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A.L. Sowards | 2481 comments New Release:

Priceless by Tamara Hart Heiner Priceless by Tamara Hart Heiner

It’s been two years since Jaci and her friends were kidnapped by The Hand and ultimately escaped. Jaci has done her best to re-assimilate into high school society, to put that terrifying experience behind her. As a runner on the cross-country team and the almost-girlfriend of a popular football star, it seems as if her future is finally falling into place.

When a series of weird, innocuous notes begin to show up at her house and in her locker, Jaci assumes her brother is playing jokes on her. But as the notes grow more sinister, she begins to question their origin.

By the time she suspects that her previous kidnappers are involved, too much is at stake to tackle this problem on her own.

Somehow Jaci must avoid capture without involving her family or endangering her friends.

Part of a series:
Perilous (Perilous, #1) by Tamara Hart Heiner Altercation (Perilous, #2) by Tamara Hart Heiner Deliverer (Perilous, #3) by Tamara Hart Heiner Priceless by Tamara Hart Heiner

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A.L. Sowards | 2481 comments New Release:

Diplomatic Immunity by Brodi Ashton Diplomatic Immunity by Brodi Ashton

Raucous parties, privileged attitudes, underage drinking, and diplomatic immunity… it’s all part of student life on Embassy Row.

Piper Baird has always dreamed of becoming a journalist. So when she scores a scholarship to exclusive Chiswick Academy in Washington, DC, she knows it’s her big opportunity. Chiswick offers the most competitive prize for teen journalists—the Bennington scholarship—which would ensure her acceptance to one of the best schools in the country.

Piper isn’t at Chiswick for two days before she witnesses the extreme privilege of the young and wealthy elite who attend her school—and realizes that access to these untouchable students just might give her the edge she’ll need to blow the lid off life at the school in a scathing and unforgettable exposé worthy of the Bennington.

The key to the whole story lies with Rafael Amador, the son of the Spanish Ambassador—and the boy at the center of the most explosive secrets and scandals on Embassy Row. Rafael is big trouble—and when he drops into her bedroom window one night, asking for help, it’s Piper’s big chance to get the full scoop. Except Piper discovers that despite his dark streak, Rafael is smart, kind, funny, and gorgeous—and she might have real feelings for him. How can she break the story of a lifetime if it will destroy the boy she just might love?

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A.L. Sowards | 2481 comments New Release:

Redemption Lost by Cindy M. Hogan Redemption Lost by Cindy M. Hogan

Christy has tried for years to forget the harrowing Washington, D.C., experiences that launched her into an unlikely spy career—especially since it jeopardized her friendship with Marybeth. But when Marybeth begs her to help find a lost friend, Christy sees it as an opportunity for redemption.

Soon they discover there’s much more going on than a simple kidnapping. When the lost friend turns up dead and another acquaintance disappears, Christy questions how far she’s willing to go for the sake of friendship, and whether it’s worth becoming the murderer’s next target.

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A.L. Sowards | 2481 comments New Release:

Memory of Monet (Remembrandt #3) by Robin M. King Memory of Monet by Robin M. King

With an eidetic memory that won’t let her forget anything, Alexandra Stewart thought she was born to be a spy. But after her latest mission in Paris and her confrontation with a terrorist, Alex questions her work for The Company, a secret spy organization with headquarters in the basement of Brown University.

When the CIA enlists her help in locating a kidnapped teenage girl, Alex travels to Mexico City and poses as an exchange student at the elite art school where the girl went missing. But Alex can’t stop thinking about the two people she left behind in Rhode Island—her brother, Tanner, who was seriously injured in an accident, and her attractive colleague, James Daly, who would do anything to protect her.

Trying to prove to herself that working as a covert agent can be part of her future, Alex throws her energy into the mission. But scaling buildings, unraveling secrets, and saving lives might be easier than deciphering her own heart. And the enemy she is fighting could be the one person closest to her.

Part of a series: Remembrandt (Remembrandt, #1) by Robin M. King Van Gogh Gone (Remembrandt, #2) by Robin M. King Memory of Monet (Remembrandt #3) by Robin M. King

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A.L. Sowards | 2481 comments New Release:

Secrets in the Sand A Christy Spy Romance Novella (A Christy Spy Novella Book 1) by Cindy M. Hogan Secrets in the Sand: A Christy Spy Romance Novella by Cindy M. Hogan

Sometimes staying hidden, even for a spy, is nearly impossible.

