feast, and a faint 'pop' was heard. She opened her eyes as the feast popped into existence. "We can begin with a few games, or if anyone is hungry," she gestured to the food, "Help yourself, whenever you want." Singularia floated off into another clearing, to set up the first game.

Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) Areylia looked up into the sky as she landed rockily on the plateau. The sun wasn't quite at it's highest point yet, but it was getting there. She hurriedly flapped into the tree and to the clearing where the other dragons had gathered. She gave each of them a respectful nod. She saw her mother's scales flashing through the tree in a different clearing.


Brisingr flapped his large wings and landed easily. He walked briskly to the clearing and sat by his queen. He smiled down at her. "Have I missed anything?" He asked.

♥ Emily ♥   (emily_turtle) | 58 comments Clea flew in on her shaky wings. She hadn't been able to read the invitation, but had overheard there was a party here. She tumbled to the ground.


Wybern and Aigean swept in together. They waddled around, Wybern struggling to control the wind enough to keep them upright. They weren't even sure if the little dragons were allowed, but they hadn't let that stop them.


Blathaigh flew in gently and gracefully, looking around at the clearing at the other dragons. She looked calmly at the magnificent goddess and settled down by the feast to eat.


Laurelye flew in on her queen's tail. She wasn't High Guard, but no one else was watching her back, so she took the duty as any warrior would. She saw the many dragons, plenty of them leaders, staring any down who dared meet her eyes.

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Kendra G. ツ ~There is some good in this world, and it's worth fighting for~ (12kendrag) | 158 comments Mod
Stormswift arrived to the center of the grove just in time to find a feast appear out of thin air. He knew the goddess Singularia was capable of that, but was still wide-eyed.


Time smiled at the respect he was getting, and floated over to the feast Singularia had created.


Tsunami frowned at the lack of respect he was receiving versus the other leaders. Being the Waveclaw King, he should be getting just as much or more respect from the other dragons. He humphed, and entered the grove.


Permafrost noticed her King's obvious upset, and frowned as well. Of course, she didn't really know why he was upset, but she knew better than to do something to offend him. She caught up to him, trailing behind the large dragon.


Lyra soared in, late, and spotted her Queen and King below. She snorted at Mitzuki's trouble, and gracefully landed, following the slightly smaller dragon and her mate.

Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) Inferno flapped hard against the wind and barely managed to touch down inside of the grove of trees without getting blown away. She just wasn't cut out for the strong Windclaw gusts. She saw Abrean and walked to sit by her. "Sorry I'm late," she apologized. "This winds are quite feirce."


Chance trudged into the grove and over to two Windclaw apprentices. He saw his mother a little way away but didn't go to her. He wasn't entirely sure if he was allowed to be there.

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♥ Emily ♥   (emily_turtle) | 58 comments Abrean smiled as her friend/lieutenant came and sat next to her. "Yes, the little windclaws over there looked like they were going to be blown away even," she laughed.


Aurrie saw her queen and lieutenant and hobbled towards them. The wind had died down a bit, so she moved as quickly as she could before it came to blow her away again. She squealed as is started to blow extra hard, digging her claws into the dirt. She was almost there.

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