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Casting for PJO and HOO

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Aurora Lets pretend that the first 2 movies were never made. If you could start over who would you cast? Keep in mind Percy was like 12 in the first book. They can be a little older, but be able to play young kids.

Nico- Asa Butterfield
Jason- Peyton Meyer

all good things must come to an end Annabeth-MAYBE Annasophia Robb
ClarisseGeorgie -Henley
Nico-MAYBE Skandar Kenyes

Aurora Hmmm.... I could maybe see Annasophia and Skandar, though they may be to old for thr part. I like Georgie in Narnia, but I dont know about her playing Clarisse.

all good things must come to an end it rather hard to find the perfect cast.....I will admit that Logan Leerman made a pretty good percy, though he was older (and the movies were horribly directed). I really hate Asa tho. his face bothers me and i don't like him. At all.

Did you imagine Grover being black when u read the book?

Aurora No I didn't picture Grover as black, but I did for Tyson.

all good things must come to an end you imagined Tyson being black???

Aurora Yeah, I don't know why

all good things must come to an end wow. do u want to talk about the book at all or only the cast?

Roman Eaton Hazel- Zendaya
Percy- Logan Lerman
Leo- Jake T Austin
Piper- Victoria Justice
and I have no idea of the rest! :)

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