Christy Hadden, spy extraordinaire, thinks she’s created the perfect secret getaway for she and Jeremy using her alias Danica Miles in beautiful Miami Beach, Florida. Because Jeremy is Christy’s handler, a relationship between them is strictly forbidden by Division 57 and if discovered, they will lose their job as spies, which both find their callings in life.

But when they hear cries of alarm in an alley nearby, they can’t resist the pull to help, even if it exposes them. And when Christy’s face appears all over the local news as a person of interest in a murder in the very alley she and Jeremy had been in, they must hunt down the real killers in order to quickly clear her alias before Division discovers she and Jeremy are together.

In this game of hide and seek, it seems their secret is sure to be found out and both will find themselves separated from the only lives they can imagine for themselves.

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A.L. Sowards | 2481 comments New Release:

Secrets in the Storm A Christy Spy Romance Novella (A Christy Spy Novella Book 2) by Cindy M. Hogan Secrets in the Storm: A Christy Spy Romance Novella by Cindy M. Hogan

High in the Canadian Kananaskis National Forest, super spies, Christy and Jeremy try again for a romantic getaway, in hopes that their remote destination will give them a long awaited private holiday. 

Unfortunately, someone else has found shelter in the same abandoned lodge, but with much more nefarious intent. Christy and Jeremy set off, determined to get the evidence into the right hands in Calgary.

But a violent flash storm rolls in, as well as a beautiful girl from Jeremy’s past. Combined, they threaten to not only help the terrorists have their way, but also to end the relationship between handler and spy for good as jealousy and distrust come between them.

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A.L. Sowards | 2481 comments New Release:

Petals by Laurisa White Reyes Petals by Laurisa White Reyes

Some memories refuse to stay buried…

On Christmas Eve, a horrific car accident leaves Carly Perez without a mom. After a year of surgeries and counseling, Carly’s life is nearly back to normal—except for the monsters—vague, twisted images from the accident that plague her dreams. When her father insists on spending their first Christmas alone in Guatemala with a slew of relatives Carly has never met, she is far from thrilled, but she reluctantly boards the plane anyway. That’s where she first spots the man with the scarred face. She could swear she has seen him before. But when? Where?

In Reu, the Guatemalan town where her father grew up, Carly meets Miguel, her attractive step-cousin, and thinks maybe vacation won’t be a total waste after all. Though she is drawn to him, Carly’s past holds her back—memories that refuse to be forgotten, and a secret about the accident that remains buried in her subconscious. And everywhere she turns, the man with the scarred face is there, driving that unwelcome secret to the surface.

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A.L. Sowards | 2481 comments New Release:

Shatter by Nikki Trionfo Shatter by Nikki Trionfo

When a mysterious explosion kills her sister, Salem Jefferson becomes convinced the death was no accident—it was a conspiracy. But no one else at her high school believes her, and all she has so far is one clue. She knows Carrie hired a gang member to protect orchard workers. Problem is, Salem doesn't know who.

To find out, Salem pursues the gang-bangers who rule her town, especially classmate Cordero. As her distrust of Cordero heats up, so do the number of suspects in Carrie's death. Teachers and school officers are orchard owners. They have every reason to stop farm workers from demanding higher wages. With Carrie's killers still out there, Salem's not sure who she can trust. Meanwhile, the people who live on orchards and the people who pick them are drawing lines in the sand.

The only way for Salem to learn the truth is to slip behind those enemy lines.

The only way to survive is to find a way back out.

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A.L. Sowards | 2481 comments New Release:

Unknown Presence by Alicia Rivoli Unknown Presence by Alicia Rivoli

Shaken by fear, Kate desperately tries to keep her life’s secret hidden from the world. Her ability to locate people near or far has been an immense load to bear. An unknown leak has caused her to flee everything she knows and loves in order to protect herself and her family.

While on the run she finds herself stretched across the globe, traversing the open ocean and even the jungles of Panama. Her ability to stay ahead of her pursuers, good and evil, leads her down a dangerous path.

As her brother, Jack, a world-class tracker, tries to locate her, she desperately tries to free herself from her past with the hope of starting anew. Relying on others will test the limits of her strength and have her questioning past decisions she thought were secure. Will she be able to survive on her own or will she need the help of a stranger who seems just a little too eager to discover her true identity?

Join Kate in her quest to regain her freedom as she encounters those who want to help and others who would use her gift for personal gain.

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A.L. Sowards | 2481 comments New Release:

Through the Glass (The Window #2) by Erica Kiefer Through the Glass by Erica Kiefer

Is discovering your past worth shattering your future?

