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message 1: by Daulton (new)

Daulton Dickey (ddickey) | 1 comments The titular story, Still Life with Chattering Teeth and People-Shaped Things is a surreal, violent, depraved story. Read it at your own peril.

Violent and surreal, twisted and macabre—these stories will challenge your idea of normality and asceticism. From a psychopathic serial killer who meets her match in a family of serial killers to men and women lost and tormented by their minds, Still Life with Chattering Teeth and People-Shaped Things and Other Stories will burrow into your skull, and mind f**k you.

Warning: This collection contains stories not suitable for children or the faint hearted.

message 2: by David (new)

David Kummer | 622 comments Mod
This looks really interesting Daulton. I'm definitely thinking about getting a copy.

message 3: by Justin (new)

Justin (justinbienvenue) | 177 comments Hmm it does sound interesting.

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