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message 1: by Michelle, Mod with the Bod (new)

Michelle Gilmore | 3396 comments Mod
It's time to nominate our July group read!


1. One book nomination per member.
2. Book needs to be in print or available in ebook. (preferably readily available to buy new or in ebook)
3. Authors may not nominate their own books, but books written by authors who are members are eligible for nomination by other members (and authors should not campaign for their book to be selected either on the group or private message).
4. Book should be the 1st in the series or able to be read as a standalone.
5. Book should have interracial content. Can be of any category (BWWM, BMWW, AWBM, AWWM, BWAM, etc.)
6. Please add the book using 'add book/author' function above text box, so that an official Goodreads link is available.
7. After the poll is up, no more nominations will be accepted.

We can discuss if members want to nominate based on theme each month.

Group members are welcome to volunteer to lead the discussion. Let the moderator know if you'd like to lead the discussion.

*This thread will close June 25th, at which time a poll will go out to the group.

message 2: by Shani (new)

Shani Greene-Dowdell (shanibooks) | 17 comments I nominate Secrets I Should've Told You First by Resa and Jroc. Secrets I Should've Told You First: A BWWM Mafia Love Story

message 3: by Marissa (new)

Marissa | 81 comments I nominate The Gamble by Xavier Neal

The Gamble: A Novel

message 4: by Flip (new)

Flip (flipmode) | 126 comments I nominate "One Night" by Camilla Stevens

message 5: by Tarry (last edited Jun 20, 2016 11:58PM) (new)

Tarry (svodesaitariro) | 28 comments Marissa wrote: "I nominate The Gamble by Xavier Neal

The Gamble: A Novel"

I second this book.

message 6: by Leontynae (new)

Leontynae Rhynes | 1 comments I nominate "Marco" by Raven St. Pierre.

message 7: by Treece (new)

Treece (sapphire_roses) | 9 comments Leontynae wrote: "I nominate "Marco" by Raven St. Pierre."
You have great taste! Because we read this one for May :-)

message 8: by Ali (last edited Jun 22, 2016 10:13AM) (new)

Ali | 48 comments can i nominate the brute and the blogger Olivia Gaines

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