Still reeling from the discovery of her twin sister, Olivia struggles to face her mother’s betrayal.

As Olivia and her friends seek to unravel the dark mystery of how and why the twins were separated, tensions escalate when Emma runs into her sister’s ex—who assumes she’s Olivia.

When honesty is abandoned for more secrets and lies, the fallout between the sisters only intensifies.

As they sift between truth and deception, it becomes clear that matters of the heart are not as transparent as they may seem.

Part of a series: The Second Window (The Window #1) by Erica Kiefer Through the Glass (The Window #2) by Erica Kiefer

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A.L. Sowards | 2481 comments New Release:

The Windfall App by Teresa Richards The Windfall App by Teresa Richards

Marina Berghman is a classical piano prodigy, with parents who’ve had her life mapped out since she was in diapers. But their plan leaves no room for her secret love of alternative rock, or Sean, the edgy guitarist who recently moved to town.

When Marina buys a lottery ticket on her eighteenth birthday via the new Windfall app, she expects it to be nothing more than a rite of passage. But she wins—the grand prize of five thousand dollars a day for life. Suddenly given the means to break free from a life she never felt in control of, she’s quick to cut her family ties and turn her back on everything she knows.

But her lottery win was no lucky break. Her prize comes with strings attached, and Marina soon finds herself at the center of someone else’s life or death game. When she discovers evidence linking her dad to the intrigue, she turns to Sean for help. But he’s harboring secrets of his own.

Now Marina must sort out who to trust and who’s pulling the strings, before her prize turns into a noose.

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A.L. Sowards | 2481 comments New Release:

Too Much Information by Dale Britton Too Much Information by Dale Britton

Gabe has the ability to know what people are doing just by thinking about them. He’s learned a lot of secrets, and his knowledge is ruining his life. On the plus side, he’s unbeatable at hide-and-seek.

When a little girl goes missing, Gabe uses his powers to find her, bringing a hope of purpose to his life. But when the wrong people find out what he can do, his life spirals into a nightmare from which he may never escape.

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A.L. Sowards | 2481 comments New Release:

Vendetta (Perilous Book 4) by Tamara Hart Heiner Vendetta by Tamara Hart Heiner

Catch me if you can.

Two years after the kidnapping, the kidnapper is finally put in jail.

But the effects still haunt Jaci. Her best friend is dead, and now she can include her ex-boyfriend in the body count. The anger and fear she deals with on a daily basis don’t go away just because he’s caught.

Then he escapes. And Jaci’s estranged father offers her the chance to help hunt him down.

It’s a chance Jaci can’t pass up.

Part of a series: Perilous (Perilous, #1) by Tamara Hart Heiner Altercation (Perilous, #2) by Tamara Hart Heiner Priceless (Perilous Book 3) by Tamara Hart Heiner Vendetta (Perilous Book 4) by Tamara Hart Heiner

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A.L. Sowards | 2481 comments New Release:

A Dangerous Truth by Cindy M Hogan A Dangerous Truth by Cindy M Hogan

Fiercely independent and exceptional, Marisa Russo, a guard for the Luccan monarchy, wants nothing more than to become a member of the personal guard, an elect team of escorts that protects the royal family. Unfortunately, the handsome captain of the guard, Christian Di Stefano, blocks her attempts at every turn.

Determined to get the position she knows she deserves, she works harder than ever until she has the opportunity to reveal a dangerous secret about Christian. Unfortunately, it only ends up putting both of them in danger—along with the Luccan monarchy Marisa has worked so hard to protect.

Desperate to set things right, Marisa must face her growing feelings for Christian. While working with him and an elite black ops group, Division 57 with super spies Christy and Jeremy, she must find the real enemy of the monarchy and save the country from a war that will most definitely break out if she doesn’t.

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A.L. Sowards | 2481 comments New Release:

Running from the Dark by Tifani Clark Running from the Dark by Tifani Clark

When high school senior Sarah Raines is forced to go on a science field trip as part of detention, she never dreams it will turn her life upside down.

The group of five students and their teacher stumble across a crime scene in the woods and are taken hostage by the criminals. Locked in a dark storage room with the football star, the cheer queen, the book nerd, and the school slacker, Sarah thinks she has everyone figured out. That is, until the secrets start to come out. It seems no one is who she thought they were—most of all Connor the slacker.

When Sarah finds a way to escape, the teens flee into the treacherous Montana wilderness. Tracked by the kidnappers at every turn, the group is forced to split up. Sarah and Connor go in search of help, but are soon faced with an impossible decision.

Do they die—or become killers themselves?

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